Heavenly Messages For February 2017

Aurora – cosmic Water Bearer
photo taken at Thilo Bubek Norway

February 1, 2017

Happy February Friends,

February’s astrology is dynamic! It begins with a bonfire of Aries energy fanning the flames of change, but the flames start to sputter when first a Lunar Eclipse then a Solar Eclipse dampen the fires. Aries you get the largest dose this month, Leo and Pisces get the eclipse effects, Sagittarius needs to pay attention, and of course Aquarius, this quirky month of February is yours to claim. Read all about it below.

February is a mixed-up month when we celebrate the (brutal!) game of Football at the Super Bowl along with Valentine’s Day which celebrates sweethearts and romance. It makes sense that the Sun always shines in Aquarius as the peculiar month of February begins, because Aquarius is a sign proud of its unique and independent ways. Aquarius beats to the tune of a different drummer whose motto is “Freedom, Liberty and Equality for All”.

Aquarius is the third air sign – the crackling fresh air on a crystal blue winter day, and is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change, chaos and unpredictability. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer but the water it bears is a cosmic stream, not earthly water. Throughout time Aquarians have been the ones who prod society to change. Aquarians are the original rebels, agitators and zealous organizers and thank god for them! Without these change agents the world would be a stagnant and dull place. In spite of their commitment to individuality Aquarius appreciates and needs friends and comrades by their side to achieve their goals.

If you are born with Sun in Aquarius you are learning to rise above your own personal constellation and embrace a larger more objective understanding of reality. You are leaving the comfort zone of the small minded and beginning to think in cutting edge ways. You are learning to detach from past patterns (and people) who no longer match your own vibration, and above all you are here to express your own unique self!

Here are a few quotes by some famous Sun in Aquarius natives to get a sense of these values:

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius. ~ Wolfgang Mozart

Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform ~ Susan B. Anthony

Activism is my rent for living on the planet ~ Alice Walker

In this Aquarius time my wish is for you is to fearlessly tap your unique self and the gifts you have to give without which, the collective soul of our world would be less.


Heavenly Messages for February 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (22°Leo) with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse is on 2/10 at 7:33p. The New Moon (8° Pisces) with an annular Solar Eclipse is on 2/26 at 9:58a. Venus enters Aries on 2/3, Jupiter turns retrograde on 2/6 (thru 6/9) and the Sun enters Pisces on 2/18 at 6:32a. All times are ET.  Read February’s Individual Sign Messages HERE

February’s astro energy begins with a bonfire in the heavens which puts the dreamy energy so prevalent as the year began into the shadowy background. However there are 2 eclipses this month which increase misty, dreamy fog, adding more confusing energy to this complex time.

On 2/1 a red-hot Aries Moon joins Mars, Uranus and large asteroid Ceres as if to say, “Wake up people – It’s time to rumble!”  Three days later on 2/3 Venus pops into Aries like a spicy salsa dancer to shake up the energy even more and have fun doing it too! Meanwhile Pluto and Mercury in “We must maintain the status-quo” Capricorn are trying to figure out how to slow the process down and shove things back into the box.

Then there is mighty Jupiter in Libra, the sign opposite Aries, shaking his huge head in exasperation. Jupiter has been trying to get the world into balance, but with all this wild Aries energy around, he’s going to turn his face the other way and go retrograde until things calm down

Mars entered Aries on 1/28 elated to be in the sign he rules for the first time in 2 years! Mars in Aries is the young muscular male bursting to test his strength in battle. Mars in Aries comes out swinging and never stops to look before he leaps. Mars will be in Aries until 3/9 and I’ll bet you are feeling his energy already. Mars/Aries fills us with renewed motivation and the courage to forge ahead, no matter what. It’s easy to see this energy flashing now, with all the marches and the spontaneous demonstrations springing up like wild fires here in the US and around the world.

Russell Crowe Born with Mars in Aries.

Pic is from Gladiator, the ultimate Mars in Aries film.

On his Aries journey Mars meets up with cell tower Uranus from 2/24 through 2/28. This meeting will blast the message of “CHANGE IS HERE, whether you like it or not!” across the cosmos. At the personal level you have access to this vibrant energy to beef up your own will to succeed and accomplish whatever you want!

On 2/3 Venus enters Aries, and she’s in a feisty mood too. Venus rules women and girls and her muscles are pumped because millions of women marched around the world demanding their rights and spreading the concept of diversity with love and respect for all. I’ve been contemplating the energy these collective marches released into the collective spirit of humanity (673 worldwide in one day – the most ever on record). Unlike many other demonstrations and marches, those women along with their male supporters who marched on 1/21/17 were celebratory and peaceful without violence or need for police intervention. Many powers that be want to downplay and trivialize the marches, but that amount of souls joining together at the same time send a ripple into the cosmos which cannot be denied! Venus is proud.

Venus in Aries!

Venus is filled with vim and vigor now, but is also slowing down in preparation for her every other year retrograde phase which begins on 3/4. It’s already apparent what this slow down means, as President Trump continues to sign one executive order after another which tears down bit by bit what the women marched to promote. I’ll be writing more on Venus retro in March’s issue so stay tuned.

Jupiter has been moving swiftly since he entered Libra back in September, but is beginning to slow down. Libra rules peace and diplomacy, and also indicates the urge to find balance. Mighty Jupiter has been trying valiantly to help us below to understand peace and love create harmony for humankind not war and domination. But with all the war-like Aries energy revving things up now, he’s about to take a step back. On 2/6 Jupiter turns retrograde beginning his 4+ month backward phase. This is not an unusual occurrence it happens every year, but since Jupiter is so powerful by nature when this giant backs up we tend to notice!

Jupiter turns retro at 23° Libra, returns to 13° Libra on 6/9 and continues his Libra journey until October. Mighty Jupiter is by far the largest planet in the solar system and represents good fortune, opportunity and functions to expand.

For all of us, Jupiter retrograde generally indicates your usual sense of optimistic faith in the future can get off-track. Big plans and dreams may get put on hold, or seem to shift in some way. What you need to do during this time is to go within to reclaim the essence of your faith. Blocks in your path at this time may be there for positive reasons which you cannot envision at the moment. Best advice is to maintain your course, while looking within to find the proper adjustments in attitude which will enable you to hold faith in your own vision. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so his movements always affect you Centaurs, and Libra is obviously affected too. See your Individual Sign Messages for more personal insight.

Mercury has been in earthy, traditional Capricorn since early December. In his Capricorn journey Mercury met with potent Pluto to discuss more about the transformation of all the worldly power structures. On 2/1 Mercury squares off with change agent Uranus putting fear into the hearts of the shadowy antiquated rulers of the world, because Uranus is demanding that Mercury spread this message to the word, “There is no going back to the old ways!”

On 2/7 Mercury flies into forward thinking Aquarius where he’ll be until 2/26. Mercury follows the Sun hoping to connect with the Sun’s Aquarius clarity and intelligence, but never quite catches up.  Mercury does manage to reach out to Jupiter in fellow air sign Libra on 2/21 but since Jupiter is already backing up the message takes longer to reach him. In early September Jupiter returns to the same degree where Mercury gave him this communique so we’ll see if the message of, “Rise to a higher perspective where the good of all can be seen clearly and acted upon.” is received.

The Moon rules the emotional Mood of the public. On 2/10 the Moon is full in the sign of Leo which ordinarily brings an uplifting, fun and creative mood. This time the Moon is eclipsed (at 22° Leo) which creates a different tone. This eclipse is a rare total Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which can be viewed from most of the planet. Although this eclipse is total, a penumbral eclipse is subtle and fainter than a regular Total Eclipse. Time and Date has more detailed info.

Eclipse effects create out of the ordinary feelings of distraction and spacey confusion. Time gets slippery as if the veils between heaven and earth thin a bit. It becomes difficult to maintain normal routines both before and after the actual eclipse date. By contrast a Full Moon is the time to acknowledge completion of a phase well done and celebrate accomplishments, and the sign the Moon is in colors the celebration. But an eclipse, by definition obscures this celebratory phase.

If you have Moon, Sun or rising at or near 22° Leo you’ll tend to feel these effects more. For what this might mean for you personally, see your Individual Sign Messages and for everyone look to which house Leo governs in your own birth chart.  If you’re not sure of this, do a check-in with your astrologer!

This Lunar Eclipse at 22° also forms a grand fire trine to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius which brings a very different energy pattern than a normal lunar eclipse. Trines = ease, flow and harmony between the planets involved, but during an eclipse what flows can feel murky and even disturbing.

Leo equates to status and power of royalty and wealth, the cream at the top or the one-percenters in current jargon. An eclipsed Leo Moon at this time of change in power structures indicates the one-percenters who have been climbing on the backs of everyone else for decades (if not forever!) are starting to feel confused and disoriented. For example you know they must be discussing, “Is Trump’s election good or bad for us???” At this stage in the game, who knows?

The Leo Lunar Eclipse on 2/10 is also the forerunner of the shift of the karmic Lunar Nodes. The South Node has been in Pisces and the North Node in Virgo since November 2015, but they are due to shift to Aquarius South Node and Leo North Node this year in May 2017. For the next 18 months after, eclipses will be in those signs (Aquarius/Leo), including the dramatic total Solar Eclipse in Leo this August which will have a major impact on the US. See Stars Over Washington by Jude Cowell  for more on this, and check out South Node in Aquarius  by Jessica Adams to learn more about what the Aquarius end of the equation means.

This is not the only eclipse in February. On 2/26 at the Pisces New Moon there is an Annular Eclipse of the Sun at 8° Pisces which is the last eclipse in the Pisces/Virgo cycle. A solar eclipse always occurs on a New Moon, when the Moon is directly between the Sun and Earth. An annular eclipse is when the Moon is farther from the Earth so does not completely block the Sun but leaves a fiery ring around the rim. A stunning image to see! NASA has an interactive map of this eclipse which shows where it can be viewed, which is primarily in portions of the Southern Hemisphere.

Annular Solar Eclipse

In general, lunar eclipses are felt more personally while solar eclipses tend to have more affect on large worldly events. I love this explanation of solar eclipse from the Astrocartography blog

“In astrological terms a solar eclipse is a moment when the accumulated information, spiritual entities, unreleased emotions that have been stuck on the Moon since the last solar eclipse are swept towards the earth by the impact of the Sun’s energies.”

The New Moon is the time to seed intentions for the next phase of life, a time of hope and renewal. A solar eclipse at the new Moon adds a different element to this, which can dampen the feeling of forward momentum. Pisces will be more sensitive to it especially if you are born on or near February 26th or if you have 8° Pisces Rising, or your Moon or other important planet at this degree.

In terms of outer world effects, Pisces at its most positive level is the sign of spirituality and functions with the belief we are all one in Spirit divinely connected through love, not only to every other human on the planet but to all living creatures. No matter what your political persuasion may be, it can’t be denied that the Trump administration and other neoconservative governments and regimes across the globe are becoming more aggressively nationalistic and turning against immigration across their borders to keep out those “not like us!”. The rise of this wave of exclusion is the very opposite of Piscean values.

The Sky Flies the Rainbow Flag of Liberty!
photo by Aura Glasser via @swamibe

At the end of this Pisces eclipse era (not to return until 2025-26) the Solar Eclipse on 2/26 is flashing a sign of sadness or is it a warning, that until we humans become mature enough to “Love our brothers and sisters as ourselves” we will continue to live in a fractured, war weary world. Is the United States still the country which celebrates and manifests the words on the Statue of Liberty “…Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” ? I think many people here and around the world wonder. But as Aquarius born Thomas Paine said at the birth of the nation, We have it in our power to begin the world over again.

Ultimately my friends, the time for top-down power mongers is coming to an end. It is from the bottom up Liberty’s beautiful flame will get lit again to shine brightly as a beacon of hope and love for all people.  May it be so!

IMAGE NOTE: I chose the Aurora at the top of the page because it looks like the Aquarius Water Bearer symbol pouring cosmic energy from the heavens to us here below. The photo was taken at Thilo Bubek Norway. Wish I could give the photographer credit, but I’ve had it in my files for years and do not know who took this amazing photo.