Individual Sign Messages March 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (22° Virgo) is on 3/12 at 10:54a. The New Moon (7° Aries) is on 3/27 at 10:57p. Venus turns retrograde at 13° Aries on 3/4 (thru 4/15), Mars enters Taurus on 3/9 (thru  4/20) and the Sun enters Aries on 3/20 at the Spring Equinox at 6:29a. All times are Eastern Time – Daylight Savings Time in the US begins on 3/12. Read March’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

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Painting by Heni Sandoval

IMAGE NOTE: This perfect Pisces picture was painted by my sister Heni Sandoval. Heni happens to be a Pisces, so of course she can paint fish very well. Find more of her work at Heni’s Happy Paintings (leave a note and tell her happy birthday) and you can buy some of fher paintings for yourself at  Circles Round the Sun ETSY site.

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Happy Birthday Shimmering Fish Folk! This is the year for you to swim majestically in the river of life! You are being called to lead others with your beautiful Pisces understanding, which is when you have faith and trust all is perfect, it is! Pisces needs more alone time than most to dream, reflect and rejuvenate your creative juices, which often means you are behind the scenes. There is a different energy for you now. Saturn, ruler of the material world, maintains his lofty position in your outer world, career and professional zone helping (demanding) you to step out and up! As you do this, challenging as it may be, you’ll find elegant worldly structures which will support you for years to come. Helping with this are plenty of zesty planets in Aries in your income zone singing out to Saturn who answers back with ideas on how to magnetize more money into the stream of your life. The world is searching for what you have to give Pisces – so get out there and give it! Venus in Aries is part of this equation and she turns retrograde on 3/4 which means you have her magnetic energy sparking your financial district longer than usual. So even if things don’t manifest immediately, hold faith! In her retro travels Venus returns to Pisces from 4/2 thru 4/27 adding more magical glitter to your shimmering self, then returns to your money zone on 4/28 thru 6/5. Nice! On 3/9 motivational Mars enters your mental and communication zone. Mars hasn’t visited here for 2 years, and his energy brings you more mental fortitude to bring your creative plans forward and helps carry good tidings to your networking community to get the word out even further. This is a wonderful time for you Pisces – use it well! See Intro for more on Venus Retro.

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, March maintains zesty, yummy energy for you Rams! As the month begins ruler Mars along with Venus and Uranus charge up the Aries bandwidth with Saturn channeling the current in your ‘get the word out’, promotion, travel and education zone. This is a great time to hold classes, workshops, etc. to get your brand noticed and is also a wonderful time to attend events, or go on travel adventures that expand your awareness. Venus turns retrograde in Aries this month on 3/4 which means she’ll stay in your sign much longer than usual. She leaves for a while in April, then returns the whole month of May and into June too so you continue to be the bowl of cherries everyone wants to gobble up with sweet cream. Take full advantage of this time Aries! On 3/9 Mars enters Taurus (thru 4/20) which activates your income zone for the first time in 2 year. During his Taurus journey Mars reaches out to Pluto in your career territory so the necessary changes you’ve been making in your world begin to produce positive financial results. The New Moon is in Aries on 3/27 – a perfect time to set new powerful intentions for the next cycle of your life. See Intro for details on Venus Retro.

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, March brings an interesting blend of astro energies for you. On 3/4 your ruler Venus turns retrograde which only happens every other year, and remains retro through 4/15. Venus is very  positive, so her retro phase is not known for tricky stuff like Mercury retro, but since she is your ruling planet you Bulls might notice this more than others. Luckily for you, Venus turns backward in your misty, non material realm (12th house) so her retro effects occur behind the scenes. This can be a good time to go into your own cave of self reflection for rest and rejuvenation and to ponder the next phase of your life. When Venus retros in this spirit-side zone, it can mean something wonderful is in gestation phase ready to birth beautifully later. Hold the faith dear Taurus! During this same time Mars rides into Taurus on 3/9 to stay through 4/20. Mars = action and he hasn’t visited your sign since Spring 2015. Mars brings you extra stamina and more staying power to get things accomplished. During his Taurus journey Mars reaches out with a strong handshake to transformer Pluto in your higher mind zone of travel education, promotion and your own belief structures. This is the time to stick to your lofty values come hell or high water, and Mars will give you a leg up to an even higher level! This also positively affects any legal affairs you may be involved in, so keep your principles high. See Intro for more on Venus retro.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, The month begins with ruler Mercury in mystical Pisces in your career, outer world zone, which can elevate your worldly connections or confuse things even more. It’s up to you to use Mercury’s messages wisely. On 3/1 Venus, the Moon, Uranus and Mars are all congregated in your networking zone, creating a lot of energy in your community of like minded friends and associates. Venus turns retro on 3/4 (until 4/15) which means she visits this territory much longer than usual. You may find people who were enthusiastically on your side, cool down a bit during Venus’ retro phase but not to worry, their affection will return. Muscular Mars enters earthy Taurus on 3/9 (thru 4/20) where he begins residence in your 12th house for the first time in 2 years. This is the unconscious, inner life realm, an interesting place for active Mars to be. When Mars travels here he pulls you into your personal cave of self reflection to rest and gather strength for the next round. It’s a wonderful time to spend time with close loved ones who support and care for your well being.

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, As March dawns, creative fires continues to shine brightly in your world with your ruler the Moon in Aries on 3/1 along with Venus, Uranus and Mars all activating your career/outer world zone. Venus has been here a month already and remains months longer than usual because she turns retrograde on 3/4 (thru 4/15). Even retro Venus maintains her magnetic qualities, so expect good things to happen along your career path, even if they get delayed a bit. On 3/9 Mars enters your networking zone where he energizes your community of friends and other supportive connections for the first time in 2 years. Someone brings you the right information at the perfect time. There is lovely healing energy flowing for you this month as well. Messenger Mercury and the Sun in fellow water sign Pisces flow through your higher mind territory encouraging you to go with a relaxed, philosophical flow. If you are a student, this bodes well for passing your exams. And if you are dealing with legal issues or societal systems like hospitals, insurance companies etc. this flowing energy helps you stay calm and worry free. Trust! and don’t get your knickers in knots needlessly, is the key advice to follow.

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, March’s energy like last month, roars in for you like the Lion you are and also has a beautiful blend of mystical magic. On 3/1 Venus, the Moon, Uranus and Mars all burn brightly in fellow fire sign Aries lighting up your 9th house of far flung ideas. This maintains the creative spark whose flames you’ve been fanning and since all these planets play well with Saturn in the 3rd fire sign of Sagittarius, the spark ignites into a bonfire of new creative concepts! At the same time your ruler the Sun along with messenger Mercury swim through loving and kind water sign Pisces, and on 3/1 the Sun has an exact conjunction with mystical Neptune taking place in your deeper relationship, soul mate connection zone. A juicy and wonderful time to spend with loved ones. On 3/9 muscular Mars enters earthy Taurus and your career/profession/ outer world zone (10th house) for the first time in 2 years energizing your worldly ambitions. During his Taurus travels Mars reaches out to potent Pluto stationed in your work space offering a helping hand to get the job done better and on time too.

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, Your ruler Mercury swims through Pisces as March begins joining the Sun, Neptune and Chiron all flowing in your relationship/partners zone. Neptune and Chiron have been here for many years putting long term focus on why your partnerships work – or not – and Mercury’s visit brings a new perspective to help you see things differently. Significant others in your life have meaningful information for you now, so pay attention! On 3/9 for the first time in 2 years Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus which rules your 9th house of travel, education and generally your philosophy of how life works. Mars will be here through 4/20 which activates your personal beliefs structures. Mars reaches out to Pluto stationed in earth sign Capricorn which makes you-Virgo the 3rd recipient of solid advice and creative concepts. If you examine your beliefs and find they are lacking, shore them up to create a firmer, more positive foundation. The Full Moon on 3/12 is in Virgo – a perfect time to honor and celebrate intelligent, clever you!

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, On 3/1 ruler Venus, the Moon, Uranus and Mars are all collected in Aries which rules your relationship/partners zone which means the bonfire that lit up relationships last month is still burning brightly in March. Venus remains here much longer than her usual 3-4 week visit because she goes retrograde on 3/4 (thru 4/15). Venus retro is not known for tricky energy like Mercury retro is, but since Venus is your ruling planet you may sense her retro energy more than others. Since Venus rules relationships and is stationed in your relationship zone, your partners (in love and business) may seem more distant or just aren’t on the same page with you now. Don’t be too concerned by this, in fact the best advice is take focus off what others are doing, and put more emphasis on yourself and your own personal goals. Do this and before you know it, others will come back around to offer support again. Other major astro energy this month come from Messenger Mercury who joins the Sun, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces all flowing through your your work space bringing extra creative inspiration on the job. Mars enters Taurus on 3/9 for the first time in 2 years to activate your deeper relationship zone. This is the zone of sexuality and intimacy so if Venus retro has you feeling neglected by your partner be careful not to jump the gun into someone else’s arms! See Intro for more on Venus retro.

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Eagles, March begins with similar energy to last month with Venus, the Moon, Uranus in Mars all stationed in Aries on 3/1 in your work/job space. Your career goals continue to get glowing support which adds to more a more solid income base. Venus turns retrograde in this zone on 3/4 (thru 4/15) so things may seem to slow down a bit, but not to worry, they’ll pick up again. The only thing to be careful about is not to annoy any envious types (especially women) in your work space, or their jealousy might trip you up. On 3/9 co-ruler Mars enters Taurus and your relationship/partners zone for the first time in 2 years. Mars is the planet of action so expect your relationships to become activated. Someone may be very insistent! Coupled with Venus retro at the same time be careful about jumping into something (especially romance) too quickly. It’s wiser to let any new relationship unfold gradually. During his Taurus travels Mars reaches out a helpful hand to ruler Pluto in your mental/communication zone, so you’ve got help to set good boundaries. Your creative spigot gets turned on this month, as Mercury and the Sun flow through your creativity space. So if things seem frustrating at work, find a more joyful outlet in your creative pursuits. This is the zone of children too, so grab your kids and have fun together!

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius, Just like last month, there is plenty of fiery energy which blends well with fire sign you! On 3/1 Venus, the Moon, Uranus and Mars are collected together in Aries stationed in your creativity and fun times zone spurring you into playful action! Magnetic Venus turns retrograde on 3/4 (thru 4/15) which means she’ll be spreading joy much longer than usual. The only concern is that it might be harder to focus on more serious things. Adding to this Mercury and the Sun join Neptune and Chiron in Pisces all collected in your home space, so family and situations at home pull your focus away too. On 3/9 for the first time in 2 years Mars jumps into Taurus which rules your work/job zone. Mars = action so expect to be busier at work than usual. Can you see the push-pull dynamic here? Ruler Jupiter is still in Libra and reminds you to find balance in all areas of your life, which might be more challenging, but is more important than ever to do now.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, Changes triggered last month are still on the move. On 3/1 Venus, the Moon, Uranus and Mars are in Aries activating your home and family zone. Having sweet Venus as your house guest is a very nice thing, and she’ll be here longer than usual because she turns retrograde on 3/4 (thru 4/15). So even if unexpected you’ll enjoy the lengthy visit. On 3/9 Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus and begins to activate your creativity zone. Mars has not visited here in 2 years and you’ll appreciate his creative boost. During his travels Mars reaches out a helping hand to Pluto in Capricorn which gives you a hand-up too. You’ll notice more strength and stamina for the long haul. It’s a good time to participate in sports and outdoor activities and to get your exercise routine back into gear. Your mental abilities and your capacity to convince people toward your way of thinking get attention this month too. Messenger Mercury and the Sun join Neptune and Chiron in your mental/communication zone which activates your Seagoat side, bringing more depth and creative persuasion into your communication style. So persuade your heart out dear Cappie and watch the magic happen!

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, Income and communication are highlighted for you in March. Mental Mercury joins the Sun in your money zone where they meet Neptune and Chiron, all in Pisces to bring you good ideas to create a better financial flow. On 3/1 Venus, the Moon, and Mars join ruler Uranus in your mental/communication space (3rd house) continuing the motivational streak triggered last month. Venus remains here longer than usual because she turns retrograde on 3/4 (thru 4/15). Venus, even when retro, helps sweeten your tone and adds magnetism to your communication style. On 3/9 for the first time in 2 years Mars enters Taurus which rules your home and family space. Mars = Action, and Mars in your home zone on the plus side helps you get motivated to spring-clean your house and get repairs and renovations up and running. On the down side Mars here brings challenging energy, often in the form of aggravating relatives. Venus retros in your 3rd house of extended family like siblings and/or other family members, so this combination might spell trouble. Like contrary siblings or cranky uncles. If this is the case for you, good advice is to be your best Aquarius self – detach and go to a higher perspective and don’t get caught up in the strife.