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Hello Friend, thanks for visiting my site.  I am Melissa Stratton, Astrologer and personal relations counselor.

I have been a student of metaphysical studies ever since I can remember, avidly interested in everything beyond our known reality.  Eventually  I began to focus  specifically in Astrology, Tarot and Dream Analysis and have a private counseling practice using all these techniques.  See the Services page for what I offer.

I also love to teach and lecture on these topics and a favorite love is my monthly astrology column Heavenly Messages  first published in LeyLines Magazine in 1997 which evolved into an email column sent out every month since 1998.  Each month’s issue is here on my home page  and you can sign up to receive your own copy in the Newsletter Subscription box or email me directly HERE


Saturday May 16, 2015 –  Wellspringhouse  from 10:00 to 5:00 – I’ll be taking appointments for  Tarot readings and Dream Analysis. Sign up at Wellspringhouse (scroll down to May 16th event )

Wellspring House is in Tunkhannock, PA in the beautiful Endless mountains in NEPA near Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Come out for a lovely spring day and inspiring reading with me!

TAROT READINGS – Have you always wondered how cards could possibly reveal answers to your questions? Tarot cards are one of the oldest oracle information systems in use today. In truth, the answers you search for are within, but in our hurried, hectic lives you don’t always have the time or skills to find answers. The Tarot is an empowerment tool you can access any time you feel the need for clarity. The beautiful symbols of the tarot are based on centuries of tradition, yet their meaning is current and clear. With over 35 years of experience a Tarot reading with me provides a fun and fascinating way to help you tap into your own intuitive insight.

DREAM ANALYSIS – Dreams are treasure chests waiting for you to dive into their riches! Your dreams communicate to you nightly, but do you know how to interpret their language? Dreams have important messages to give you about all levels of your life from relationships, to career, to health and physical issues and beyond. This guidance is always there for you, but is often difficult to understand. A dream analysis session will help you learn to decipher the code of your dreams and weave this wealth of information into the fabric of your daily life. My techniques based on 30 years of dream work will help you learn to interpret your dreams by recognizing your own personal symbols