Heavenly Messages For March 2017

Dolphins Leaping into the Light – photo by Andrew Wong

March 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

It can’t be denied time is a fluid being. March has arrived, a new season is not far away and the wheel of life rolls forward even when at times like now, it’s hard to hang on!

This month Aries gets another major dose of astro-vibes and Pisces as well. Heads up Libra and Taurus, your ruler Venus turns retrograde this month, and Taurus you get double dosed because Mars enters your sign this month too.

One thing to count on in these fast changing times is that on every March 1st the Sun swims in soulful Pisces the third water sign and also the last sign in the zodiac wheel. Pisces is ruled by mysterious, mystical planet Neptune and the symbol for Pisces is the double fish who dive into deep waters, either to sink to the bottom or swim effortlessly in beautiful currents others can barely comprehend.

Ideally Pisces is an effortlessly creative sign operating from a high spiritual vibration with love and kindness for all. Pisces are the artists, poets, dreamers, visionaries and spiritual seekers throughout time.

If you are born with Sun in Pisces you are here to learn that universal forces are on your side. You are learning when you stop pushing the river and begin to relax and trust that all happens in perfect timing, then life flows for you in the most beautiful and magical ways and you flow easily with it – no exhausting pushing required. You are learning to be more compassionate, loving, kind and forgiving. You are here to experience and appreciate each beautiful moment life has to offer.

Pisces are born to teach others that we are spiritual beings having a material experience. Operating at the highest level, Pisces is the most evolved energy in the zodiac. These quotes by some famous Sun in Pisces remind us what it means to operate from this level:

My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth. ~ George Washington

In the external scheme of things, shining moments are as brief as the twinkling of an eye, yet such twinklings are what eternity is made of… ~ Fred ‘Mr” Rogers

You have to learn to get up from the table when love is not being served. ~ Nina Simone

And one of my favorite quotes by one of my very favorite Pisces,
Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. ~ Dr Seuss

I hope your today, tomorrow and all days are good and fun, and that love is always served at your table.


Heavenly Messages for March 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (22° Virgo) is on 3/12 at 10:54a. The New Moon (7° Aries) is on 3/27 at 10:57p. Venus turns retrograde at 13° Aries on 3/4 (thru 4/15), Mars enters Taurus on 3/9 (thru 4/20) and the Sun enters Aries on 3/20 at 6:29a at the Spring Equinox. All times are Eastern Time – Daylight Savings Time in the US begins on 3/12. Read March’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

March’s astro energy roars in like a cosmic lion, but sweet purple lambs gather nearby too. On 3/1 fiery energy blazes in the heavens with Venus, the Moon, Uranus and Mars all congregated in fire sign Aries and at the same time the South Node, Mercury, the Sun, Neptune, Pallas/Athena and Chiron all swim in the purple waters of Pisces. This mix of Aries and Pisces is a good blend – it  combines the courage of  Aries with the kind heart of Pisces, tempering hasty Aries and giving backbone to Pisces. If you know any babies born this day, they have a lovely birth chart!

The first day of March continues it’s strong presence with 3 important aspects – the Sun and Neptune are conjunct at the exact degree (11° Pisces), Uranus and Jupiter are exactly opposite each other at 22° Aries-Libra, and the Moon forms an exact square to Pluto at 18° Aries-Capricorn. Mars also has a close trine to Saturn and Saturn also forms a close square to Chiron.  See my Aspects Defined  for a general description of what these aspects mean.

Each of these aspects is significant and indicate trends influencing the month ahead, and explain so much about the energies we’re all feeling here below at this red hot moment. At the end of February on 2/26 the day of the Pisces new moon there was the beautiful Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse (see *Eclipse Note below) then on 3/1 only 3 days later the Sun meets up with Neptune in Pisces sharing the eclipse message with Satellite Dish Neptune so it spreads far and wide.

Ring of Fire eclipse 2/26/17

In my opinion Neptune in Pisces  is one of the most important cosmic events of our time. Neptune’s astrological job is to beam in the highest vibrations possible while it dissolves the lower ones, and Pisces at its most positive is the highest spiritual vibration in the zodiac wheel. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces so is more powerful in his own sign. Boiled down the message of this Sun/Neptune meeting is: “Tune in to the vibration of Love one another as thyself my children. We are all one in Spirit.”

The Uranus-Jupiter opposition picks up on this theme in another way. Jupiter in Libra brings his large energy to the Libra themes of love, beauty, harmony with peace and justice for all. While structure buster Uranus in aggressive Aries delights in spreading chaos and change at any cost. Jupiter is moving retrograde now, as if yielding to Uranus/Aries warrior ways, but leaves a note, saying “I’ll be back!”.  The wild eyed Aries Moon plays her part too, adding to Uranus/Aries “change at any cost” vibe, but her Square to potent Pluto in “change is never good” Capricorn acknowledges the difficulty in overcoming decades of business as usual bureaucratic mire.

Looking around the world, it’s very easy to see these forces in play. On the Aries end, the Trump administration is whipping everyone’s heads around with its rapid-fire “one step forward, 30 years back” bellicose decisions, (his just announce budget plan boosts Pentagon by billions but trims Sate Dept. for example). Mexico, the US’s 3rd largest trading partner is increasingly “irritated” at Trump’s protectionist policies, Europe is freaking out with Brexit-like fever spreading its contagion across the EU, North Korea is lobbing ballistic missiles around while their (totally bat sh#* insane) President has his half brother assassinated, Iran flexes its military muscles and launches naval “war games”, and I could list many more!

On the Pisces end there are countless stories of grace and kindness that always are under-reported. Here are a few current ones which belie divisiveness and hate, Muslim Activists Promise to help rebuild Jewish Cemetery  Tennessee to Become First Sate offering free Community College to Everyone  Ikea offers free design for garden sphere that can feed entire neighborhood  and you can find hundreds more if you google positive news stories which highlight how much we really do love and care for one another. If only the politicians who govern the world would get on board!

Venus entered Aries on 2/3 and on 3/4 Venus, who represents love, peace and harmony, turns retrograde and stays backward for the next 6 weeks as if to say, I can’t watch all the hate any more!

Venus looking lovely

Venus only goes retrograde around 18 – 20 months, less often than all other planets except Mars which goes retrograde every 2 years. Venus is very  positive, so her retro phase is not known for tricky stuff like Mercury retro. The last time Venus reversed was in 2015 from 7/25 to 9/6. Think back to that time period and you may sense these retro effects. Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra so these signs tend to be more affected by Venus retro. See your Individual Messages for how this affects you personally.

Venus has a combo-sign retrograde phase. She turns turns retro on 3/4 at 13° Aries, returns to Pisces on 4/2 and goes direct at 27° Pisces on 4/15, then re-enters Aries on 4/28 to stay until 6/6, which is a total of almost 14 weeks versus the usual 3-4 weeks. In this combo retrograde both Aries and Pisces get longer doses of Venus being in your sign. With all her positive qualities, even retrograde, having Venus kiss your sign this long is a good thing.

In general Venus = peace, love, beauty, harmony and governs issues of concern to women with a warm embrace to LGBT issues. As the ruler of Taurus, Venus reflects high values, a peaceful tolerant, kind nature, and is also connected to resources like finances and Earth’s natural resources. In her Libra garb Venus rules all relationships, specifically love and marriage, along with fair play for all and cultural refinement – things like art, theater, fashion, etc.

At the personal level during a Venus retrograde period it makes sense to handle your own finances with prudence. Be smart enough to look at your overall budget and if necessary be willing to hold back and wait for your financial fountain to flow again, holding faith that it will happen at the ideal time. This is especially true now when Venus retros in leap before looking Aries as well as unicorn’s will ride in to the save the day Pisces.

Venus as the ruler of airy Libra, governs affairs of the heart, so when Venus does her backward dance relationship issues come up for review. Old loves drift back into your thoughts, dreams or even into your living arms! Relationships you felt totally secure about might start to unravel or reveal another side.  Relationships where you’re sitting safely on the sidelines, suddenly pull you down into the midst of the hot and sweaty game! If you have been taking your mate for granted, things might suddenly be in your face. Venus will not be denied when she’s in this mode! If you ignore Venus’ urgings she will seductively find ways to fling issues of the heart in your face. Beware of Facebook during Venus retro!

This can and does include family relations, relationships on the job and with friends as well. It is much more advantageous to warmly embrace Venus during this time. Honor her by paying heed to your own heart’s song, and by creating more love and beauty in your life. Love yourself and others well during her extended visit and she will reward you beautifully! Read more at my Venus Retro post.

This current Venus retrograde in terms of larger worldly themes is very evident already with the Trump/Pence administration rolling back as quickly as they can women’s health and reproductive rights as well as the positive gains of LBGT rights during the Obama administration. Venus as the ruler of Taurus is Mother Nature herself, and the Trump administration’s pro corporate stance is eagerly dismantling many environmental protections put in place not just during the Obama administration but ones in place for decades under Republican administrations as well, and on top of this Trump appointed as EPA chief a man who wants the department eliminated.

Let’s not forget it was Republican President Teddy Roosevelt who expanded the national parks system and protected 230 million acres of public lands. Whereas Trump already approved the Dakota Access Pipeline to go under a water supply reservoir and advanced the Keystone Pipeline that the Obama adim. had halted, and also just signed a bill to again allow coal companies to dump their waste in streams and waterways again,   And here’s an article which outlines other anti-environmental policies Trump has done and wants to do Trump’s first 100 days environmental policy  No wonder Venus wants to turn her face away!

As March begins Mars the warrior planet is in Aries too, feeling more powerful in the sign he rules. Mars/Aries adds to this hot-headed vibe and sends heated rays to Saturn in Sagittarius creating an exact trine the very day Venus turns retro on 3/4. Trines are generally considered positive, but the energy of a trine creates ease and flow which sometimes means what flows, especially in fire signs, is dangerous hot lava! Let us hope things don’t get too explosive then.

Luckily on 3/9 Mars enters earth sign Taurus for the first time since April 2015. Mars in Taurus is the sturdy bull everyone wants to carry their heaviest loads and has a loyal, trusting energy but is stubborn as a bull too! Great for grounding ideas and projects into workable reality, but don’t push too hard or you’ll get a hoof in the head! Mars rules Aries, so you Rams will notice this change, and of course Taurus will too. See your Individual Sign Messages for personal insight.

Shaq O’Neal
born with Mars in Taurus

Mars in Venus ruled Taurus is kind, gentle and calm, not prone to arguments, yet has very high values and will use his sturdy strength to protect and promote them. The world needs Mars in Taurus now to cool things down and bring more practical thinking into halls of power. During his travels in Taurus, Mars reaches out to Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn (which will be exact in April). Pluto in Capricorn has been valiantly attempting to transform the entrenched, crusty old boy power structures and bureaucracies of the world since November 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn for the first time in almost 250 years.

Admittedly Trump’s election and the Brexit wave in Europe, not to mention the never ending Arab Spring are rocking that old boy network to their knees, yet this has also given more energy to a harsh, divisive even hateful perception of reality. Will Mars’ positive outreach to Pluto help the inevitable changes come about in a more sensible, even paced manner? We shall see and each one of us can aid this process by becoming kinder, gentler and more calm ourselves. As Albert Einstein born with Sun in Pisces said, How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of goodwill! In such a place even I would be an ardent patriot.

The Spring Equinox this year arrives on 3/20 at 6:29a EDT, and 10:29 UT, which is the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. I’ll be posting an issue on the astrology of the Equinox closer to the date, so stay tuned for a look at the trends coming up for this new season.

*Eclipse note – The Solar Eclipse in Pisces was on 2/26 the day of the Oscars and there was a huge gaffe when the best picture was announced incorrectly. La La Land was announced as the winner, but it was actually Moonlight. Moonlight was eclipsed! This is the kind of thing that often happens in these eclipsey times. Tara Green has a good article on it Why Oscar’s Chaos

IMAGE NOTE: I found this photo by Andrew Wong back in 2009 when it was the Best Photos of the Day for National Geographic. I’ve kept it ever since and call it Dolphins Leaping into the Light. I’m using it as my PC wallpaper now in this Pisces time so I see it every day. It reminds me of how beautiful Pisces are like this, joyfully loving life!