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2017 is a Galactic Center year!

The Galactic Center 26-27 Degrees Sagittarius

The Milky Way

I’m writing this on April 5, 2017 as Saturn is stationed at 27 degrees Sagittarius.  This is the degree known as the Galactic Center at the center of our home galaxy – the Milky Way.  Saturn has been at the Galactic Center since late February and turns retrograde today to stay at this degree until the end of May, then returns in mid November 2017 and is at or close to the Galactic Center until December 19, 2017. Saturn is the 2nd largest planet in the solar system, so his movements affect everyone. Saturn governs worldly authority structures and only returns to this Galactic Center degree once every 30 years.  So we are in the midst of a very galactic year! Can you feel it?

Astronomers discuss the center of the Milky Way in scientific terms, but metaphysically inclined astrologers point to the Galactic Center as a seat or portal which connects to multi-universes. A powerful place! I first came across the idea from the book Pleiadian Agenda by  Barbara Hand Clow and immediately resonated with the concept. It interested me so much that I began to study it in relationship to the birth charts of my clients and others I knew who had Sun or other major planets at or near 26* Sagittarius. I soon realized these people did stand out from the ordinary, especially when it was their ascendant degree. The folks I studied who have the Galactic Center as their rising sign degree were so original as to be in a category of their own!

One of these days I’ll write an article about the GC, but following Saturn’s lead I wanted my readers to know how significant this time is. So here is an article I’ve had in my files for years about the Galactic Center by Paul O. Hewitt, and I also included  several other links about the G.C at the end of the article. I’d love to hear from any of you who have this degree prominent in your own birth chart.


Saturn looking cosmic at the G.C.



by Paul O. Hewitt

The Center of our Milky Way Galaxy is proving to be a fascinating and practical addition to my clients’ charts. Having studied it for 12 years now, my observations would indicate that it is probably the second strongest spot in any astrology chart, following the Sun. It is a stunning source of energy, motivation, and aspiration. The Galactic Center is the Sun of our Sun. It is the source of most of the gravitational energy present in our galaxy, and probably the source of most of the energy in any chart, transformed through our own Sun.

In 1932, Karl Jansky, a Bell Telephone Laboratories engineer, was searching for the source of static affecting overseas telephone lines. To find the source he built the first 95 foot movable radio- telescope to detect it. Part of the static turned out to be created by the center of our Galaxy at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. Astronomers paid little attention to the discovery, but to the astrology of consciousness, this discovery should rank right up there with the discovery of Pluto in 1930.

In the late 1960’s, astronomers finally honed in on the GC (Galactic Center) with radio and infrared instruments. They were astounded by the immense energies to be found there. A huge Black Hole is thought to be at the center, about the size of a large star, but containing the mass of four million suns. The staggering amount of material being drawn into the black hole radiates energy at many frequencies.

According to “Astrophysical Directions” by Michael and Margaret Erlewine, energy emerges from the GC over 2 entire degrees of longitude near the last degrees of Sagittarius. Perhaps it is even more than that.

Some interesting observations have come to light about the late degrees of Sagittarius. Horary astrologer William Lilly is the source of our observations on the Void-of-Course Moon. He observed that the Moon is not really Void-of-Course in late Sagittarius. Prior to the discovery of the Galactic Center, no astrologer would have known why.

A good measurement of the GC is 26sa10 (26 degrees, 10 minutes of Sagittarius) in 1950. According to standard rates of precession, that would have been 25sa28 in 1900, and will be 26sa52 in the year 2000.

Facts about the Milky Way Galaxy

· Age 13-15 Billion years

· Number of Stars 100 billion

· Diameter 100,000 light years

· Diameter of the central bulge 25,000 light years

· Distance of our sun from the GC 27,000 light years

· Orbital velocity of our Sun around the GC 135 miles per second

· Time for the Sun to orbit around the GC 250 million years

The GC is so active that astrologers could think of it in planetary terms, since that is what astrologers seem most comfortable with. I look at the GC by house position in every chart, and the Sagittarian theme works well. Solar arcs and transits to this spot in every chart bring up travel, educational, spiritual and philosophical themes in client discussions. One of the most

devastating times for a client has been Solar Arc Pluto square the natal GC. A profound crises of faith and belief occurs almost every time.

Another very curious impact of personal planets in aspect to the GC is the “other worldly” psychological impact these aspects seem to create. Some clients with aspects to the GC speak of

not feeling 100 percent human, or not feeling they have had human ancestory. Their inner dynamic is centered around feeling as if they have come to this planet from some other place. They describe thinking like a galactic ambassador, and feeling as if they are here representing

energies, knowledge and civilizations that are extraterrestrial in origin. One client with 26 degrees Sag rising, related nightly dreams in many different alien bodies.

As a career counselor, I am always looking for the most energized planets in a chart. Planets in aspect to the Galactic Center are certainly energized, and can be among the strongest planets in the chart. A search of the Galactic Center is built into my Career Report.

To illustrate planetary aspects with the GC, here are a few example charts, drawn from my files

· Alfred Adler, psychologist and psychiatrist, who in his analysis of individual development, stressed the sense of inferiority rather than sexual drives, as the motivating force in human life. He named this psychological feeling an “inferiority complex”. His Saturn (the planet of inferiority) is 25 Sagittarius, while his Mars is 25 Aquarius.

· Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor of France, born Aug 15th, 1769) with his helio Mars at 23 Virgo, and Sun at 22 Leo. The GC in the late 1700’s was 23 Sagittarius.

· President George H. Bush with conservative Saturn at 25 Libra, Node at 26 Leo, and his Mars at 25 Aquarius.

· Prince Charles of England with his 29 Sagittarius Jupiter (the royal aristocratic planet) conjunct the GC. Mars is at 20 Sagittarius.

· President Bill Clinton, with his Sun at 26 Leo, Jupiter at 23 Libra and Athena (the lawyer, social policy expert) at 27 Sagittarius.

· Hillary Clinton with innovative, break-the-mold Uranus at 25 Gemini, Moon at 29 Pisces, and Juno (wife of) at 29 Sagittarius.

· Princess Diana with Moon at 25 Aquarius, Athena at 25 Pisces, Juno at 26 Pisces, Uranus at 23 Leo and the mean Node at 28 Leo.

· Bob Dylan with Mercury (great lyrics) at 27 Gemini, and Neptune at 24 Virgo.

· Queen Elizabeth II of England with her Jupiter at 22 Aquarius, Uranus at 27 Pisces, and Neptune at 22 Leo.

As these few examples illustrate, the psychology, personality and sometimes the career choice of an individual, can be indicated by planets in aspect to the Galactic Center. In late December of 1995 Jupiter conjuncted the Galactic Center once again. Perhaps with this new cycle, it is time for most astrologers to begin adding the Galactic Center to their clients’ charts. Collectively we can then all expand our horizons beyond the solar system, and begin to study the Sun of our Sun.

Copyright © 1996 JustUs & Associates,Paul O. Hewit

More Galactic center information:

Core of the Milky Way by Eric Francis

The Galactic Center and the Centaurs by Zane B. Stein

Me and My Galactic Center, Astrology Weekly article by Nic Gaudette



Rising Sign – what it reveals in your birth chart.

The Rising Sign or Ascendant is determined from the exact moment of birth and sets your own personal zodiac wheel in position. It is associated with physical body type and general appearance and also indicates energy patters at the time of birth.  The rising sign reveals your personality, your persona, your mask. It reveals how others see you as compared to how your sense yourself, which has more to do with the Moon and Sun Signs.

The rising sign indicates ego formation and generally is the face you present to the world – the image you cast, how you ‘dawn’ upon other when you walk into a room.  Because the rising sign is associated with personality it tends to become more obvious in childhood and teen years, as compared to the Moon sign which is usually evident from infancy.

Short descriptions:

Aries Rising Direct, aggressive, goal oriented, fiery personality. Can be perceived as selfish or preoccupied with their issues only; often have an ‘in your face’ attitude. Sought out to be leaders and big idea generators.

Ex: Lena Horn, Morgan Freeman, Shakira

Taurus Rising Kind, sweet, good natured, stubborn personality. Perceived as practical ‘like a rock’, with a down to earth attitude that can be trusted. Known for their gentle nature, which becomes bull-headed and can explode unexpectedly if pushed too far. Sought out for practical solutions.

Ex: Toni Morrison, David Beckham, Miley Cyrus

Gemini Rising Social, versatile, flighty and fun personality. Excellent communicators. May be perceived as undependable, “butterfly types”. Sought out for their bright minds and ability to produce information almost magically.

Ex: Julia Child, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cannon

Cancer Rising Nurturing, caring, loving, smothering personality. Perceived as the friend whose shoulder you can cry on, the one who will always be there for you. Can be needy ‘forever children’ who refuse to grow up. Sought out for their healing energy and sympathetic nature.

Ex: Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Liv Tyler

Leo Rising Creative, bright, generous, ego-centric personality. The “golden ones”. Perceived as the best one to manage things, always chosen to ‘head-up’ things. Known for being bossy – “my way or no way” types. Sought out when something needs to be done “right”.

Ex: Meryl Streep, Malala Yousafzai, Justin Timberlake

Virgo Rising Analytical, intelligent, classy and obsessive personality. Perceived as the smartest one. Are often overly critical and perfection oriented, sometimes neurotic. Sought out for problem solving advice and intelligent insight.

Ex: Florence Nightingale, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson

Libra Rising Lovely, charming, gracious, wishy-washy personality. Perceived as talented, well balanced and socially adept. Their beauty and charm attracts; their inability to make up their minds, and/or devil’s advocate style repels. Sought out for charming presence and diplomatic ability.

Ex:  John F. Kennedy, Denzel Washington,  Katy Perry

Scorpio Rising Intense, powerful, sexy, perverse personality. Perceived as much more intense and powerful than they may sense themselves to be. This can lead to scape-goating/projecting behavior from others. Most powerful of all rising signs – an “old soul”. Also considered the sexiest. Sought out for their focused attention and ability to get to the bottom of things.

Ex: Vladimer Putin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rafael Nadal

Sagittarius Rising Playful, exuberant, full of themselves, outrageous personality. Perceived as wild-child, adventurous types, who will go anywhere, do anything at a moment’s notice. The Sage philosopher. Can have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, and may act unintentionally arrogant. Sought out to have fun with!

Ex: Bob Marley, Ellen Degeneres, Ophra

Capricorn Rising Motivated, smart, structured, cool personality. Perceived as intelligent, capable, dependable and the one to get the job done.  Often appear colder than they really are.  Sought out for their reliability and dry sense of humor.

Ex: Anthony Hopkins, Dylan McDermott, Zooey Deschanel

Aquarius Rising Unique, creative, inventive, weird personality. Perceived as rebels, fighters for causes, interesting and unusual.  Are known for stubbornly refusing to believe in any ideas but their own. Sought our for their originality and ahead-of-times concepts

Ex: H.G. Wells, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence

Pisces Rising Spiritual, artistic, sensitive, moody personality. Perceived as flexible, creative, empathetic, dreamy and spacey. Known for always forgetting something. Sought out for their ability to tap into other states of being and their effortless creativity.

Ex: John Coltrane, Deepak Chopra, Gwyneth Paltrow.

I like this “First Impressions” of the rising sign by Starheal Astrology

Rising sign snaphots from Starheal Astrology


Spring Equinox 2017

Spring Sylphs Dancing


Spring Equinox 2017 arrives March 20th

at 6:29a  EDT,  3:39a PDT and 10:29 UT


This year’s Spring Equinox – Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere – arrives on 3/20/17.  EarthSky has “All you need to know” about the Equinox, and  Farmer’s Almanac  offers a live telescope show  of the Equinox’s arrival.

If you live in the Northeast US and Canada it doesn’t look much like Spring now with a dense snow cover (we just got 30 + inches here in NE PA- yikes!) and other northern and mountain areas are still snow covered too. In fact the entire US is experiencing lower temperatures, with frost killing temps in GA and FL damaging fruit crops. After the mild early Springs over the last few years, changeable Mother Nature reminds us to stay on our collective toes!

Each year at this March Equinox the astrological  wheel begins afresh when the Sun leaves the last degree of the zodiac to enter the first degree – 0* Aries.   The chart for the Equinox indicates trends for this new season.

Spring Equinox 2017 Chart


The Equinox chart maintains the Aries energy which has been strong all year long.  As always at the Spring Equinox the Sun is at 0* Aries and this year is joined by Venus retrograde, Mercury and Uranus in Aries too.  Fire sign Aries is a sign of restless movement, always pushing forward like its symbol the Ram. The Sun shines well in vibrant Aries and meets with wayward Venus from 3/24-26. The Sun reminds Venus about her kick-ass Aries red boots, and encourages her to put them on and go dancing! (Be careful because this might encourage kicking someone’s ass too!)

Mercury is moving quickly ahead of the Equinox Sun so they miss communing, but since Mercury meets the Aries Sun more than any other planet he knows the Sun’s Aries  message well. “Hear ye, Hear ye!” cries Mercury, “Change is here  – make yourselves ready!” The Sun does connect with wild-eyed Uranus this Spring from 4/12-4/16. Change agent Uranus in Aries is a defining energy for the current times, and when the Sun joins him everyone feels the changing vibrations, like it or not!

Mars is the ruler of Aries and is in earth sign Taurus at the Equinox. Mars in Taurus helps ground the innovative ideas of Aries which is very helpful when those ideas are well informed, but stubborn Taurus also gives solid energy for narcissist hot-heads chomping at the bit to do their will. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un comes to mind, whose own birth chart vibrates to this Equinox chart. With the missile rattling North Korea is doing at the moment, that’s not surprising! Transformer Pluto just crossed Kim Jong-un’s Sun in January and will again this September.  Pluto takes almost 250 years to go around the zodiac wheel, so this is a rare connection. What will Pluto transform for Kim Jong-un and the country he rules with a deadly hand? Here’s a hint, Pluto is relentless and is named after the old god of Hell.

The Moon at the Equinox moment is at 27* Sagittarius exactly joined with Saturn in the same degree very close to the Galactic Center  The Moon represents the mood of the public and Saturn in Sag. indicates large, quickly moving structural change. Both at this potent GC degree add more energy to the Equinox Aries push forward motion.


Energy of the Galactic Center

Mighty Jupiter is in Libra the sign opposite Aries, which could help bring things into better balance, but Jupiter is moving backward now so doesn’t offer much help. On top of that Pluto forms a tense square to Jupiter on the Equinox.  This square repeats the long-term conflict between those who want change at any cost, versus those who resist change no matter the cost.

Mystical Neptune maintains his long term presence in Pisces in the Equinox chart and in fact just moved to 12* Pisces for the first time in our lifetime. Healer Chiron is still in Pisces too continuing the Pisces/Aries blend prevalent since the Winter Solstice. It’s fortunate the softer loving energy of watery Pisces is present now because without it the Aries war-mongers would have more sway. To put things in perspective, the last time Uranus was in Aries was during the years when Hitler became the Dictator of Germany and began the relentless push toward WWII.

So how do the Equinox energies affect you at the personal level?  With 6 planets in active fire signs you’ll feel bursts of motivating energy, and Mars in productive Taurus helps bring motivation into actual results. It’s a wonderful time to follow through on plans which were simmering on the back burner. Huge Jupiter in Libra, even moving backward, demands more beauty and grace in life and with the flowing creativity of Pisces lapping around you’ll be more able to tap intuitive, creative inspiration. Top this off with the Galactic Center influence and the skies have no limits!

Use this energy positively (versus letting simmering emotional outbursts boil over) and you will have a wonderful new season! Maya Angelou born with Sun in Aries and whose own birth chart has many similarities to this Equinox chart has wonderful advice for the energies of ‘now’. Hear her words:

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. ~ Maya Angelou

Act on her wonderful advice and you will have a beautiful new season!










Moon Signs

Moon – Your Emotional Expression

Your Sun sign is easy to know from the date you were born. For example anyone born on March 15th will always have their Sun in Pisces, But the Moon changes signs every 2 and 1/2 days, so you have to look up your Moon sign in an astrological calendar called an Ephemeris for the day and year you were born.  If you don’t know your Moon sign you can find it at MyAstrology

In astrology the Moon signifies your emotional nature – how you feel and express your feelings. The Moon indicates the emotional strengths you have to draw upon as well as your deep subconscious urges/ needs/ compulsions. The Moon indicates how you get your emotional needs met, and represents habitual behaviors – your “comfort zone”. Traditionally the Moon is associated with Mother, how you are nurtured when young, and your genetic heritage.

Your Moon sign colors and defines your emotional expression.



Aries – Need is to trust natural aggressive instinct and acknowledge desire to lead and be first. Comfort zone is to always be on the move!  Aries is the Feisty Moon.

Examples: Bill Gates, Salma Hayek, Bernie Sanders


TaurusNeed is to draw upon intuitive connection to material plane – Mother Earth, and to recognize need for peace and stability. Taurus Moon is the original “comfort zone” Moon. Happiest when they feel settled and comfortable.   Taurus is the Solid as a Rock Moon.

Examples: Mother Teresa, Hugh Grant, Nora Jones


GeminiNeed is to focus many talents/ideas/concepts and acknowledge desire to be recognized for knowledge and wit. Comfort zone is multitasking and sharing with others. Gemini is the Versatile Moon.

Examples: Barack Obama, Kristen Wiig, Jim Carrey


CancerNeed is to nurture, and to recognize own need for security and to be loved and nurtured. Comfort zone is caring for others and feeling acknowledged for it.  Cancer is the Healing Moon.

Examples: Claude Monet, Eleanor Roosevelt, Taylor Swift


LeoNeed is to fully engage their creativity and share it generously, and to acknowledge desire to be the center of attention. Comfort zone is having fun! Leo is the Dramatic Moon.

Examples: Tom Hanks, Queen Latifah, Venus Williams


VirgoNeed is to rely on innate sense of perfection and ability to integrate /assimilate, and to recognize the internal critic. Comfort zone is being prepared. Virgo is the Smart Moon.

Examples: The Dalai Lama, Stephen Hawking, J.K. Rowling


LibraNeed is to rely on natural graciousness and diplomacy and to acknowledge need for harmony and social acceptance. Comfort zone is knowing they are loved.  Libra is the Lovers Moon.

Examples: Maya Angelou, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keyes


ScorpioNeed is to trust own power and emotional depth, and to acknowledge urge to manipulate and control. Comfort zone is ability to go deeper than anyone else. Scorpio is the Intense Moon.

Examples: Nelson Mandela, Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga


SagittariusNeed is to rely on trust and optimism, and recognize desire to always be on the move in mind, spirit and body. Comfort zone is freedom to roam. Sagittarius is the Optimistic (Outrageous!) Moon.

Examples: Yoko Ono, Ophra Winfrey, Charlie Sheen


Capricorn Need is to depend on innate sense of time and structure, and to recognize need to control from fear based emotions. Comfort zone is feeling in control of emotions.  Capricorn is the Cool and Collected Moon.

Examples: George Clooney, Melania Trump, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”


AquariusNeed is to rely on own unique understanding/ vision/ insight and to acknowledge desire to ‘change the world’. Comfort zone is feeling awake and aware.  Aquarius is the Original Moon.

Examples: Pope Francis, John Lennon, Ashley Judd


PiscesNeed is to tap into compassion and spirituality, and to recognize their great sensitivity. Comfort zone is feeling sweet connection to all that is. Pisces is the Mystical Moon.

Examples: Michelangelo, Saint Thérèse, Leonard Cohen


Moon Tattoo

This person loved the Moon so much he/she? got a tattoo of it. Wonder what Moon sign this person was born under?


Venus Retrograde



Venus is retrograde from March 4 through April 15, 2017

In her travels Venus weaves an amazing pattern in the heavens. From Earth it is seen as a beautiful mandala with a 5 pointed star – a pentagram – at the center, as if a cosmic artist wanted to show us an image of her perfection and grace.

Venus Orbital Cycle

Retrograde means the apparent backward motion of a planet from our vantage point on Earth. Venus only goes retrograde around 18-20 months and travels backward for around 40 days. Venus goes retrorade less often that all other planets except Mars who goes retro every 2 years.  Venus is very positive, so her retro phase is not noted for tricky stuff like Mercury retrograde.

In this current 2017 phase Venus turns retrograde on 3/4 at 13* Aries, returns to Pisces on 4/2, then goes direct at 27* Pisces on 4/15, stays in Pisces until 4/28 when she re-enters Aries to stay until 6/6/17.

Here’s the general background:

Planet Venus is named after the goddess of love and harmony.  In astrology Venus represents the attracting/magnetic principle and indicates social values and your overall value system in general, and rules relationships and all heart-related affairs. She also governs cultural affairs, things which add grace and beauty to life – the arts, music, dance, theater, etc. In general Venus stands for peace, love, beauty, harmony and governs issues of concern to women and LGBT rights too.  Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra so these signs tend to be more affected by Venus retro.

In Taurus, Venus reflects high values, a peaceful tolerant, kind nature, and is also Mother Nature herself connected to the Earth’s natural resources  and rules financial resources too. The Bull is the symbol for Taurus and the stock market too!


In her Libra garb Venus rules all relationships, specifically love and marriage, along with fair play for all and cultural refinement – things like art, theater, fashion, etc.  Venus in Libra, whose symbol is the balanced scale  is the ultimate peace maker, “Make Love not War” her never-ending cry.



Venus represents the most classically feminine energy in the heavens, alluring and magnetic she attracts what she needs by calling it to her and allowing it to come. In your personal birth chart Venus reveals your own day-to-day value system, and how you give and receive love. The sign your Venus is in colors this expression. Wherever Venus resides in your chart,  she tends to sweeten things and make that part of your life easier and more delightful.

Here’s the retrograde info:

Retrograde planets in the birth chart generally indicate an internalization of that planet’s mode, and also timing factors in life.

People born with Venus retrograde in their birth chart can be late bloomers when it come to love and are sometimes confused about issues around sexuality and relationships in general. Parents may have held them back with rigid rules (no dating, no hanging with friends) or their own self-worth issues got in the way and they felt socially awkward. A birth chart Venus retro can also mean they had other goals in life and simply chose to put matters of the heart on the back-burner. Whatever the cause they usually figure it out at just the right time, and can have beautiful relationships when their Venus nature finally blooms in full.

Venus, as the ruler of earthy  Taurus is connected to Nature so when Venus retrogrades there might be less emphasis or setbacks in ecological initiatives and on the environment in general. Taurus rules the earth’s resources and is connected to banking and financial systems. (The symbol of Taurus is the Bull, so it is no accident that the bull is a Wall St. symbol too!) Generally when Venus goes retro we might expect a slow down in money markets, or some sort of fluctuation though it does not necessarily mean long term negative affects.

At the personal level, during a Venus retrograde period it makes sense to handle your own finances with prudence.  You may want to redecorate your house, or spend for that lavish vacation, but think twice. Be smart enough to look at your overall budget and if necessary, be willing to hold back and wait for your financial fountain to flow again, holding faith that it will happen at the ideal time.

Venus as the ruler of airy  Libra, governs affairs of the heart. When Venus does her backward dance relationship issues come up for review.  Old loves drift back into your thoughts, dreams or even into your living arms! Relationships you felt totally secure about might start to unravel or reveal another side. Relationships where you’re sitting safely on the sidelines, suddenly pull you down into the midst of the hot and sweaty game!  If you have been taking your mate for granted, things might suddenly be in your face. Venus will not be denied when she’s in this mode! If you ignore Venus’ urgings she will seductively find ways to fling issues of the heart in your face. (Beware of Facebook when Venus is retro! The stories Venus could tell you…)

This can and does include family relations, relationships on the job, and with friends as well. It is much more advantageous to warmly embrace Venus during this time. Honor her by paying heed to your own heart’s song, and by creating more love and beauty in your life.  Love yourself and others well during her extended visit and she will reward you beautifully!

Here’s an article by Tara Greene with good Venus retro info Venus Retrograde Speaks

Venus Sends a Kiss


Venus in Aries 2017

Venus in Aries

Venus usually travels  around 3 + weeks  in each sign and she entered Aries on February 3, 2017. This year because Venus begins her retrograde phase on March 4th she remains in Aries much longer – around 13 weeks.  More about Venus in Aries below, But first some background.

Venus looking lovely

Planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and harmony. In astrology Venus represents the attracting/magnetic principle, indicates social values in general and rules relationships and all heart-related affairs. She also governs cultural affairs, things which add grace and beauty to life – the arts, music, dance, theater, fashion etc. In general Venus stands for peace, love, beauty, harmony and governs issues of concern to women.

Venus represents the most classically feminine energy in the heavens, alluring and magnetic she attracts what she needs by calling it to her and allowing it to come. In your personal birth chart Venus reveals your own day-to-day value system, and how you give and receive love. Wherever Venus resides in your chart, she tends to sweeten things and make that part of your life easier and more delightful.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. In earth sign Taurus Venus reflects high values, a peaceful tolerant, kind nature and is also connected to resources like finances and is the protector of Mother Nature herself.  In her air sign Libra garb, Venus rules all relationships, specifically love and marriage, along with fair play and cultural refinement. Peace, Beauty and Harmony for all! Is the banner Venus in Libra holds high.

Venus usually travels  around 3 + weeks  in each sign. Venus entered Aries on 2/3 and because Venus  begins her retrograde phase on 3/4 she remains in Aries much longer – around 13 weeks. Venus turns retrograde only once every 18 month, less often than any other planet except Mars.  I’ll be writing more about Venus Retrograde in March’s issue,  but for now let’s explore Venus in Aries.

Shakira – Born with Venus in Aries

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars planet of aggression, so you might think Venus is not happy to be clothed in Mars’ warrior garb. In fact in traditional astrology Venus is said to be in ‘detriment’ when she is in Aries. However over the years of my own research and experience with clients and friends who have Venus in Aries I’ve found Venus in Aries to be very positive.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel and noted for its highly focused energy, drive, courage and passionate style. Aries is raw, untamed energy filled with bright promise and rippling with individualism. Aries has pioneering spirit and helps carry others to places they would not reach alone. Aries is the big idea generator and many movers and shakers in each generation born with Aries energy in their birth charts are ahead of the curve carving out paths to new territories. Aries acts from pure passion and when the magnetic allure of Venus is coupled with the passionate sign of Aries a dynamic energy is formed!

Venus in Aries can be very laid back and easy going in general, but when she sees something she desires, Venus/Aries goes after it like a hound for a hare! No goal is unattainable, nothing stands in the way of Venus/Aries! If you’ve watched the TV series The Vikings you’ve seen those Venus in Aries warrior women in action! Yes, Venus/Aries can be too passionate and enthusiastic and bowl over more introverted types, and if you are her lover and cheat on her or wound her pride – look out! But generally Venus/Aries is inspiring and delightful.

Shakira pictured above is a classic example of Venus/Aries who had her debut album when she was only 13 years old. So typical of ‘straight out of the chute’ Aries. And her sensual musical style is certainly passionate and ‘in your face’ Aries too. Here are some other famous people also born with Venus in Aries: Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Renee Zelllweger,  Lady Gaga, Keira Knightly (Venus/Aries loves to be a pirate!), Rhianna. And here are some men with Venus in Aries: Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Jack Nicholson, Bob Marley, George Clooney, Chris Martin.

When Venus travels in Aries we all feel energized in a positive way.  Goals seem reachable and you feel more enthused about life in general. Aries is a very physical sign too and Venus loves to dance, sing and move more when she is in Aries. Think of all the people born with Venus in Aries listed above and here’s another one – Pharrell Williams whose song Happy was nominated for an Academy Award, which says “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof / (Because I’m happy) / Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…” This is pure positive Venus in Aries.

So it’s the time to be happy folks!  Venus will grace you with more joy when you play well with her.

Wishing you joyful times,


Melissa Stratton
Personal Relations Counselor
Astrology, Tarot, Dream Analysis

Winter Solstice 2016

Ice circle on Flathead River
photo by Tammie Lee


Solstice Greetings to All!

2016 Winter Solstice (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere) arrives on December 21 at 10:44 Universal Time at 5:45a Eastern Time and 2:45a Pacific Time.

For more information on the science of the Solstice visit Earth Sky and for interesting Winter Solstice traditions around the world, check out Crystalinks

There is comfort in the fact the Winter Solstice arrives as it has since the dawn of time. The yin-yang cycle of the return of the light is here as the days gradually begin to lengthen.  This is the day when the Sun enters Capricorn and marks the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest in the Southern –  the exact moment when the wheel of the seasons turns which is why I chose Tammie Lee’s photo, a wonderful representation of this cycle of the natural world.

The chart for the exact moment of the Solstice gives insight into patterns and trends emerging for this new season.


Solstice chart


At every December’s solstice the Sun is stationed at O degrees Capricorn.  Capricorn is  a solid, stable, mature earth sign ruled by Saturn. This year Mercury is in Capricorn too, but is moving backward and stationed only 2 degrees away from Pluto in his long term Capricorn journey. Capricorn is the sign most closely connected to ‘real world’ affairs of State and corporate power. Mercury = communication and his retrograde phase so near potent transformation agent Pluto at the Solstice is an accurate indication of how the powers that be in the world are  hesitating (stunned!)  and backing up to take stock of the unexpected change in the balance of power resulting from Donald Trump’s election win. Another brick knocked down by Pluto’s relentless scourge of worldly power structures as they scramble to decipher what this all means.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is in high-spirited fire sign Sagittarius as if trying to lighten up ‘so very serious’ Capricorn. Saturn in Sagittarius says change is good and if we don’t get the hell out of Dodge periodically we become stagnate stone statues. Saturn is entering the last year of his Sagittarius visit and in the Solstice chart reaches out with an exact trine to change agent Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries. Trines = ease and flow, and this active trine speeds up structural transformation to the max. Uranus is retro at the Solstice but turns direct on 12/29 to take the solstice message from Saturn and run with it!  Mighty Jupiter in airy Venus-ruled Libra is tightly opposite Uranus and forms a tense T-Square to Pluto and Mercury challenging us all to maintain balance in the face of this rapid change. This T-Square also repeats the Cardinal squares which were majorly active over the last few years.

The Moon relects the mood of the public and the Solstice Moon is in Libra too and also forms a square – hers challenges the Capricorn Sun. Libra is the sign of balance and a Libra Moon square Capricorn Sun at the Solstice indicates how out of balance people feel now in the midst of such major structural upheaval.  Helping out is Venus in Aquarius who beams out nicely to Jupiter with an airy trine. Venus always has our back and in Aquarius the sign most capable of rising to the 20K perspective she says, “Stay calm and take care of your own personal vibration which ultimately helps the world make more positive change. ” We should all listen to her advice!

Mars = action and is in early degrees of watery, laid-back Pisces at the Solstice. Mars in Pisces easily swims through all the swirling cosmic currents in the river of life which helps us here below navigate change more gracefully too. Mars in Pisces will meet up with mystical Neptune as 2017 begins and will create a major challenge to Saturn (more about this in January’s issue) but in the Solstice chart drifts lazily along inviting us to relax more too.

Wounded healer Chiron has something to say in the Solstice chart as he forms an exact 90 degree square to Saturn. Chiron’s symbol looks just like a key, appropriate to Chiron’s function as a healing key opening up to higher dimensions. Chiron is in Pisces now and his square to Saturn in Sagittarius invites us to rise to the challenge of these rapidly changing times by slowing down to follow the Piscean path of trust and faith in spiritual currents, which may be unseen, but are leading us toward a more perfect world. Sounds like a good plan.

Overall the challenges in the Solstice chart are not heavy ‘squish you under the boot’ ones as was the case in other years, in fact they can be easily managed to become positive strengths.  The main idea is to avoid getting caught up in the belief that the worldly changes so visible to all are negative and taking us down the wrong road. The Solstice chart invites you to relax more, like settling into a yoga pose, and when you do the tensions ease, the toxins release and you are more able to rise to a higher vibration where you realize all is as it’s meant to be.  We are all connected on our beautiful blue planet and as one person shifts from fearful beliefs to love based ones, it helps shift our entire reality. To repeat the advice Venus in Aquarius wants us to follow,”take care of your own personal vibration which ultimately helps the world make more positive change”.  Carlos Castaneda born a few days after the Winter Solstice himself sums up well the energies of this Solstice when he said, “The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive.”

Wishing you bright Solstice Blessings filled with the wonder of being alive!

IMAGE NOTE:  The wonderful ice circle photo was taken by my friend Tammie Lee at the north fork of the Flathead River in Montana. I was so pleased she let me use it! It’s such a perfect image for the Solstice and I love the overlapping orbs too. Here is what Tammie said about it,  “This circle of ice was circling, such a wonderful thing to see and watch.” Tammie said there was a river otter hanging out in the circle too. She didn’t get a photo of the otter in the circle, but she got this amazing one. You can view and purchase more of Tammie’s photos at spirithelpers.net

Here is that river otter!

River Otter
photo by Tammie Lee



Regaining Balance


A Super Full Moon arrives tomorrow – 11/14/16. A perfect time to howl out your feelings!

November 13, 2016

Dear Friends,

First I want  thank  all of you who reached out in response to my pre-election post and also this week after the election. So many responses came in that I’ve not had time to reply to them all, but I appreciate each and every one.

The personal responses I’ve received since the election range from WTF disbelief, reeling sick to their guts, sad and confused,  along with lovely uplifting messages of love and comfort. I’ve posted links to some these uplifting messages below.

Responses from all the lists I’m on from political, to environmental, to spiritual are all over the map too. The thing which stands out in stark contrast is old paradigm reactionary thinking, rationalizing, over-analyzing, from the ‘head’ reactions,  versus new paradigm soul based from the heart messages.

And of course most who reached out wanted to know about the astrology election predictions. So regarding the astrology, I find it very interesting because every astrologer I know predicted Clinton would win – including me – and if I looked at the same data again, I would come to the same conclusion.  Astrologers have predicted presidential elections very accurately over the years, so what happened this time? Some point out that Hillary actually did win the popular vote, and some have said that perhaps something will happen between now and the inauguration (especially since looking at the inauguration was the clincher for me to see that Clinton would win) but I’m not so sure. After mulling it over (a lot!) I came to the conclusion that whatever energy wave came through is larger even than astrology energies can point to.  Something bigger is at work here.

The morning after the election I pulled Tarot cards from a few of my decks to get a sense of the energies and got very good cards around the whole election and where it would lead. I talked to others who had pulled cards too with the same results.  This helped me realize the outcome had to happen at higher levels than our rational minds can comprehend. So it’s all in perfection, even if our tiny minds cannot grasp it at the moment.  I feel it too. As one friend said, “I felt a strange calm and fuller compassion.” Compassion especially for Donald Trump who is now faced with a higher duty than ever before. He is, after all, a Gemini and my hope and prayer is that he will show the world a different face and lead from a higher self.

Looking further at astrological influences, one of the most important currently is Jupiter in Libra, the sign of balance. Many of the election predictions whether from astrologers, psychics to political pundits as well, pointed to the Feminine Energy rising which would create a balance to the thousands of years of male dominance and saw that Hillary Clinton would tip this balance. However, this is overlooking that all of us, male or female, have both feminine and masculine energies that must be balanced within before we can become truly whole beings. Consider who elected Trump – it was men (53% Trump vs 41% Clinton), and those men are largely from rural and rust belt ‘forgotten’ areas of the US who know their lives have been thrown out of balance by forces which they ascribe to elitist governing policies by both major political parties. Outsider Trump spoke their language. Point being that perhaps it is not so much women as men who need to regain some sense of security and balance first, before a woman can reach the highest office in the land.

In preparation for writing this article today, I pulled this card from my Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck by Mikhaela Asheena   “Inner Sacred Marriage of the Twin Flames” which speaks to this.


It’s also interesting to know that although Republicans road in on Trump’s coattails to keep the majority in both houses of congress, which could assure their agenda, at the same time many progressive State ballot measures passed from raising the minimum wage, legalizing marijuana and gun control to a GMO free zone in CA. Balance at work here too.

Whether you are happy about the outcome of the election or not,  it’s time for all of us to regain our balance and move forward in positive ways. I do believe there is a larger plan at work. So the best advice is to regain your balance, trust that all is well and continue to focus on raising your own vibration, which is the only way the vibration of this country and the whole world will ever raise.

My friend Daria Marmaluk cast her I-Ching after the election and drew this Hexagram:

Metamorphosis is the only grace offered. You can only return to your homeland as a New You.  So very true.

Hold the faith my friends, all is well!



Here are a few of the links people sent me that I found uplifting – may they uplift you too.

Message from the andromedans – All is in perfect Divine Divine Order

A message of love for our global community – Sandra Ingerman



US Presidential Election 2016 – Astrology at work!

Lady Liberty Crying by George Utrilla Angelo

Lady Liberty Crying
by George Utrilla

Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago:
to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.
~ Robert Kennedy
October 23, 2016

Hello Friends,

Here is my analysis of the upcoming US Presidential election the most contentious in modern history. I purposely waited to hone in on the astrology involved because I wanted to watch the election process evolve from the primaries through the final debates to gain more insight.  Many astrologers have weighed in already, but I haven’t read any other posts yet to avoid being influenced. I plan to enjoy what other astrologer have to say after, and put a few links to other posts below for you.  It’s an intense process to do this analysis, with many charts involved! I just counted all the chart copies I’ve been studying in the pile in front of me which add up to 26 all together – whew! That’s why I titled this Astrology at work!

Naturally I looked at Hillary and Trump’s birth charts and also progressed their charts to Election day and Inauguration Day 2017. I also studied the Election Day and Inauguration Day charts, and progressed the USA birth chart to this Election Day, and plugged in Tim Kane’s and Mike Pence’s charts along with Bill Clinton’s and Melania Trump’s (with all their progressed charts too)  and compared all of these charts to to the Election Day, Inauguration and USA charts.

Donald Trump’s chart is very accurate because his birth time is well known. However as you may know finding Hillary Clinton’s birth time has been very elusive. In true Scorpio fashion Hillary wants to keep her birth time a mystery, which says to me that she is aware of astrology and how astrologers analyze, and wants to avoid being pinned down. Why else would she care?  Jessica Adams posted an article about this Hillary and Astrology – Still No Birth Time! which describes the frustration for us astrologers.

Donald Trump Birth Chart

Donald Trump
Birth Chart

First I’ll give  a bit of analysis on both candidate’s charts starting with Trump.  It’s very obvious this man was born to money and has great potential to make and lose a lot if it. He has the Gemini gift of communication and ability to relate to average folk as well as powerful ones. That’s why the populist rhetoric from an admitted billionaire comes across as sincere. I admit to never liking Trump, well before he announced his bid for President and in fact had considered him idiotic (still do) and even stupid, but in fact his chart shows intelligence and wit. Because of my prior bias I lost a bet to my significant other when Trump first announced last year. I bet Trump would be out of the running in by Thanksgiving, but he was still going strong. I had to eat crow and take my sig. other to the movies and dinner (that’s always what we bet) because he had the foresight to know Trump had the pulse of the public and was smarter than he seemed. Frankly I think half the country would have lost that bet too! We’re all eating crow now.

Combine Trump’s Gemini communicator qualities with his Libra charm and imposing star quality Leo ascendant and it’s easy to see how The Donald got where he is and why some people adore him and believe every word out of his mouth. His Sagittarius Moon both helps and hinders. Sagittarius Moon is an enthusiastic sales person – can sell fleas to dogs!  and is the truth speaker, so convinced of their own opinion that they get very annoyed when their word is doubted. Sag Moon is also known for hoof in mouth disease, sometimes incapable of keeping their lips shut, and will blunder into saying the wrong thing at the wrong time over and over again,  like boasting about grabbing women’s pussies. Combine this with a downside of Gemini, which is real talent for lying to people’s faces to the point they begin to believe their own lies, and it’s easy to see how Trump is his own worst enemy.  Another downside of Gemini is fickleness and boredom with the same routines, possibly why he has such a roving eye, has been married 3 times and can’t be bothered to practice for debates.

The affable charm of all these likable signs goes a long way to describing how Trump got to where he is in life, and why he has been a media darling and reality TV personality, but there are 2 major indicators which go deeper. One is Mars in Leo close to his ascendant. Mars reveals instinctive action and Leo is the regal entitled Prince that people view as a natural leader, but is boastful and narcissistic on  the downside. However in Trump’s chart Mars is not “out front” and obvious at first glance because it is situated in his 12th house, the zone of hidden things including what is hidden even from oneself.  As seen from Trump’s behavior in this campaign, he wants people to see his masterful, imposing Lord Leo Lion (I’m a winner!) side, but if challenged is more than willing to whip his aggressive, egotistical Mars out to slash and burn his opponents with impunity. Combined with his Gemini ability with words we see the bully who will say anything to demean and diminish (demolish!) his opponent and has no problem using clownish, snarky wit to get a point across.

The other major factor in Trump’s chart comes from his Cancerian influence – he has Mercury, Saturn and Venus all in Cancer. Cancer is loving, kind, caring and rules mothers, children and family which is why he is so close to (most of) his children and why they seem so loyal to him as well. These planets also reveal a close connection to his own parents but there are challenges from his Libra side which indicate he was both pampered and spoiled as a golden boy,  yet felt he had to live up to big expectations and hid any feelings of inadequacy.  (George W. Bush has a similar challenge in his chart.) Cancer is also very concerned about safety and when their security is threatened will either retreat in fear or lash out to protect. Perhaps why Trump puts forth concepts like building a big WALL which make no logical sense but makes sense to him emotionally, protect me from those outsiders! Cancer is also highly emotional and if unevolved takes EVERYTHING personally. This explains the thin skin Trump is noted for, and what makes him an easy target for Hillary and others who know just how to goad him into a sputtering incoherent mess.

A lot more went into my analysis than what I brought out here, but this gives an essence.   Much has been made about him being a bastion and last gasp of the Patriarchy, and certainly his appeal is largely to older white men who long for the old order and to women who want to be dominated by authoritative men, and I don’t disagree with this.  The irony is, that although Trump seems to represent this patriarchal archetype,  watching Trump over the course of this campaign and knowing his chart, it has become increasing clear that Trump is essentially a scared, immature child trapped in a man’s body who covers his sense of inadequacy with all the bluster he can muster. “Don’t look at the real me! Just pay attention to what I tell you.” He’s done such a good job at this cover-up that he believes it himself.  In actuality Donald Trump, as are many in his generation, is just another sensitive boy wounded by the patriarchy himself.

Now onto Hillary’s chart. Because her exact birth time is unclear, most astrologers compensate by using a 12:00 noon time, (which is traditionally used when the birth time is unknown) some have even picked times based on what they think her rising sign is. I’ve seen Virgo and Leo floated, but to me she looks like neither (the rising sign has a lot to do with physical appearance). When I used Hillary’s chart for the 2008 primary against Barack Obama I used an 8:00 PM time ( which is another time she has said she was born) which puts her as Cancer Rising, which fits in many ways. Cancer rising tends to have a round Moon like face, which Hillary has.

Some astrologers believe the 8:00 AM time is correct, but this makes her Scorpio rising and puts her Sun in ‘behind the scenes’ 12th house. She does look a bit Scorpio like, since her Sun is in Scorpio and she definitely gets scapegoated (“nasty woman who should be in jail”) like Scorpio rising often does, (Martha Stewart is Scorpio rising and she did end up in jail!) but most Scorpio ascendants have sexual magnetic allure, which grandmotherly Hillary does not, and although attractive even when she was in her youth never seemed to have had those extra pheromones Scorpio rising has. Also most Scorpio rising people have  good looking, shapely legs (check it out for yourself) and Scorpio rising women like showing off their dynamite legs with 6 inch heels. Have we ever even seen Hillary’s legs inside all the pantsuits she wears? And a 12th house Sun in the birth chart rarely likes to be in the center of attention, much less run for President. So the mystery continues.

Because I’ve found charts cast for dawn to be a very accurate when the time is unknown, I decided to use a ‘Dawn’ chart for Hillary. This puts Hillary’s Sun in Scorpio in her first house and it gives her a Pisces Moon, and we know that the Moon was in Pisces until after 9:00pm that day (when it went into Aries) and Hillary definitely has a Pisces Moon, not Aries. She looks more Pisces (has those large Pisces eyes) verses the sharper Aries look and a Pisces Moon would also be more likely to overlook details, like using a personal server for emails when she was Secretary of State without realizing the potential consequences.

Here is Hillary’s Dawn Chart:

Hillary Clinton Dawn Birth Chart

Hillary Clinton
Dawn Birth Chart

Hillary has major Scorpio influence in her chart with not only her Sun but Chiron, Venus, Mercury (retro) and South Node all in Scorpio too. Very powerful! When Trump was asked in the 2nd debate what he admired about Hillary, he said, “She never gives up.” which is so true of Scorpio. When Scorpio has a goal, they will attain it! Scorpio can be very jealous too, and some have said she overlooked Bill Clinton’s inability to keep his pants zipped because she wanted to keep the marriage together to achieve her own long term goals. Though I wonder what she said to him behind closed doors! Scorpio is also known for being an old soul, and when they operate from a mature perspective they can truly forgive and overlook their mate’s faults too. Both ring true in her chart.

Hillary’s Moon in sweet, sensitive Pisces is a nice softening balance to the harder Scorpio, but can be naive and gullible as well. Again, the example of underestimating or completely overlooking the damage the email controversy could cause. Pisces can be very spiritual and religious as well, and she when she credits her Methodist upbringing as a foundation for her faith, it rings true to her chart. Empathetic Pisces Moon is more universally oriented, than personally motivated which is another good balance to the Scorpio potential to be selfishly motivated. In this dawn chart her Pisces Moon is situated in her 5th house of creativity and children, which aligns with the work she had done over the years to uplift children and families.

Along with Scorpio, Hillary also has major Leo in her chart. Like Trump she too has Mars and Pluto in Leo (everyone born in the 1940s has Pluto in Leo), which also happen to to be the co-rulers of Scorpio and therefore more significant for her,  and she has Saturn in Leo too. Another very powerful configuration! Hillary’s Leo side operates differently from Donald’s and in fact is a big challenge to her Scorpio planets.  Instead of emulating the glamor and arrogence of Leo, (which The Donald does so well) Hillary would have felt at odds with that type when younger and would have been more interested in bringing them down to a more level playing ground. The clash of the Lion and the Eagle! At the same time she would have learned how to relate to the 1%ers when she needed them, in fundraising for example. Yes she wants the power money brings but probably still does not feel comfortable with nor admires the glitzy lifestyle that Trump leads for example.

The saving grace of Hillary’s chart is her Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is very positive and happy in his own sign. In a birth chart it creates optimism and gives abundance of energy to get things done, and loves to travel too. She put in more miles as Sec. of State than anyone before her. Jupiter in Sagittarius has a great even goofy sense of humor so those big laughs that pop out of her are for real. Like Trump’s Saggie Moon, Hillary’s Jupiter in Sag. can also suffer from speaking out of turn, saying Trump’s supporters are “deplorable”, a case in point, but Hillary’s close to the vest Scorpio nature has helped her with better boundary control. Without Hillary’s correct rising sign,  her chart is not as easy to sum up as Trump’s. One thing is clear – her chart is more mature and focused, she is more empathetic to her fellow humans, and her emotions are more under her control than Trump’s. These qualities ultimately make her a better choice to be the President of the most powerful country on the planet.

Now a look at predicting who will actually win. As I write this only 16 days before the election the polls are looking good for Hillary, but I take nothing for granted in these unpredictable times. Polls often lie too, people will say one thing when asked, and do another in the voting booth.  And I also know and trust that astrology is the science of timing, so I’m plunging ahead! Note – I am greatly simplifying my process so you won’t be bored to tears.

Here is the chart for Election Day:

2016 Presidential Election

2016 Presidential Election

Lo and behold when the polls open both the Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio, boding well for Hillary while Jupiter is in Libra, which Donald has in his birth chart, and Election day’s Jupiter is in Trump’s 11th house of politics, which bodes well for him! Venus is also in Sagittarius near Donald’s Moon, which is another plus (will more women vote for him than expected?) This with other indicators at first glance no clear winner is obvious. This encouraged me to look at their progressed charts which tell a different story. Without going into a whole lot of astrologese factoids. Hillary’s progressed chart vibes beautifully with Elections, while Trump’s does not.

I also plugged both of their charts into the USA birth chart. Donald’s Cancer planets line up nicely with USA’s chart while Hillary’s Scorpio Sun and planets vibe nicely too. So while there are contrasts it’s a bit of a toss up there too.

USA Birth Chart

USA Birth Chart

It was when I looked at the Inauguration Day (January 20, 2017) chart that things began to pop!

Inauguration Day 2017

Inauguration Day 2017

When I plugged in Trump’s birth and progressed charts to the Inauguration it looks clearly like The Donald is at home, not out in a major public forum.  But when I did the same for Hillary’s birth chart and especially her progressed chart, it looks pretty obvious she is out in front of the world, giving a major speech! I got similar positive hits for Tim Kane and Bill Clinton, while for Mike Pence and Melania Trump not so much. So it does look like Hillary will win the election.

Lady Liberty happy again

Lady Liberty
happy again

One final note is about about the energies on election day itself.  Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system is in Libra on election day. Libra ruled by Venus is a sign of balance, specifically balance between head and heart and also between male and female energy. If Jupiter in Libra has his way he’ll help create long overdue balance so that women can finally gain their rightful place on the scales which have been tipped toward male domination for thousands of years. In recent years there are more women registered voters than men and women helped put Barack Obama in the White House in the last 2 elections. So in hard facts women can make the difference in this election which could result in the first woman in history ever to be elected President of the United States.

On election day Venus is at 25* Sagittarius, conjuct the potent Galactic Center and Venus also beams out harmoniously to change agent Uranus.  On election day the Moon, also connected to women, is in Uranus ruled Aquarius  and on top of this as voting begins the Moon is at 25*Aquarius which is the exact degree of the USA birth chart Moon. These omens are not to be ignored and to my mind indicate that women will make the difference in this election too and put a woman into one of the most powerful positions on the globe. And it’s about time!


And most importantly my friends, as the 2000 Bush/Gore election proved every vote does count! So please vote on November 8th not just for President and Congress but for other down ballot state and local officials too.  Any president can only do so  much, it is from the local level up that change will happen. So go vote!

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