Heavenly Messages For November 2014

The Dark Lady by Brian Froud

The Dark Lady
by Brian Froud

November 1,  2014

Dear Friends,

The first of November is the day to wish you Happy Samhain, All Souls Day and Día de los Muertos. This is the time to remember and honor ancestors and loved ones who have passed onto the other side of the veil. Take a moment over the next few days to reach out to those you love on the other side, when they can more easily respond with their loving touch to help you on your earthly walk. May your loving ancestors be alive within you to dance and rejoice!

November’s astrology is like an astro-truffle and contains 2 very important planetary connections – Venus meets Saturn in Scorpio and Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn. Also both Neptune and Chiron turn direct in Pisces and there are significant squares and a lovely trine too. Signs most affected are Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces and Leo. The full story is below.

The Sun always glints across the dark waters of Scorpio as November begins, bringing us to deeper levels. Scorpio is a water sign but not the gentle lapping streams. Scorpio’s waters are mixed with fire like hot bubbling underground springs and Pele’s lava, deeply penetrating, creative, passionate and powerful. All the signs in the zodiac have their own form of power, but Scorpio is all about power. Sex is power and Scorpio rules sexuality too. In fact Scorpios have pheromones other people simply don’t have – they are magnetic!

Scorpio is sign of the transformational energies of birth, death and rebirth whose ruler is Pluto old god of the underworld and co-ruler is Mars the fearless warrior. It’s no accident that the day of the dead takes place in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the only sign which has 3 symbols – the Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix – representing the metamorphosis from the depths to the heights.

 If you are born with Sun in Scorpio you are learning to understand your deepest emotional motivations and to own the power this knowledge brings. It is said, no young souls are ever born with strong Scorpio, because you must be an old soul to manage this energy. Scorpios willing to undertake this journey are among the most powerful people on the planet, Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates for example and are also powerfully creative artists and performers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaghey.

Here are some quotes from famous Sun in Scorpio natives to give you a sense of their depth and power:

Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us. ~ Voltaire

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free. ~ Joni Mitchell

Wishing you the power of freedom this month and always!



Heavenly Messages for November 2014

Your handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (14° Taurus) is on 11/6 at 5:23p. The New Moon (0° Sagittarius) is on 11/22 at 7:32a. Neptune turns direct on 11/16 at 4° Pisces and Chiron goes direct on 11/23 at 13° Pisces. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 11/22 at 4:38a. All times are EST - Daylight Savings Time ends on 11/2. Read November’s Individual Sign messages HERE

November’s astro energy is a delicious truffle – a large swirl of velvety chocolate with hazelnut chunks around a creamy soft center covered in a golden wrapper. But just like those tempting treats when the wrapper is off, the candy devoured, you still crave more and only hope you have enough discipline to stop at one. But do you?

The velvet chocolate is Venus in Scorpio with the Scorpio Sun adding darker swirls. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces provide a nice soft center and Mars in earthy Capricorn creates the nut chunks. The golden wrapper is Jupiter in bright, shiny Leo. A very tempting combination! But eat too much and you start to feel queasy.

The month begins with wise asteroid Pallas Athena, the Sun, Venus and Saturn all spread out along the Scorpio span. Back in August and early September we felt the intense power of Mars in Scorpio dredge up deep, scary muck. Now Venus is soothing those dark Scorpio vibes and helping calm those boogeyman fears.(*See updated note below). Venus met up with the darkly glinting Scorpio Sun on 10/28 and on 11/1 is still nearby carrying the message from their meeting to Lord Saturn, whom she’ll conference with on 11/13.

Saturn has been in Scorpio for over 2 years with the difficult task of helping everyone realize that yes, evil and dark forces exist not from some almighty decree, but from human nature itself. The beauty of this understanding is the awareness that we humans are the ones in charge of changing  it. We can alter and modify life structures so that everyone feels loved and supported, then before long “evil” vanishes like dust in the wind. Saturn’s Scorpio job is tough and thankless, so he appreciates the gentle yet potent power of Venus in Scorpio to help him out.

An as above, so below example of this Venus in Scorpio feminine power are the brave Kurdish women fighting against ISIL in the Syrian city of Kobani. One is a senior military officer called Narin Afrin. Another example is Doctors without Borders nurse Kaci Hickox who upon returning from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, was preemptively quarantined in New Jersey in conditions she called “inhumane”.  Her willingness to challenge the fear based reactions to Ebola has put a new spotlight on the erratic way this health crisis is being handled in the US.

Here is a different sort of Venus in Scorpio tale Money Death and Danger in North Dakota’s Fracking Capital by Laura Gottesdiener a writer turned cocktail waitress in search of her story. It is a perfect example of the “delicious truffle” Scorpio energy swirling around now. Gottesdiener went for the story but was tempted to stay. It’s worth a read if you want to get a good taste of the seductive nature of Venus in Scorpio.

A further help to sweeten this Scorpionic bitter brew comes from the loving and spiritual energy of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. On 11/1 both are still retrograde but feel the energy from Sun and Venus in Scorpio as they reach out in a flowing trine to gain a higher perspective. This connection triggers similar themes to last month’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio which brought a deeper understanding of how wielding power can be used wisely to lift others higher and or to squish people under powerful boots. (See more about Neptune and Chiron below.)

Mars in Capricorn is the nut chunks in this Scorpio truffle providing protein and more nourishment. Mars in Capricorn is called “exalted” because this earthy, capable sign brings ‘adult in the room’ maturity to tame Mars’ rammy nature. It’s been 2 years since Mars was in Capricorn and we certainly need a good dose of maturity to tame the silly, divisive political nonsense here in the US and elsewhere, and it sure would be good to have some level heads make better decisions about…well just about everything from health care crises to local police departments with army tanks rolling down our city streets.

Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio a sign which works well with Capricorn. Mars remains in Capricorn all month (thru 12/4) and on 11/10 connects with the other ruler of Scorpio, transformer Pluto, stationed in Capricorn for 6 long years. This meeting triggers part of the ongoing and potent cardinal cross by aggravating a tense square between Pluto and rebellious Uranus in Aries. The results of this ongoing square are no mystery of which ISIL’s brutality (and appeal to young men with no other place to put their aggression) is a prime example.

Saturn in Scorpio is doing his work to help people understand war and brutality are never a solution, but only perpetrate more of the same across generations. The Mars/Pluto square Uranus factor puts this in our face again. Will the same voices of “Blow the bastards away!” win out, or more sensible solutions get their due? Time will tell.

Jupiter in Leo represents the shiny golden wrapper covering this month’s astro truffle. Jupiter’s action is expansion, and when Jupiter is in fire sign Leo part of what expands is a sense of personal pride. Everyone starts to feel more empowered and demand the “right to be me!” Jupiter is the largest planet with a huge astrological impact and is on a fast track through Leo before going retrograde on 12/8. Jupiter has already reached 20° Leo and in early November forms a square to  Saturn/Scorpio. This challenge is also on obvious one. It’s about how elite power brokers would much prefer their manipulative actions remain in the shadows, but can’t prevent more light from shining on their dark plans. Here’s another quote from Theodore Roosevelt born with Sun in Scorpio, Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.

Certainly here in the US the current mid-term elections are playing out this theme as the dozens of political fliers plopping daily in my mailbox, and the COUNTLESS screaming emails arriving in my in-box by the hour prove. Don’t know about you, but now when I see subject headers playing on fear like “Dangerous!” and “You MUST read this!” it has the opposite reaction from what is intended, because I simply delete them immediately. (I burn all the political fliers in our wood stove.) Since this Jupiter/Leo square Saturn/Scorpio is most intense during the elections and starts to wane after, let us hope the screaming meanies of both parties calm down.

Neptune is the planet of higher values and spirituality but is also connected to delusional behavior. On 10/24 just 2 days after the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, 15 year old Jaylen Fryberg killed a fellow school mate and wounded 4 others then killed himself in his high school near Seattle, Washington. Jaylen Fryberg was not the typical “angry, alienated loner” killer but was the homecoming prince and a popular athletic kid. 

It is still unknown what triggered Jaylen but some of his tweets referred to being sick of bullies which plays right into the themes of Jupiter/Leo and Saturn/Scorpio mentioned above combined with Neptunian delusion. Read more at  Searching for Answers

Neptune moving forward again can help people snap out of their delusions. After a 4 1/2 month retrograde Neptune turns direct at 4° Pisces on 11/16. When Neptune’s satellite dish get’s re-tuned to a better frequency it helps everyone feel less spaced out and more grounded. Neptune rules Pisces and those born on February 22 – 25 will notice this re-tuning most of all. See your Individual Sign Messages for more insight.

Maverick planetoid Chiron known as the Wounded Healer also turns forward in Pisces this month on 11/23 (at 13°). Chiron’s symbol looks like an old fashioned skeleton key, a perfect metaphor reflecting the concept that when wounds are healed a key is turned into an entirely new dimension. Chiron does not rule a specific sign but as this centaur travels through the zodiac over a 50 year orbit it opens up old festering wounds in each sign that seem to be healed, but are not. Chiron in Pisces reveals the wounds of being too sensitive in a harsh world. It points to the fracture of artistic, loving, poetic dreamers and mystical healers forced to survive in a tight, linear soul dead reality.

The first week of November Venus/Scorpio forms a harmonious trine to retrograde Chiron/Pisces as if whispering softly to Chiron, “I will give you my strength so you can better use your Pisces sensitivity to uplift and inspire people”. When Chiron turns forward on 11/23 this sweet message can help loosen stuck keys and open up doors to new dimensions.

May doors to new dimensions open up for you this month and may you bravely walk through into a new and better reality!

*Note: On the evening of 10/30/14 killer Eric Frein was captured after 48 days of hiding in the woods very near where I live in PA. Frein was definitely the boogeyman agitating everyone’s fears. Frein shot and killed a PA state trooper and severely wounded another On 9/12/14 the very day Mars was at the last degree of Scorpio, the poisonous tail end. He was captured when Venus in Scorpio was conjunct the Scorpio Sun which activated the positive trine to Neptune mentioned above. Good on you Venus! We’ll all sleep easier around here now.

IMAGE NOTE This is a photo of The Dark Lady from one of my favorite oracle decks, The Faeries’s Oracle Deck by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth. I was using the deck recently and The Dark Lady fell out on the floor. Never thinking things like this are a coincidence, I realized it was the perfect image for this Scorpio issue and especially to honor Venus in Scorpio. Here are some excerpts from the description: “Unconscious power and wisdom. Rituals. Mysteries Secrets. …It is she who holds and guides us as we reconceive ourselves and prepare to be born anew…She teaches us surrender, walking with us through the valley of the darkest shadow.”