Half August issue 2017

Lion’s Gate
by Heni Sandoval

August 15, 2017

Dear Friends,

As many of you know August’s issue is delayed due to me being ill with what turned out to be Lyme’s disease. Still a bumpy ride, but ‘m getting better daily now. It has been an interesting process to say the least!

I want to thank with deep appreciation everyone who reached out to me with your good wishes, prayers, care, concern and loving thoughts. I felt it and you are helping me heal. I always knew I had wonderful clients and followers of Heavenly Messages and now I know it with certainty. I love you all!

August is the month when the Star of our solar system – the Sun, travels through its very own sign of Leo, brightest fire sign of all. Even though the Sun is more than half way though his Leo journey I still want to focus on highlighting this creative and dynamic sign.

When the Sun is in Leo we get bathed with heart-filled fun and imaginative vibes. Everyone is called to come out and play when the Sun is in this brilliant fire sign! Leo is all about creativity and Leo natives are driven more than any other sign to be creative in all they do. There are so many famous artists, writers, actors, musicians, entertainers and talented people born with Sun in Leo it would take pages to list them all.

The symbol for Leo is the lordly Lion, and if you are born with a Leo Sun you are learning to fully and freely open your big lion-heart. The best Leos are the most giving and generous people you’ll ever meet. This often means Leos need to learn to love and appreciate self first – being gloriously self-ish, before their lives come into balance to both give and receive love abundantly. With Sun in Leo you are learning to stand with pride and say to the world “I have the right to be me!”

When born with Sun in Leo you are learning to tap this bright energy, to remember the creative joy you had as a child and bring it out dynamically in your adult life inspiring others. With Sun in Leo you are here to tame your small egoistic self and learn to develop a strong and positive ego. Every Leo needs attention and when you learn to do what you love, you don’t need to demand attention, because people will seek you out, fascinated by your creative process, like moths to a glorious flame!

Here are a few quotes from Leo Sun native, which so aptly express their Leo style:

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars.~ Henry Ford

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~ George Bernard Shaw

You have to be doing something you enjoy. That is a definition of happiness! ~ Jacqueline Kennedy

My wish for you during these last few weeks of August is to be doing what you love and enjoy!


Heavenly Messages for Half August 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: (from 8/15) The New Moon (29° Leo) is on 8/21 at 2:30p with a Total Solar Eclipse. Mercury turns retrograde on 8/12 at 1° Virgo at 9:01p through 9/5. The Sun enters Virgo on 8/22 at 6:21p, and Saturn turns direct on 8/25 at 21° Sagittarius. Unless noted, all times are EDT Read August’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

Well folks here it is half way through August, and as I said to a reader who reached out to me, believe me I know how ironic it is that in one of the most exciting months in astrology, I’ve been too sick to write about it!

I had August’s issue virtually written in my mind, but when I first got sick in late July, I knew that was out the window (or curled into a shivering ball as the case was). There was the Lunar Eclipse at the Aquarius Full Moon on 8/7, Mercury’s 3rd retrograde this year on 8/12, Saturn turning direct on 8/25, but like every astrologer on the planet I was most eager to focus on the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on 8/21.

I wanted to discuss how this eclipse at 29° Leo is right at Donald Trump’s ascendent and how this affects him and the U.S. as a nation. How this eclipse path across the  entire U.S. mainland from the North West to the South East reflects the eclipse and potential demise of the U.S empire, like the Roman and British empires before. All this may be true and in fact we can see it playing out before our very eyes, but with the shift in my own energy helping me focus on what is truly important I began to consider other things. So I’ll get to that but first a quick look at other astro trends for now.

Mercury turned retrograde on 8/12 at 11° Virgo, dips back into Leo on 9/1 and turns direct at 28° Leo on 9/5. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo so Mercury’s retro travels affect you more, but you are more used to handling it too. People who aren’t even that familiar with astrology know about Mercury retrograde and how things get muddled. The main thing for everyone to know when Mercury is retrograde is to Check, Check and Double Check everything you write (especially contracts) and stop and think harder before you open your mouth too. I wrote about how Merc retro affect each sign so check out your Individual Messages, and see my Mercury Retrograde for the full story.

On 8/25 Saturn moves forward again after 5 months of backward motion. Saturn is considered the Lord of the Material World and his astrological job is to provide form, function, structure and discipline. Saturn rules Capricorn and turns direct at 21° Sagittarius and continues the last trek of his Sagittarian journey which ends on 12/19/17. Both Capricorn and Sagittarius will notice a positive shift as fuzzy structures begin to take shape again, especially those Sagittarius born from December 13th through 20th, who have Saturn retracing steps across your Sun sign. It’s time to get real about the changes you need to make, no more stalling!

Now on to the eclipse. As always you can find good technical eclipse info at  EarthSky and The Farmer’s Almanac .

The eclipse on 8/21 takes place on the Leo New Moon, occurs at 29° Leo beginning at 11:30a PDT and is a Total Solar Eclipse. One of the reasons this eclipse has grabbed people’s attention especially here in the U.S. is because it is the first Total Solar Eclipse completely crossing the U.S since June 8, 1918. This upcoming eclipse has a path (and can be viewed in totality) from Oregon crossing the middle of the country and ending in South Carolina. The eclipse in 1918 had a similar path to this upcoming one – from the Pacific North West – Washington and Oregon – down through the South ending in Florida. So if you are in the viewing path, why not try to see it if you can. Solar eclipses are pretty awesome and eerie. Wired has a good article about this Eclipses Feel Weird .

It’s easy to understand why ancient people were awestruck by such an event. A total eclipse in the year 585 BC is credited for ending a war.

As I mentioned above, I was loaded for bear to jump into a discussion about how this eclipse was pointing to the downfall of the U.S. empire and how President Donald Trump was aiding and abetting this demise. All of this may be true and if you google Total Solar Eclipse and astrology you’ll find page on page about it all.

One of my favorite astrologers the Oxford Astrologer has a great article on the eclipse which covers what many other astrologer are saying too at The Great American Eclipse.

As I lay too sick to get caught up in the mundane I began to reconsider my original concepts as too limiting. I realized that what I had intended to write might help analyze the problem, and be interesting astrology, but do little towards helping people see the positive energy this eclipse creates. I recalled what astrologer Carol Willis of the Berkeley Psychic Institute wrote back in 1999 about eclipses which has guided me to this day and helped me understand that Lunar eclipses are more personally experienced whereas Solar eclipse are more outward or universal in nature. Here is some of what Carol Willis wrote.

Lunar Eclipse: “I’ve found lunar eclipses to be “inner,” related to our inner emotional and especially spiritual-devotional life, where our emotions and devotions can be turned higher and can be wondrously and even miraculously fulfilled in spiritual relationship with God/Spirit/saints. In a lunar eclipse, it’s the Moon that is eclipsed [overshadowed, hidden by] the Sun, so the Sun (related to soul, spiritual will or atma, wisdom and inspired activity) prevails. Esoterically, a lunar eclipse allows the soul or spirit, symbolized by the Sun, in its resonance with God/Spirit to prevail over worldly preoccupations.”

And on Solar Eclipse: “A total eclipse of the Sun means that our normal vision of the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon passing in front of it. A total eclipse is a very powerful astrological phenomenon, suggesting that feelings, instincts, and even chaos (Moon) temporarily take priority over rationality, soul and order (Sun), and that our normal life pattern may not be available to us for a short while. Therefore, anything can happen. There is a strong “wild card” or “X-factor” element to a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are considered “fateful” because things can happen in relation with them that are outside our normal pattern of the way we create our world and our experience (Sun). Eclipses are an unusual window in time. The Sun is not really gone during an eclipse, just hiding, so it’s not really true that rationality, soul, and order are completely gone, but may for all practical purposes be suspended or in abeyance for many people. What ends up happening may not fit our plans, “pictures” or preconceptions, especially if we had ego invested in outcomes in areas where the eclipse falls in our chart. Solar eclipses tend to operate in a more “outer” fashion, relating to the body and outward, worldly circumstances, though changes in these areas are not without considerable emotional impact.”

I was also drawn back to one of my favorite astrology books, Spiritual Astrology, by Jan Spillar and Karen McCoy. In it they bring up the rarely discussed prenatal eclipse patterns, which are the solar and lunar eclipses occurring during the 9 month gestation period each of us experiences. They explain how the prenatal Solar Eclipse is a gift we are born with, but we must recognize and unwrap the gift to activate it’s potential. Here is an except: “At the time of an eclipse the sheath of the Earth is broken and a surge of energy from the collective higher consciousness enters the atmosphere of the planet. This energy is sent as a helping hand. The sign in which the eclipse occurs determines the type of help… and the gift or ability the universe has bestowed on them. How aware and evolved these souls are will determine how well they utilize their gift.”

And here is what they say about a prenatal Solar eclipse in Leo, “You have come to teach your fellow beings how to accept love.” So there you are my friends. Boiled down to its essential nature this Leo eclipse (and total ones are much more powerful) is all about love.

As recent events in Charlottesville, VA exhibit, it’s easy to spread hate. These kind of reactions have become all too common and we conveniently have Donald Trump to blame for inflaming not just the rhetoric but for encouraging hate to come out of the closet onto the streets.

However as astrologer Donna Woodwell says, “Eclipses are all about working with shadows. A solar eclipse is literally the Moon’s shadow falling on the surface of the Earth.

Metaphorically speaking eclipses then are moments when we must face our individual and collective shadow, to allow us to find healing through a new level of understanding.

In this sense, Donald Trump was never the “enemy of progress.”

He was the right man, in the right place, at the right time. In this sense, Trump is a man destined from birth to hold the projection of the collective shadow of our nation. So that we can clean up our shit and move on to the next phase of our history.

So if this eclipse is a gift, a very powerful one at that, and its focus in on the U.S. are we ready to open the gift it brings and ‘clean up our shit’? When I got sick I knew intuitively a reset button had been hit for me, and not just me, as this major eclipse indicates many of us are getting that same reset button hit. It’s all about love and using our creative energy to create more love, joy and acceptance, such positive Leo concepts. It’s about rising to the vibrational understanding that everyone on the planet (and beyond!) is connected and if we hate or even disrespect anyone, it bounces back to us. It’s about realizing the need to stop using even an ounce of our creative energy in anything less than love.

It sounds like a large task, but it is not, and those ready to take advantage of this Leo Total Solar Eclipse will be way showers and a new reset button, similar to the Harmonic Convergence which took place on August 16, 1987, in fact there are astrological similarities now.

Eclipses help shake us out of usual routines and this one is major. Here is another quote from Leo born George Bernard Shaw. If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.

IMAGE NOTE: This painting The Lion’s Gate is by my sister Heni Sandoval. I like to feature many different artists and had used one of Heni’s crab paintings last month, but when I saw this painting- so powerful and beautiful, well I just had to use it for the Leo issue. You can purchase Heni’s art at her Etsy page Circles Round the Sun