Meet Melissa

happy Valentine better best smallHello Friend, thanks for visiting my site.  I am Melissa Stratton, Astrologer and personal relations counselor.

I have been a student of metaphysical studies ever since I can remember, avidly interested in everything beyond our known reality.  Eventually  I began to focus  specifically in Astrology, Tarot and Dream Analysis and have a private counseling practice using all these techniques.  See the Services page for what I offer.

I also love to teach and lecture on these topics and a favorite love is my monthly astrology column Heavenly Messages  first published in LeyLines Magazine in 1997 which evolved into an email column sent out every month since 1998.  Each month’s issue is here on my home page  and you can sign up to receive your own copy in the Newsletter Subscription box or email me directly HERE

UPCOMING EVENTSOn Wednesday June 18,at 6:30 PDT – 9:30 EDT I’ll be joining the great ladies again at Golden Rose Psychic Radio for another show about dreams: Dream a Little Dream with Me  In this follow up show I’ll be discussing different types of dreams and doing more dream interpretation too. Call 718-766-4194 to join in on the discussion and get your dream interpreted.