Heavenly Messages For September 2016

Virgo Harvest Goddess

Virgo Harvest Goddess

September 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

Time is a more fluid being than ever – it’s hard to believe September is here already! This is such a lovely yet bitter sweet time of year. Summer is still beautiful with bursting gardens, but her lushness is fading and we get caught off guard by daylight hours suddenly so much shorter. The Autumn Equinox arrives – the wheel of life keeps turning.

This September begins on a Solar Eclipse setting the stage for a very active month which includes another eclipse and several planets moving forward again, but the biggest news is about Jupiter entering Libra. As the month begins the astrology theme is one of harvesting  – reviewing your life up to now, making necessary adjustments so you’ll be in better balance before these shifts take place, Jupiter entering Libra being the most significant. Virgo your sign gets lots of attention, so does Libra, Sagittarius too, because Jupiter is your ruler, but when big shifts like this come around everyone is affected.

On 9/1 the Sun always shines in the soft, gentle earth sign of Virgo. Virgo is the 2nd Earth sign whose symbol is the Virgin but I prefer the Harvest Goddess (hence the photo). Communicator Mercury is Virgo’s ruler lending natural wit and flair to this hands-on, pragmatic sign. Writing talent also comes naturally to Virgo which is one of the most intelligent signs. Virgo is clean and crisp as a September morning; it is smart, classy, capable and helpful. Virgo values humility and service over egotistical posturing, yet their brain power and ability with words makes them formidable. Virgo is a problem solver and is one of the best at cutting through to what really matters. It may take a while to get there, because it is also one of the most processing of all signs, but once Virgo has arrived at an answer you can take it to the bank!

When born with Sun in Virgo you are learning to get your head down from the clouds, walk your talk and manifest your ideas into practical action. You are here to learn you live on the material plane, in a physical body so it’s important to take care of yourself and stay fit and healthy through life. Virgos often live into great old age, so it pays to learn this lesson early! Virgo is known as a Doubting Thomas because their pragmatic nature leads them to only believe what they see, touch, taste and hear which can be a good thing when they are young and still learning about how the “real world” works. However once a Virgo matures they learn to put their rational mind into perspective and begin to tap into and trust their deeper intuitive guidance. Born with Sun in Virgo you are ultimately here to master this balance and live a long full life!

Here are quotes from Sun in Virgo natives which express these qualities:

Can you not see that the task is your task – yours to dream, yours to resolve, yours to execute?  ~ Upton Sinclair

Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. ~ Mother Teresa

Reality is nothing more than a collective hunch. ~ Lily Tomlin

I have a hunch that September’s eclipsey energy will have us all wondering about the nature of reality. I hope your reality is excellent this month and always!


Heavenly Messages for September 2016

Your Handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (9° Virgo) is on 9/1 at 5:03a with a Solar Eclipse. The Full Moon (24° Pisces) is on 9/16 with a Lunar Eclipse. Jupiter enters Libra on 9/9, Mercury turns direct at 15° Virgo on 9/22 at 1:31a, and the Sun enters Libra at the Autumn Equinox on 9/22 at 10:22a. Pluto turns direct at 15° Capricorn on 9/26, Mars enters Capricorn on 9/27 (thru 11/9) and there is a 2nd New (Black) Moon (8° Libra) on 9/30. All times are EDT Read September’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

September is one of the most cosmically active months all year! On 9/1 there is a Solar Eclipse at the Virgo New Moon and on the same day retro Mercury meets with mighty Jupiter in Virgo too. On 9/9 Jupiter moves into Libra for the first time in 12 years. There is a Lunar Eclipse at the Pisces Full Moon on 9/16. Mercury goes direct on 9/22 which is also the day of the Autumn Equinox. Pluto turns direct on 9/26, Mars enters Capricorn on 9/27 and on the last day of the month there is another New Moon, this one in Libra. It might be hard to keep your feet on the ground this month folks!

The month begins on a New Moon with an annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo. This is the second solar eclipse this year (there was a total eclipse in Pisces in March) and takes place in-between the ‘almost’ Lunar eclipse of 8/18 and another Lunar eclipse on 9/16 at the Full Moon in Pisces. This eclipse sandwich is definitely stirring things up at macro and micro (personal) levels! And by the way, the so-called “eclipse that wasn’t” on 8/18 on the Aquarius Full Moon, which was so faint that it was invisible to us on Earth, still managed to pack an emotional wallop. I sure felt it – did you?

The Solar eclipse on 9/1 occurs at 5:03a EDT, 9:03 UT and is at 9° Virgo. It is an annular one, meaning a narrow ring of the Sun can be seen against the dark shadow which is quite stunning! It can be seen from Madagascar and locations in southern Asia, western in Australia, Africa, Atlantic and Indian Oceans and Antarctica. TimeandDate has good general info. UPDATE: the eclipse already ocurred – see video and pics at Rare ‘ring of fire’ Solar Eclipse

Eclipses especially Solar, are noted for creating effects weeks before and after the actual eclipse date. You Virgos will be more sensitive to it especially if you are born on or near September 1st, or if you have 9° Virgo Rising, or if your Moon or other important planet is on or close to 9° Virgo. Eclipse effects are out of the ordinary and plain weird. You feel drowsy, spacy and distracted – it becomes difficult to maintain normal routines. Dreams are easier to remember, more insistent and seem to spill into your waking life as the veils between realities thin. Time gets elusive too – it speeds up then slooows down until you can’t even remember what day it is. It takes effort to maintain a grounded ‘normal’ state.

Yes, it’s another one of those times.

At the same time on 9/1 Mercury, retrograde at 28° Virgo meets Jupiter at the exact same degree. Jupiter is in the last few days of his Virgo journey, not to return for 12 years, so this meeting with messenger Mercury is an important one. It’s all about the need for inner reflection and overall life-review. Virgo is the weaver who pulls all the strands together to form the whole. If the pattern is skewed, everything gets pulled in the wrong (ugly!) directions. Where is your own life pattern skewed or distorted? It’s time to bring a discerning eye to clearly view this, and make the necessary corrections so you’ll end up with a beautiful life-fabric. You want to do this before Jupiter enters Libra or your life will soon feel way out of balance.

In the midst of all the important cosmic activity this month the major astro news is about Jupiter, the largest planet by far in our solar system, who makes his annual pilgrimage into a new sign.  Jupiter takes 12 years to travel the entire zodiac wheel and on 9/9 will enter Libra to stay 13 months, until 10/10/17.  Jupiter indicates large, robust energy, and represents faith, hope, optimism and the opportunity principle in general. Jupiter acts to expand whatever it contacts. Libra is ruled by the lovely Venus and the symbol for Libra is the Balanced Scale, so Venus’ themes of beauty, love, compassion, harmonious relationships with an emphasis on keeping energy in balance get expanded. Where life is out of balance Jupiter/Libra will poke hard so the scales start swinging wildly to get our attention.

Whenever Jupiter shifts signs this huge planet has big affects on humanity at large and specifically affects Sagittarius, since Jupiter is your ruling planet, and Libra, since it will be expanding on your own home turf! Libras will finally see results manifest from all the preparation you’ve been doing. Soon YOU will be the opportunity everyone wants to embrace! The other cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn will notice Jupiter’s shift significantly too. It’s all about relationships for Aries. Cancer, your home space which will be emphasized – time to get your dream house perhaps? For Capricorn it means career emphasis, and since career is your personal playground, this can mean big times for you! All signs are affected in their own ways too. See your Individual Messages for more insight.

Mighty Jupiter!

Mighty Jupiter!

Regarding large world themes, those of you who regularly read Heavenly Messages know I like to look back in history to see what occurred during similar astro-movements. Personally I am particularly excited by Jupiter’s entrance into Libra, because Venus-ruled Libra is the sign most synonymous with Peace, Harmony and Beauty. I plan to expand upon this more fully in October’s issue (since October is the Libra season, it only seems fair), but I’ll give you a hint now: Jupiter’s entrance into Libra can and has in the past ushered in an era of peace and prosperity.  Stay tuned!

Venus is already in Libra preparing the way for Jupiter’s grand entrance into one of the signs she rules. Venus in Libra spreads grace, love and beauty so she is helping sow the seeds that mighty Jupiter will expand upon. She stays in Libra until 9/23 so be sure to pick up and plant some of those beautiful seeds while they last!

Next in this cosmically active month on 9/16 at the Pisces Full Moon there is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurring at 24° Pisces. Here is the definition of a penumrbal lunar eclipse from TimeandDate  which is not as potent as a total eclipse. This eclipse is at 3:05p EDT, 7:05p UT and though not very visible will again best be seen from Africa, Asia, Australia and the Western Pacific though unlike the solar one on 9/1 this eclipse can be seen from parts of Europe too. Space.com  has the tech info, scroll down the page to see it.

Lunar eclipses always occur on a Full Moon and astrologically indicate openings which bring you in touch with deeper emotional, intuitive, even psychic states. Those who are unused to these feelings get a bit of ‘lunacy’ – more unstable and out of control. In contrast the Full Moon is a very obvious and outward time (who does not notice a Full Moon!). It is a time to celebrate fulfillment and appreciation of accomplishments – a harvest time. And the September Full Moon is known as the “Harvest Moon” as well. In conjunction with the Solar eclipse this eclipse adds to the eclipse effects mentioned above. And since a Pisces Moon is noted for similar mystical and spacey energy too, you can expect to feel the effects whether you can see it or not! Especially you Pisces, and specifically anyone born near March 14th, or if you have Moon, Rising or an important planet near 24° Pisces.

Next comes the Autumn Equinox (Spring in the Southern hemisphere) which is on 9/22 at 10:22a EDT. This is the day the Sun enters Libra which this year will join Jupiter to (hopefully!) bring in more love, beauty and balance to the new season and the world at large. Let it be so! I’ll be posting an issue on the astrology of the Equinox closer to the date, so stay tuned.

Also on 9/22 Mercury turns direct at 15° Virgo. As Mercury moves forward again he brings back to the forefront the agenda from his meeting with Jupiter on 9/1. Jupiter has moved on into Libra by now, so Mercury direct reminds us that to get into good Libra balance, we must first understand where we’ve been out of balance. That’s why it’s important to do that review discussed above, early in the month or you might fall further off balance (fall off the Earth all together!) later.  So get busy and review!

On 9/26 Pluto moves direct again at 15° Capricorn after his long annual 5 month retrograde journey.  Pluto’s astrological function is transformation – complete and utter! Pluto rules Scorpio so you Phoenixes get some help resurrecting as Pluto moves forward again. Capricorns born near January 6th are again experiencing this once in a lifetime Pluto pass over your Sun. The Sun sign = Soul Growth. With Pluto turning his steely eye on your soul’s growth with full glare, it’s time for you to transform all areas of your life. Also anyone with Capricorn Rising, Moon or other important planets at or near 15° Capricorn degrees will experience these affects more acutely as well. Pluto does not take no for an answer and if this is you, I know you’ve been feeling Pluto’s demands!

Damn Right!

Damn Right!  Check out Bob Englehart’s Article on Pluto

Pluto moves forward at 15° Capricorn exactly half way through his Capricorn transit lasting until January 2024. Pluto’s orbit is so far out that it take almost 250 years to travel the full zodiac wheel. Pluto may be tiny, but his astrological effects are not! At macro levels Pluto in Capricorn has been slowly but surely transforming all the major structures of the world. Pluto direct puts renewed attention on how governments are functioning (or not!) along with other bloated bureaucracies like big corporations and lets the powers that be know the old ways of top down, might makes right, are coming to an end, like it or not you mad men out there!

On 9/27 Mars leaves rambunctious fire sign Sagittarius to enter grounded earth sign Capricorn for the first time since October 2014. Mars, the warrior, is all about action and can be pushy, impatient and filled with too much testosterone. Earthy Capricorn is capable, organized and patient. Traditionally Mars in Capricorn is called exalted, because it tames Mars’ rammy energy. Mars in Capricorn is the ‘adult in the room’. Mars will be in Capricorn until 11/9 which is the day after the US Presidential election. Let us hope there are more true adults in those voting booths than spoiled self interested children!

Then on the last day of the month, 9/30, there is another New Moon, this one is in Libra at 8°. The second Full Moon in a calendar month is well known as a Blue Moon, while the second New Moon in a calendar month is called the lesser known Black Moon not to be confused with Black Moon Lillith.

This Black Moon connects with Jupiter in Libra making it more powerful and adding a special emphasis, like an exclamation point! at the end of this astrologically energetic month. The Moon’s sign affects public emotions. Libra is the Lovers Moon. Moon in Libra is one of the loveliest and nicest placements of the Moon. A Libra Moon has a natural graciousness and spreads harmony and diplomacy. The New Moon is a time to seed intentions, so let’s set intentions to be more Libra like. And if you do this, it will not only help your mood and uplift your own life, but it allows more graciousness and compassion to ripple throughout the collective. And we certainly need more of that! Here’s another quote from Virgo native Lily Tomlin, I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

Image Note: This is a photo of the Garden Goddess who graces my garden every year here where I live in Northeast PA.  I took this photo yesterday – it is the Virgo Harvest Goddess in her September glory!