Heavenly Messages For June 2015

Unmasking the Secrets of Mercury

Unmasking the Secrets of Mercury

June 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

Welcome to June when Summer officially arrives, days are long and warm, graduations are noted, weddings celebrated and it opens the season when parties of all sorts become abundant and carnivals and concerts spring up like corn in the fields. It’s one of the friendliest months of the year!

June’s astrology is a bit hectic but fun is there to tap into too, along with deeps wells of healing love. There is a notable Gemini trio of Mercury retro, Mars and the Sun. Neptune turns around for his yearly retro phase and Saturn makes a return visit to Scorpio. The Solstice arrives, Mars enters Cancer and there are plenty of significant planetary aspects too. No one is innocent, every single sign is affected as you’ll read below.

Here’s a tale of how I was affected already. Last week I had been telling clients it seemed like the Mercury retro effects were starting to subside. Then on 5/29 just as I began to write this issue – ZAP! – our power went out and our cable modem got fried so even after the power came back on, we had to rush out and buy a new one before I could get back online, which of course takes hours longer than you think.  And that’s why this issue is out later than usual. Guess Mercury showed me who’s the boss!

June always dawns with the Sun shining in light, bright air sign Gemini. The ruler of Gemini is Messenger Mercury, who flies through Gemini now too but is still retrograde until mid month. The symbol for Gemini is The Twins, but if I were in charge of astrology I would make it The Butterfly, because when you are born with Sun in Gemini you are learning to lighten up and take life as it comes, enjoying a little nectar here, a little there while you spread charm and grace for everyone to enjoy.

Gemini is a sign of effortless wit, the original wordsmiths of the world. The first wandering poet of the Pleistocene era must have been a Gemini! Gemini is the sign most closely associated with everyday people. Gemini naturally and easily tunes into the tribal mind and can converse with beggars or kings. We relate to Gemini too they belong to us, we adore them! Stand out cultural idols of any era often have Gemini sparkling in their birth chart. John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Bob Dylan,Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman and Kanye West all have Sun in Gemini, just to name a few!

Gemini is a sign noted for staying on the light-hearted end, yet like the twins of their symbol, they often show us a deeper face. Here are some quotes from Sun in Gemini icons to give you the flavor of this fascinating sign:

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. ~ Anne Frank

In the dime stores and bus stations, people talk of situations, read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall. ~ Bob Dylan

It’s all make believe, isn’t it? ~ Marilyn Monroe

While looking for quotes I also found this site with more great Gemini Quotes – enjoy!

I hope your June is filled with fun, merriment and lots of love!



On Wed. June 17 I’ll be doing a show again on  Golden Rose Psychic Radio . It’s called Astrology of The Soul where I’ll be discussing how your birth chart reveals soul based contracts, past life issues and other karmic indicators. I’ll send out a notice closer to the date with full details. Hope you can tune in!

Heavenly Messages for June 2015

Your handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (11° Sagittarius ) is on 6/2 at 12:19p. The New Moon (25° Gemini) is on 6/16 at 10:05a. Mercury turns direct on 6/11 at 4° Gemini, Neptune goes retrograde on 6/12 at 9° Pisces (thru 11/18), Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio on 6/14, the Sun enters Cancer at the Summer Solstice on 6/21 at 12:38p and Mars enters Cancer on 6/24 (thru 8/8). All times are EDT.  Read June’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

June’s astro energy repeats an old concept with a twist: It’s 2 steps forward with a large leap back type of month! Early in June there is a flowing waterfall of positive energy yet at the same time back-drafts are created by Mercury retrograde in Gemini, while Mars in Gemini activates forward motion. Retrograde Saturn re-enters Scorpio at mid month pulling energy further back to the past, while Jupiter in Leo beams out to Uranus in Aries the entire month igniting creative futuristic concepts. The Summer Solstice opens the door to a new season, then Mars splashes into Cancer. Push-pull effects for sure. No-one is immune, all signs are affected!

The month dawns with a lovely grand water trine on 6/1 between the Moon in the steamy sign of Scorpio, reaching out to Venus in the healing waters of Cancer with a third current to healer Chiron in dreamy, romantic Pisces. Tune in because this heavenly waterfall pours enough loving energy to compensate for any herky-jerky patterns that could throw you off balance. Everyone can take advantage of this positive flow and you water sign folks will be in your element!

At the same time mighty Jupiter in Leo begins to create a favorable aspect to cell tower Uranus in Aries. Jupiter reaches out to Uranus with a direct triangle beam on 6/16-17 but stays within close range the whole month. This fire trine ignites the creative energy Jupiter/Leo has been manifesting since July last year and helps Uranus/Aries broadcast pioneering concepts much further into the future. A good indicator for us all to take advantage of and especially all three fire signs, Sagittarius being the third. Lots of positive motivation here!

Parallel to this is the airy Gemini trio of Sun, Mercury retro and Mars flitting above it all. Messenger Mercury flying backward in Gemini is the master trickster sprinkling a strange, sticky kind of fairy dust, snickering at the mayhem it causes. Mercury turns direct on 6/11 so the gooey energy begins to subside. Merc remains in Gemini until 7/8 but in forward mode regains his sanity and tries to repair any communication damage. Meanwhile rambunctious Mars in Gemini jumps around like a big playful kid demanding attention until you don’t know if you’re coming or going! The playful Gemini Sun just shines down and enjoys it all. In fact that’s the best advice for this kind of time, learn to be flexible and laugh a lot. It really is fun to be human so enjoy!

To muddle matters further Neptune forms a square to Mercury, the Sun and Mars early in the month. Neptune is not called “nebulous” for nothing, and while traveling in Pisces is dreamier than usual. This square is not a major “squish you under the boot” type of challenge, but it is disconcerting for sure. It manifests like this: You are busy with your many daily tasks, a bit hectic and distracted but managing. Then before you know it – zap! – it’s much later than you thought. You realize you didn’t get much on your list done (if anything!) and you’re not even sure why. How did all that time disappear? Well, Neptune grabbed it and took it off to neverland! Get your twin heads up Gemini, because you will be the most prone to this fuzziness, Pisces too, but you fishy folk are used to this, since it happens to you all the time.  See your Individual Messages for more personal insight. 

Speaking of Neptune, this big satellite dish is set to retune on 6/12 turning around for it’s annual 5 month retrograde journey. Neptune’s astrological job is to make us aware that we are spiritual beings living in a material world. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and governs all non-material realms from inner dream life to super-conscious states. It also rules illusion and it functions to dissolve lower elements while beaming in higher ones.

Neptune’s action is subtle as compared to most planets and many people don’t notice much difference. The general idea with Neptune retro is that it’s easier to get distracted and off track and people who have addiction problems and those not connected to consensus reality (mentally ill/disturbed) often drift even further away into their own universe. These effects combined with the wifty Gemini energy this month means you need to put in more effort to stay grounded! On the positive side Neptune retro can aid meditative states and it is a perfect time to go on vacation to fantasy places! Of course if you are in deep trance on a mountain top, you want to be careful to make sure you have a return ticket from any astral flight.

Neptune moves very slowly reversing at 9° Pisces on 6/14 and only traveling back to 7° Pisces over it’s 5 month retro phase ending on 11/18. Since Neptune rules Pisces you’ll tend to feel these retro effects more, especially anyone born from February 26 through 28, because Neptune will be re-crossing your Sun sign. You are experiencing a once in a life time transit which is like getting a major new program downloaded into your system. If your rising sign is on or near the Neptune retro degrees (Pisces 7-9°) it can feel as if your whole “self” is dissolving like a caterpillar cocooning to become a butterfly. Pretty scary! But ultimately it helps a new and better you to emerge.

Two days later after Neptune turns around, Saturn makes a reverse move back into Scorpio. Saturn entered Scorpio on 10/5/12 and left to enter Sagittarius on 12/23/14. Saturn turned retro at 4° Sag in mid March and on 6/14 re-enters the deep, steamy waters of Scorpio. Saturn is moving slowly now and only tucks back 2 degrees – from 29° Scorpio back to 28° Scorp, before turning direct again on 8/12. Saturn remains in Scorpio until 9/17 to re-enter Sagittarius again for the next 2 years. Saturn rules Capricorn so you Cappies tend to notice his movements, and Scorpios born from 11/21-22 will have Saturn cross over your Sun again, a pretty heavy transit. If you have Moon or rising near these same degrees (28°-29° Scorpio) you’ll feel Saturn’s touch again too. Look back to last December for indicators. It’s all about becoming the Phoenix you are meant to be! See your Individual Messages for more personal insight. 

Saturn is the Lord of Karma planet and also the 2nd largest in the solar system. Saturn always has a big impact, especially on worldly affairs, and since Scorpio is all about power Saturn in this transformative sign is doubly powerful. I wrote an article when Saturn first entered Scorpio back in 2012. You can read it at Saturn in Scorpio to get an idea of the trends, many of which we have already experienced.

Near the end of July Jupiter and Saturn form a rather nasty square to each other, a repeat of a similar one from late Summer into the Fall last year. When the 2 largest planets in the solar system clash, you better believe the world feels it! Think about the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri which occurred on 8/9/14. Brown’s death and the riots that followed occurred just as Jupiter was picking up steam in Leo. Around this same time period the world learned of the radical Islamic group ISIL’s horrific beheadings. Later in the year Jupiter and Saturn came close to a squaring position, and when a grand jury acquitted the officer responsible for Brown’s death on 11/24/14, more riots broke out in Ferguson and across the country as well. 

With more police killings of unarmed citizens since then, that whole issue has been bubbling and festering, and as ISIL continues to take over cities in Iraq which US forces fought and died for, it’s easy to see how a simmer can quickly become a raging boil. This tense Jupiter/Saturn angle becomes active in mid July and is exact during the first week of August. Seems like the dog days of summer 2015 will be ones to remember!

At personal levels the way to handle this type of challenge is to raise your own vibration and live life from a place of love and respect for all. Fortunately the mystical energy of Neptune in Pisces helps out. So even though your normal consciousness might not be aware of it, if you tune into these higher vibrations, it not only makes your own life much better, but at collective conscious levels it helps the entire world. Trust this!

The Summer Solstice (Winter in the Southern hemisphere) arrives this year on 6/21 at 12:38p EDT – 4:38p UT. This marks the beginning of a new season which I’ll write an article about closer to then, so stay tuned for that.

Last in the month but never least in the heavens, Mars dives into Cancer on 6/24. Mars takes about 2 years to travel the zodiac wheel and has not visited this emotional water sign since July 2013. Muscular Mars is all about action and is pushy and insistent. When Mars travels in water signs you get pulled into deep, even unconscious, emotional depths whether you want to go or not! Mars in Cancer can takes things way too personally and will passive aggressively make people pay too! Be careful to be aware of these tendencies in others so as not to push their buttons, and don’t over-react to your own war wounds either.

On the upside Mars in Cancer activates a very creative blend. Artists, musicians, crafts people, etc. will be able to draw on this for inspiration and everyone will feel their creative abilities bubble to the top, easier to access. Cancer is also one of the most healing of all signs, so anyone who works in health care at all levels will sense your healing abilities heightened. Mars rules Aries, so you Rams will feel the effects for sure and of course Cancer will too. See your Individual Messages for more personal insight. 

June should prove to be a very interesting month for us here on planet Earth. Here is a quote from Sun in Gemini native Johnny Depp, which not only reveals his deeper Gemini dual nature, but is a good summary of the best use of this month’s energy patterns: There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.  ~ Johnny Depp

IMAGE NOTES: Mercury is the planet which rules Gemini and is currently retrograde (thru 6/11). These NASA photos of Mercury called “Unmasking the Secrets of Mercury” seem perfect for the inner reflection of a retrograde period. I love that NASA named the spacecraft  designed to study Mercury MESSENGER. Did those NASA science geeks giving a nod to astrology because astrologically Mercury is the planet of communication and referred to as the Messenger? I’d like to think so. Good call NASA!