Heavenly Messages For August 2016

Sunflowers Bow to the Sun

Sunflowers Bow to the Sun

August 1, 2016

Dear Friends,

Welcome to August, a luscious month bursting with nature’s bounty! Corn is ripe in the fields, fruit is sweet on the lips and flowers bloom gloriously to feast the eyes. This last full month of Summer is simply a good time to be alive!

The astrology for August is bursting too. There are a lot of planetary shifts affecting everyone, especially Sagittarius, Aries, Virgo and Capricorn. It’s all explained below.

On each and every August 1st throughout time you can count on the Sun shining in the bright sign of Leo, the very sign he rules. Leo is all about creativity and the Sun’s Leo rays bathe our hearts with fun and imaginative vibes. The symbol for Leo is the lordly Lion, and those born with a Leo Sun are learning to fully open their big lion-hearts. The Summer Olympics take place this August when the world’s prime athletes go for the gold, color of the Sun and Leo too!

When born with Sun in Leo you are here to develop a strong and positive ego and to stand with pride and say to the world “I have the right to be me!” The best Leos are the most giving and generous people you’ll ever meet. With Sun in Leo you are learning to reclaim the magic of childhood and bring it out in creative ways to inspire others. Leo natives know this and are driven more than any other sign to be creative in everything they do. There are so many famous artists, writers, actors, entertainers and talented people born with Sun in Leo it would take pages to list them all.

Here are quotes from a few Leo Sun folks to get a sense of this fun, creative sign:

The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react. ~ George Bernard Shaw

What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood? ~ Beatrix Potter

You know those little snow globes that you shake up? I always thought my brain was sort of like that. You know, where you just give it a shake and watch what comes out and shake it again. It’s like that. ~ Gary Larson

I hope your brain gets a good shake this August and creative wonderfulness comes out!


Heavenly Messages for August 2016

Your Handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (11° Leo) is on 8/2 at 4:44p. The Full Moon (26° Aquarius) is on 8/18 at 5:25a with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Mars enters Sagittarius on 8/2 (thru 9/27), Saturn goes direct on 8/13 at 9° Sagittarius. The Sun enters Virgo on on 8/23 at 12:39p and Mercury turns retrograde on 8/30 at 29° Virgo at 6:04a (thru 9/22). All times are EDT  Read August’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

August ushers in a month of cosmic change and elevated insight. Mars finally leaves sloggy Scorpio to enter zippy Sagittarius, Venus visits Virgo, Saturn turns direct after moving in reverse for 5 months, there is an “almost” Lunar Eclipse on the Aquarius Full Moon, and Mercury goes retrograde.

On 8/1 Venus shines brightly in Leo and reaches out to form an exact trine (ease and flow aspect) to electric Uranus in Aries. Venus governs women and Uranus, especially in pioneering Aries, is the ultimate change-agent. For this vibrant cosmic connection there is no better real world example than the US nominating a woman for President and breaking that all-male glass ceiling! As above, so below.

Mars has been a BIG cosmic player in 2016. On 1/3 this muscular planet arrived at steamy, powerful Scorpio, the sign he co-rules, and has been here off and on ever since. On 8/2 Mars finally leaves the stingy tail end of Scorpio (thank ye gods!) to enter optimistic, energetic fire sign Sagittarius. Mars rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio so those signs definitely feel this shift, but Mars’ energetic presence affects us all!

We had a taste of this earlier in the year when this motivational planet dipped into Sagittarius on 3/6. Think back to how you felt then. Were you feeling enthused about beginning a new exercise program, publishing your book, getting your blog going, looking forward to going off to college, or heading off on an adventure anywhere!? But then in mid April Mars, planet of action, turned backward and things began slooowing down, down, down…then went full stop when Mars re-entered tortuous Scorpio at the end of May.

I discussed this in both June and July’s issues in terms of how retro Mars/Scorpio would re-trigger nasty world events, which it unfortunately did as we now know. There is a  positive side to all this fear generating energy, which is that it puts dark negativity front and center in everyone’s face so it no longer can be denied. Mars/Scorpio says, “Yes, people will more easily go to the dark side when society and public figures (be they media, political or religious zealots) encourage and legitimize division, hate and fear of ‘outsiders’.” Scorpio rules projection of the shadow side onto others and Mars makes this projection much more forceful. It’s much easier to blame “them” (build walls!) rather than recognize the true cause – our own suppressed fear and pain which avaricious manipulators so easily tap and insane (lone wolf) types cluelessly channel. I have been all too aware of this slimy energy (and succumbed to it myself a time or two!), and  I’ll bet you have too. That’s why Mars in Sagittarius will be such a welcome change. See your Individual Sign Messages for more personal insight and advice.

Sagittarius is the 3rd fire sign whose symbol is the noble Centaur shooting the arrow of truth into the heavens. Mighty Jupiter rules Sagittarius and lends his large energy to this exuberant, forward looking sign. Mutable (flexible) Sagittarius has a wonderful mixture of wide-eyed innocence and enthusiasm combined with the wisdom of a sage. Sagittarius is always on a quest for knowledge and governs bigger picture understanding, far flung adventures of the mind and travel to far away places. Sagittarius is connected to societal systems like governments, religion and education. Mars in uplifting Sagittarius helps to activate and motivate all these qualities and brings more potential to change heavy, negative mindsets at both worldly and personal levels. Mars is very close to Sag now and I’ll bet you’re feeling this energetic shift already. If you saw Michelle Obama’s Democratic convention speech she summed it up well: “When they go low, go high.”

Mars also rules sports and athletes and Mars in Sagittarius loves sporting events! The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio is from 8/5 through 8/21 with Mars in Sag. during the entire Olympics. When Mars was in Scorpio nothing but problems loomed over the Rio Olympics beginning with construction woes, to fears of Zica-virus carrying mosquitoes, to trash and sewage in the waters where competitions are to be held, to almost banning the over-doped Russian team. And what sign rules insects, sewage and drugs? Scorpio of course! With Mars in Sagittarius the Games should turn out to be very exciting and better than expected. Although a side note is, with Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Virgo during the Olympics, a sign which challenges Sagittarius, petty (stupid!) irritating hang ups are also sure to pop up.

On 8/6 Venus enters earthy Virgo where she highlights Virgo’s intelligence, elegance and refinement. Mercury is in Virgo now too, happy in the sign he rules, and both planets meet-up with huge Jupiter in the final phase of his 13 month Virgo journey. (Jupiter enters Libra on 9/9, so that’s a story for September’s issue.) Jupiter’s Virgo mission is to help us do our homework. Jupiter/Virgo says not time to make big, bold change, but it is the time to plan for them. With Jupiter in Virgo we’re meant to be smarter about choices, to take off our rosy glasses and look clearly at the step by step process it actually takes to accomplish our vision.

Messenger Mercury entered Virgo on 7/30 and will be in Virgo all month as he slows down in prep for turning reto on 8/30 (more on this below). Mercury in Virgo brings intelligence, excellent insight and helps dig into the details. Mercury meets up with Jupiter from 8/18-22 to supplement one of Jupiter/Virgo’s main objectives –  to expose all the fake wizards behind the screens. Venus is fast on Mercury’s heels meeting Jupiter from 8/24-28. Venus/Virgo’s graceful expression helps soften Jupiter/Virgo’s judgmental tone so there is less recrimination and more emphasis on working together toward practical solutions and mutual goals.

Pluto in Capricorn has been potently and steadily reshaping the world as we know it over the last 8 years, just as during the last time he visited Capricorn in the years leading up to the American Revolution. But of course entrenched power mongers stubbornly resist this change and actively encourage average folk to fear it. For an excellent look into how Pluto’s Capricorn movements have affected the world over time, read The State We’re In by the Oxford Astrologer.

Jupiter/Virgo sent out a positive transmission to Pluto/Capricorn from mid June through July and in their Virgo travels this month both Mercury and Venus also reach out favorably to transformer Pluto/Capricorn echoing the same theme of working together to find practical solutions. After so much negativity and hate filled rhetoric (and action!) spewing out, these constructive aspects bode well for helping people grasp the idea that incremental change is a good thing. It aids in the understanding that when we embrace step by step change rather than fear and resist it, or push change too rapidly (which is why the Arab world imploded!) all people have a chance to make appropriate and helpful adjustments. The contrasting (to put it mildly!) US Presidential conventions with the Republican vision of fear and loathing, “build walls”,”lock her up!”, versus the Democrat’s theme of unity, “Stronger Together” are a perfect manifestation of these two differing responses to inevitable change. Which do you choose?

On 8/13 Saturn, Lord of the Material World, moves forward again after 5 months of retrograde motion. Saturn’s astrological job is to provide form, function, structure and discipline. Saturn governs all worldly bureaucratic structures specifically corporate and government. Saturn is currently in his once in 30 year journey through Sagittarius where he’ll travel until the end of 2017. Saturn rules Capricorn, so you Mountain Goats gain more traction to move toward your goals, and for Sagittarius Saturn moving forward reminds you to stay on track, follow your centaur’s arrow and keep your sights set high. See your Individual Sign Messages for more personal insight.

The Full Moon is on 8/18 at 26° Aquarius with a Penumbral  Lunar Eclipse, the second one of three this year. This eclipse is dubbed as the Almost Eclipse  because the Earth’s shadow just misses the Moon and virtually no one on the planet will be able to see it. Even as faint as this eclipse is, subtle effects can be felt by sensitive people. And since there are 2 eclipses coming up in September, one Solar on 9/1 and another Lunar on 9/18 and since eclipse effects can be felt weeks ahead, this almost eclipse on 8/18 does play into the pattern.

Here’s what to be aware of – eclipses tend to create ungrounded, spacey feelings. It becomes harder to concentrate on your everyday activities and dreams become more active and vivid and even seem to spill over into your waking life. The “almost eclipse” on 8/18 occurs at the Aquarius Full Moon, so Aquarians (especially those with Sun at or near 26°) might feel these conditions, so be aware!

At the end of the month on 8/30 Mercury goes retrograde for the 3rd time this year. Mercury turns  around at 29° Virgo and reverses to 14° Virgo before going direct on 9/22, so it is really a story for September’s astro energies. However it never hurts to get a leg up on the Mercury retro effects. Mercury governs communication so Merc retro can cause weird communication snafus and since Mercury rules Virgo the effects may be more pronounced this retro period.

Mercury rules Gemini too, so for you and everyone else the pertinent advice is to be more awake and aware than usual and remember to check, check and double-check things, especially any important documents and other forms of communication. Read my Mercury Retrograde  article for more general information.

One last thing to discuss this month is the connection Mars in Sagittarius has with Saturn from 8/20-24. When the planet of action bumps into the planet of structure in the highly active sign of Sagittarius something is bound to give! Saturn = boundaries, but Saturn in Sagittarius has the biggest boundaries possible! Saturn feels freer and embraces the future in Sagittarius  more than any other sign placement. So will this Mars/Saturn conjunction eagerly burst open doors toward a more positive future, or will Mars blow beyond even the outer most boundaries and open up territory filled with unknowable mine fields lurking under our feet waiting to blast us apart?

Keep in mind these cosmic vibrations reach everyone on planet Earth, but each person has a free will choice as to how to use this energy. When Mars was in Scorpio only a handful chose to activate the deadly and hate filled end of the Scorpio band and the world witness the results, but it did not have to be so.

The point being, each one of us can push forward the positive potential of the Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius conjunction by embracing your fellow humans in all our glorious and messy diversity (which is a Sagittarius strength!) and by uplifting and honoring your own community with the knowledge that all communities on our beautiful planet deserve to be protected and honored too. It’s really very simple – choose love over fear.  May it be so!

IMAGE NOTE: This is a photograph of Giant Russian Sunflowers growing in one of our gardens (we have three, yes we’re insane gardeners). I took the photo last August and thought it would be a great image for this year’s August/Leo issue, because sunflowers are so Leo-like to begin with and these are bowing to August’s Leo Sun. They are amazing flowers, this group were 8 – 10 feet tall! We planted more this year, but got them in late so they haven’t bloomed yet. Hopefully they will soon because they are such a beautiful feast for the eyes and the seeds are are a feast for so many birds and critters, we never have a chance to harvest them.