Heavenly Messages For December 2014

Flying Fire Horse

Flying Fire Horse

December 1,  2014

Happy Holiday Season Friends!

Every December I am amazed another year is almost gone, and how the passage of time seems to fly more swiftly than ever! The planets keep up their time passages too and this December brings a major one – Saturn enters Sagittarius for the first time since 1985. Other major planets also make important moves creating a zesty holiday season! Signs most affected are Sagittarius, Capricorn, along with Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Gemini, but when Lord of the Material Plane Saturn changes signs we’re all going to notice!

A nice constant is that the Sun is always in Sagittarius on December 1st. Sagittarius is the 3rd fire sign whose symbol is the noble Centaur, half-horse, half-man, and its ruler is mighty Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system. All signs have their perfect and wonderful qualities, but Sagittarius taps into the pure thrill of adventure and joy like no other. Yes, Sag can be obnoxious at times – they are the truth speakers of the zodiac and sometimes need help with diplomacy, but if you have any Saggies in your life you know how they help you move through doldrums and grab life with gusto! Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra, Ozzy Osbourne, Jon Stewart, Jamie Foxx, Sarah Silverman and Miley Cyrus are all born with Sagittarius Sun.

Sagittarius is born to be a beacon of exuberant life force. If you are born with Sun in Sagittarius you are here to be a living example of how to move through emotions which pull others down and to help teach them (and yourself!) how to get unstuck and keep on going with a song in your heart. You are learning life is as wonderful as you make it and that good luck and opportunity come to those who believe! The magic recipe for Sagittarius is to always stay active in mind, body and spirit. When you remember to move through life this way, life flows through and with you, carrying you exactly where you need to be. What is better than this?!

These quotes from well known Sun in Sagittarius natives reflect this uplifting energy:

I don’t want anybody to stand between the individual and existence. No prayer, no priest — you alone are enough to face the sunrise. ~ Osho

Part of doing something is listening. We are listening. To the sun. To the stars. To the wind. ~ Madeleine L’Engle

Grace is not part of consciousness; it is the amount of light in our souls, not knowledge nor reason. ~ Pope Francis

In this last month of the year I want to thank you all for your interest in astrology and your support of Heavenly Messages. I write it for you and appreciate everyone who reads it. I wish you a merry, merry, happy, happy whatever you celebrate be it Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa or just the pure joy of life – may you and yours be blessed at this time and in all times!


Heavenly Messages for December 2014

Your handy Astro Facts:  The Full Moon (14° Gemini) is on 12/6 at 7:27a. The New Moon (0° Capricorn) is on 12/21 at 8:36p. Mars enters Aquarius on 12/4, Jupiter turns retrograde on 12/8 at 22° Leo (thru 4/8/15). Uranus turns direct at 12°Aries on 12/21. The Sun enters Capricorn at the Winter Solstice on 12/21 at 6:03p and Saturn enters Sagittarius on 12/23. All times are ET Read December’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

December rides in on Fiery Triangles coursing through the heavens! On 12/1 Mercury, the Sun and Venus along with asteroids Ceres and Vesta all converge in Sagittarius. A red hot Moon joins electric Uranus in Aries and mighty Jupiter reigns over all in royal Leo. All these heavenly bodies  play harmoniously together creating Grand Fire Trines which will be flaming off and on in the cosmos over the next few years. Such different energy from the deep emotionally swirling water trines of 2013 and earlier this year! I’ll bet you feel it too, much more optimistic and forward moving.

Mars enters air sign Aquarius on 12/4 adding to this uplifting energy, and on 12/6 the Full Moon in fun loving, lighter than air Gemini brings more sparkle and fun to the season. Jolly Jupiter turns retrograde on 12/8, which can take off a bit of luster but since Jupiter is in Leo it’s still solid gold! On 12/21 the day of the Winter Solstice, revolutionary Uranus wakes up and turns forward again in fire-ball Aries which could light bonfires across the world. All this is interesting, but the biggest news in December is that on 12/23 Saturn enters Sagittarius for the first time in 30 years. What a month!

First in this month’s active line up is Mars who enters crystal blue Aquarius on 12/4 (thru 1/13/15) for the first time in 2 years. Mars is the planet of action and motivation which rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio. Aquarius is a fixed air sign of sharp intelligence which can easily reach a 10,000 foot perspective and see through the world’s many mirages. Aquarius is the sign of team work, all for one, one for all, which recognizes the need to pull together in spite of fractious differences.

Mars in Aquarius is an outside the box thinker who on the plus brings clarity and cutting edge concepts to the forefront. On the downside Mars/Aquarius can stubbornly refuse to consider other concepts being too convinced theirs is the right one, and can also be very cynical. Famous people with Mars in Aquarius are Leonardo da Vinci,  Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Emma Watson and Jay-Z. Mars/Aquarius functions very well with all the fire-sign planets this month and will hopefully create more team work and bring a clearer perspective to the many messy situations on the world scene. (Shall we pray?!)

Jupiter, largest planet in the solar system has been fast-flashing through golden fire sign Leo since mid July and on 12/1 arrives at 22° Leo. Mighty Jupiter in Leo has been squaring off against the next largest planet in the solar system, Saturn, aka Lord of Karma. Saturn is currently traveling in the last few degrees of Scorpio, the poisonous tail end of this powerful sign. The world felt this sting in November when ISIL beheaded another captive, American aid worker Peter Kassig (making it the 15th known beheading by this brutal group) followed by outrage and riots after the grand jury refused to indict police officer Darran Wilson who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. There were 2 days of destructive fires and mayhem in Ferguson along with many other demonstrations across the country for days after. Note the same fire trines active on 12/1 were also active then, giving the world a taste of the sparks which can ignite when planets merge and converge in fire signs.

Here is another “as above, so below” example of this tense Jupiter/Saturn square in action. President Obama was born with Sun in Leo, but in my opinion often does not measure up to the leadership qualities of this royal sign. The Sun sign = soul growth pattern, so if he were my client I’d be encouraging the President to drop his aloof professorial facade, step up and give more Leo roar!

Let’s say President Obama represents Jupiter in Leo, while Congress, entrenched in unyielding power is Saturn in Scorpio. It seems like expansive Jupiter/Leo is helping the President, because after the Republicans swept both houses of Congress in the midterm elections Obama is accessing more of his Leo Lion self. Case in point is the President’s executive order on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Obama warned if Congress did nothing, he would take action and in very Leo-like fashion, he took control and did! The wisdom and merits of this unilateral action are being argued now, and of course after the new Congress takes over in January the proverbial s#@t will hit the fan. Will the President be forced to back pedal, or will he maintain his kingly Leo vibe?Which brings us to Jupiter turning retrograde on 12/8.

In mid July for the first time in 12 years Jupiter entered Leo, a sign very compatible with Jupiter’s energy. On 12/8 Jupiter’s turns retro at 22° Leo and reverses back to 12° before going direct on 4/8/15. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and has a big astrological impact as well. Jupiter affects states of optimism, enthusiasm and brings opportunity to the forefront. Jupiter’s function is to “expand” and of course Jupiter would prefer to expand those positive states. However, as with all planetary influences, Jupiter is essentially neutral leaving it up to us how we use his massive energy. You can choose to expand the good stuff, or just as easily choose to expand more constriction, more dysfunction, more misery.

Jupiter turning retrograde is not an unusual occurrence, it happens every year for 4 months. Jupiter retro generally indicates the sense of optimistic faith in the future gets off-track. At the personal level, big plans and dreams can get put on hold, or seem to shift in some way. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so you Centaurs tend to feel a Jupiter retro phase more than others, and since Jupiter reverses in Leo you lions will fee it too. But since Jupiter is so powerful by nature, when this mighty planet backs up everyone notices!

What is needed during Jupiter retro is to go within to find the central furnace of your faith. Blocks that impede your path at this time may be there for positive reasons, which you cannot envision at the moment. The best advice is to maintain your course, while looking within to find the proper adjustments in attitude that will enable you to hold faith in your own vision.

Jupiter retro in Leo can affect the mighty and powerful rulers of all stripes, governments, corporations, actual royals and others who are in lordly positions from commerce to family dynasties. Will their power and authority be tarnished? There is also a lot of untapped “people power” out there chomping at the bit to make things more equal. Jupiter in Leo has helped average folk tap their own sense of personal power and creative abilities. So will Jupiter retro in Leo remove some of this shine? It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds as time moves on.

Later in the Month after a 5 month retro phase Uranus, planet of change and revolution turns direct on 12/21 at 12° Aries. Uranus rules Aquarius which gets a nice reboot of energy from your cell-tower planetary ruler moving forward again. Uranus has been in Aries since 2011 and will continue traveling in this pioneering fire sign until 2019. Aries born from April 2-3 have Uranus right on top of your head like a big transmission tower. It can feel pretty wonky! If your rising sign is 12-13° Aries or Moon or any other important planet close to these degrees you’ve been feeling this too and will appreciate this coyote planet moving on!

Structure Buster Uranus goes direct at 5:45p ET on 12/21 just a few minutes before the Winter Solstice arrives at 6:03p ET. Soon after the New Moon in Capricorn is at 8:36p ET. A powerful day converging with a powerful moment of the year! And a harbinger of major changes to come during this new season. I’ll post a full article on the Solstice closer to that date, so stay tuned.

The most important astro news in this power packed month comes 2 days after the Solstice on 12/23 at 8:33a ET when Saturn enters Sagittarius for the first time since November 1985. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until 12/21/17 (except for a brief dip back into Scorpio in Summer 2015).

Saturn, the second largest planet in the solar system, is the ruler of Capricorn and stays in each sign for 2-plus years in a 30 journey through the zodiac wheel. Saturn is called “Lord of the Material Plane” because of the major impact Saturn has on the affairs of the world, and is also known as “Lord of Karma” due to his relentless restructuring function. When Saturn comes around and you ignore his demands to restructure significant parts of your life, you’ll start getting boxed in like the walls of the “Temple of Doom” closing in! But if you go along with Saturn, you gain more strength, stamina and will-power to achieve your new goals. Then you lose your Saturnian lead boots and lift up to Saturn’s beautiful rings, safe, secure and roller blading along like a pro!

When Saturn changes signs it’s big news for Capricorn and this time around for Sagittarius too. For those born from November 18, 1985 through January 14, 1988 you’ll be experiencing your significant first Saturn return, and those born January 13, 1956 through January 6, 1959 have your second Saturn return coming up. Saturn returns can feel tense, but provide a powerful opportunity to take full stock of where you are in life and set building blocks in place for future structures. If you are in this upcoming Saturn return group, it’s a good time to schedule a session with your astrologer to understand better how this affects your own birth chart dynamics.

Saturn in exuberant fire sign Sagittarius ruled by huge Jupiter is a very interesting combination of energies and is one of the most dynamic placements for Saturn. Saturn in Sagittarius is so different from the Saturn in Scorpio energy we’ve been steeped in since October 2012, that it’s like a new planet! I’ll be writing a full article on Saturn/Sagittarius in the weeks to come, but here in early December while Saturn remains in the last few degrees of Scorpio you might want to read my Saturn in Scorpio 2012 article to refresh your memory. I wrote the article in October 2012 – here is a quote, “As always major power hangs in the balance, but not in recent history have the lines been drawn so tightly, the sides so vividly polarized.”

Saturn stays in Scorpio the first 3 weeks of December and at this late point in Saturn’s Scorpio journey its function gets extremely intense. For many people Saturn/Scorpio has helped them heal at deeper levels than they believed possible, and has also brought out latent talents and strengthened creative abilities to the next level. At the same time, in the midst of this month’s forward motion Saturn maintains intensely focused Scorpionic power which acts is like an anchor the crew is trying to lift, but it keeps scraping along the bottom. You may be feeling this drag yourself since Saturn/Scorpio demands you to face your hidden shame, your inner demons of addiction, your depth of despair, anything you have been unwilling to transform. Yeah, pretty heavy stuff

If you are feeling any of this, know it’s all as it should be. Let Saturn help you do this deep inner work. Have courage and willingness to change and you will soon rise like a Phoenix, reborn, flying on magical wings of fire! It’s time. Here’s a quote from Tina Turner born with Sun in Sagittarius who had her own demons to confront: Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything. . . whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.

As you navigate through this holiday season, I wish you all magical wings to fly in beauty and wonder! Here is another quote to lift the current under your wings from Sagittarius Sage Osho,  Become more and more innocent, less knowledgeable and more childlike. Take life as fun – because that’s precisely what it is!

IMAGE NOTE:  Looked for a while to find a good image for this Sagittarius issue and when I found this vintage fairy tale picture called “Flying Horse and Royalty” from a Russian fairy tale book  I knew it was the one.  It captures the magnificent horse quality of Sagittarius and the fiery energy riding high this  December too.  I got it  from DandDDigitalDelights at ETSY. There are hundreds of images there you’d love too.