Heavenly Messages For May 2017

Three Graces
by Donna Marie Buchanan

May 1, 2017

Happy May Day Friends!

May Day is celebrated throughout the world in may different ways. It’s an old pagan fertility ritual celebration and people still joyously dance around the Maypole and light Beltane fires in current times, while others celebrate it as International Worker’s Day. Here is an interesting article with more background Many Meanings of May Day

The astrology for May is more settled than last month’s retro back and forth jitters. Mercury is still retrograde as the month begins, but quickly turns direct on 5/3. There are some interesting aspects in play, and one of the most important shifts is that the nodes change signs. Aries and Gemini see a lot of action and heads up Leo and Aquarius, those nodal shifts affect you. I spent a lot of time discussing the nodes which I know can be confusing to understand and I plan to write more about them in the future.

Every May Day the Sun shines in gentle earth sign Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus in her earth goddess, mother nature mode and she lends her honey to this loving sign. Taurus is sensual and sweet, loves nature and the natural world, is very resourceful, and knows how to work hard and relax equally well. Taurus is a sign of high values – fierce loyalty, true nobility combined with steady as a rock emotional stability you can depend upon. Taurus is not all sweetness though, and like their symbol The Bull can charge with full force when riled. Taurus is as stubborn and independent as a bull too! Watch the TV series The Vikings  and you’ll see Taurus concepts in action.

At its highest vibration Taurus is noble, calm, centered, secure and loving. Buddha was a Taurus born on May 5 and the serene images of Buddha capture the essence of this peaceful, loving sign. When born with Sun in Taurus you are learning to achieve this state of inner contentment which you carry with you everywhere. Here are some examples of this type of Taurus native in their own words:

My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy. ~ William Shakespeare

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. ~ Audrey Hepburn

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. ~ Wayne Dyer

I hope you enjoy each step along the way in this merry month of May!


Heavenly Messages for May 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts:The Full Moon (20° Scorpio) is on 5/10 at 5:42p and The New Moon (5° Gemini) is on 5/25 at 3:44p. Mercury turns direct on 5/3 at 24° Aries and re-enters Taurus on 5/16, the North and South Nodes shift to Leo/Aquarius on 5/9 and the Sun enters Gemini on 5/20 at 4:31p Unless noted all times are EDT Read May’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

True to the steady nature of the Taurus Sun, May’s astrology energy is more stable than last month’s retrograde dance. All the planets are basically settled now in their forward or backward motion. The only exception is Mercury still retro as the month begins, but he soon moves forward again on 5/3.

May Day dawns with a couple of tense aspects which color the mood of the month. One is an opposition between Moon and Pluto squaring off against Jupiter with Mercury and Uranus thrown in for good measure too. Moon = public emotions (in Cancer) while Pluto = transformational change (in Capricorn) Jupiter = optimism and expansion (in Libra), Mercury = communication and Uranus = the unexpected (in Aries). This repeats the “cardinal cross” that hung in the heavens for years and is the same old story of war versus peace, might makes right, and the insecurity arising from saber-rattling.

The ‘face’ of this square is North Korea with its irrational leader Kim Jung-un bristling his missiles, while US Sec. of State Tillerson warns of “catastrophic consequences” with no diplomacy in sight, leaving average folk confused, fearful and insecure. The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, himself a controversial leader (an Aries hot-head who claims to have personally killed suspected criminals in his hometown) urges the US to show restraint and warned that Kim Jung-un “wants to end the world” and “is putting mother earth, the planet to an edge”. Not reassuring words.

The other troubling aspect on 5/1 is an exact square from Chiron to Saturn. Chiron = wounded healer (in Pisces) while Saturn = form and structure (in Sagittarius). This square was operational in April too, but is exact (each planet is at 27°) on 5/1 which is more actively dynamic. Saturn is retrograde at the Galactic Center while Chiron closes in on the last few degrees of the entire zodiac wheel.

Saturn has been valiantly trying to get us here below to tap into the best of Sagittarius, which is eager embrace of diverse viewpoints with a live and let live attitude toward all. Chiron in Pisces is trying to help us heal the Pisces wounds of gullibility and fanaticism and turn a key to its highest vibration which is forgiveness with universal love and respect for all.

Pope Francis who is currently traveling in Egypt (as I write this) and resonates to May’s astro currents with his Sun in Sagittarius near the Galactic Center and his Saturn in Pisces has much to say on this topic Pope Francis TED Talk

The challenge between these two forces pits authoritative rhetoric with gullible people who lap up the dogma about how “outsiders” like immigrants are a threat, versus those who embrace the idea that we are all connected and must help lift each other so all can succeed. Squares are not inherently negative, just challenging. If the challenge is mastered the result is added maturity and strength. Chiron takes 50 years to travel the whole zodiac wheel and Saturn takes 30 years, so do the math – this square is very rare. If mastered it could take our world to a higher level of understanding and willingness to cooperate, creating more peace and prosperity for everyone. The world may not be ready for this yet, but you as an individual can master it and in doing so create new more positive structures in your own life and help heal your community too.

The French presidential election run-off on 5/7 between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen plays into these themes too. Macron is a moderate centrist while Le Pen is a right right wing nationalist who openly embraces President Trump, echos his rhetoric and says if elected she’ll suspend all legal immigration. She also espouses populist views and wants to lower the retirement age to 60 with the vaunted 35 hour work week assured, while Macron would slash corporate taxes and let companies renegotiate the 35 hour week. A bit of a mixed up contrast! For some background The Oxford Astrologer looks at the French national chart which she just posted from her archives.

Venus is moving forward again and just re-entered Aries (on 4/28) where she’ll be all month. She has returned to where she was in early February, so look back then for a renewed theme. Venus = peace, love and beauty, but is feisty in Aries and encourages people to speak their mind. She’ll be opposite Jupiter on 5/19 echoing the cardinal square from 5/1.

Her counterpart Mars travels in airy Gemini all month which lifts people’s mood with witty dialog (SNL skits should get better and better, looking forward to that!) and gives more ability to multi-task and juggle all life’s demands. From 5/10 thru 5/13 Mars reaches out a nice angle (trine) to Jupiter which favors discussing differences versus bombing people to oblivion, so that’s a bit of reassurance in the midst of tough war talk.

One of the most significant pieces of cosmic news this month is the shift in the nodes. The node take 18.5 years to go through each sign of the zodiac and have been in Virgo/Pisces since Nov. 12, 2015. On May 9 the North Node will shift to Leo and the South Node to Aquarius where they’ll be for the next 18 months, until Nov. 6, 2018. (A note about the date of this shift which is confusing – in researching the date I saw 4/28-29 as well as 5/7, 5/9 and 5/10. Most astrologers used the date of 5/9 so I went with that.)

The nodes in a birth chart are important karmic markers and a very significant consideration in interpreting birth chart dynamics. The North Node is your evolutionary path, the direction you must move toward in order to become who you are truly meant to be this lifetime. It is your path of enlightenment. The South Node, which is always opposite the North Node, is who you already are at such essential levels that you take it for granted. It is your line of least resistance, your fall-back point and reveals who you have been for lifetimes.

In my own practice I always stress the nodes and the metaphor I use which helps people get it, is Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. The South Node is Kansas – your home, your comfort zone, all that is familiar. Aunt Emma is there with a big tray of cookies! The North Node is the Emerald City, you know you must follow the road to get there. Your ruby slippers, the Wizard everything you need to help you are there, but you are scared shitless because flying monkeys and wicked witches attack you on the way! Nobody wants to go to their North Node! Yet when you arrive you realize how much you have gained in wisdom and understanding of how to be a better you, and you know it was all worth it. This is when, like Dorothy, you can click your heels and go back home and reclaim the gifts and talents of your South Node, which were there all along. (I’m not familiar with his biography, but I do believe that L. Frank Baum, who wrote the Oz books, knew astrology well!)

Leo North Node indicates the need to honor your creative side. In order to be truly happy you must tap creativity at any and all levels. A Leo North Node expresses a need for good ego development and the importance of gaining a strong and positive sense of self worth. “I give myself permission to put my needs first.” Is a good phrase for a Leo North Node to remember. However with an Aquarius South node, there have been lifetimes, as well as early beliefs in this life too, where the needs of the many were paramount – where the collective will was more highly valued than the individual’s. I’ve noticed many of my clients who have this nodal pattern tend to feel guilty when they do what they want until they learn that if they don’t satisfy their own creative needs, then no one is happy, least of all them!

When you have a Leo North Node you’re standing in the Emerald City when you realize it’s ok to have what you want, and when you have enough self esteem to assert your needs in a positive way (versus the bossy and demanding Leo type) so that everyone involved understands and can make their own choices accordingly.

When the nodes cross over your own birth nodal points you’ll feel it as a sense of important karmic times. Here are dates when the Nodes were in Leo/Aquarius before (Note: some of these dates may be off due to differences in calculations, so check your own birth chart or ask your astrologer if you are unsure.) Nov 16, 1942 thru June 4, 1944 – Jun 11, 1961 thru Jan 14, 1963 – Feb 6, 1980 thru Aug 25, 1981 – Sept 18, 1998 thru April 6, 2000 so if you were born between any of these dates you have a Leo North Node and Aquarius South Node.

Here is an article on the nodes I like by Molly’s Astrology with a good definition of nodes are, and excellent descriptions of each nodal pair.

In terms of larger world factors the North Node acts like a compass point to qualities humanity at large needs to embrace more fully, while the South Node indicates what we need to accept, assimilate and incorporate. The South Node is the shadow side which if we don’t acknowledge prevents us from reaching our collective Emerald City.

Here is a brief description of Leo/Aquarius nodes at the collective level. Leo North Node indicates we need to feel ok about having enough of what we need not just to survive, but to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. People start to realize they have been held back from the ‘good life’ and begin to demand more, from their bosses, their governments and their society in general. What needs to be integrated at the Aquarius South Node end, is an understanding that if we are to reach more of what is wanted, the people at the bottom need to have their basic needs met so unrest is quieted and collectively people feel more secure. If not there is imbalance and strife between those on the top (One Percenters in today’s terms) and everyone else.

The Lunar and Solar eclipses occur in the signs which the nodes travel over the 18 month period of their transit. So we have a lunar eclipse in Aquarius on 8/7 and the already much discussed Total Solar Eclipse on 8/21 which crosses over and will be visible in the US and which affects Donald Trump’s chart is a major way too.

The last thing to discuss in this Merry Month of May is the Full Moon in Scorpio occurring on 5/10 which is the most potent full Moon of the year! Scorpio is all about power so when the Moon is full in this deep, psychic and creative sign, everyone taps into their inner wolf and howls! At least this is what you should so, because suppressing your urges only makes them stronger. So on a beautiful May evening around or on the 10th, make sure you honor this Moon and howl your power with others or even by yourself.

The Full Moon of May is also known as the Wesak Moon Under this Full Moon it is said that the Buddha was born, became enlightened and died. It is one of the holiest days of the year in the Buddhist faith. So tap into this positive energy wave which spreads across the world and let it inspire you!

Green Buddha
by Heni Sandoval

Here is a quote from Taurus native Wayne Dyer, who was pretty Buddha like himself. Good words to live by: A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe. ~ Wayne Dyer

IMAGE NOTE: This lovely painting, The Three Graces by Donna Marie Buchanan was given to me by my dear friend Sarah Borda on my birthday this year. I love it and have it displayed in my living room so I see it every day. When Sarah gave it to me I immediately thought it looked like a May Day celebration, so here it is to celebrate May!