Individual Sign Messages February 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (22°Leo) with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse is on 2/10 at 7:33p. The New Moon (8° Pisces) with an annular Solar Eclipse is on 2/26 at 9:58a. Venus enters Aries on 2/3, Jupiter turns retrograde on 2/6 (thru 6/9) and the Sun enters Pisces on 2/18 at 6:32a. All times are ET.  Read February’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

We Are the Perfect Flame of Love – Mandala by Monique Perrault

IMAGE NOTE: This beautiful and mesmerizing mandala was created by my friend Monique Perrault who was born on an Aquarius Moon. These are the crystal blue colors I always associate with Aquarius. If you gaze at it a while you can see and feel the pulsating energy of this Flame of Love.

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Happy Birthday Crystal Blue Aquarius! Your personal new year begins with helpful income indicators and vibrant mental energizers. How nice is that?! Venus is gracing your financial district helping you turn a key into a new dimension while Mars just popped into your mental/communication zone for the first time in 2 years. He’ll join ruler Uranus (on 2/26) to add extra momentum and motivation to your cutting edge concepts. On 2/1 the Aries Moon also shines in your mental zone reminding you to stay focused so you won’t lose track of the plans you intend to manifest. Then on 2/3 Venus enters Aries adding her zesty upbeat attitude to help you feel even more positive. Her message is that you can do anything you set your mind to and have a great time doing it! On 2/7 Mental Mercury enters Aquarius bringing you more clarity and ability to get your ideas across to those who need to hear them. Saturn maintains his position in your networking connections zone helping remind you of a major Aquarius life theme: find your like-minded team and together you’ll accomplish goals you’d never manifest alone. Optimistic Jupiter continues to fly in your higher mind territory helping your own ideas stay elevated. Jupiter in balanced Libra continues his see-saw opposition to Uranus helping you maintain equilibrium so you don’t jump the gun in word or action. All together Aquarius, this is a great time for you – use this energy well!

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, February’s astro shine is all about income for you! On 2/1 a red-hot Aries Moon joins Mars and Uranus and large asteroid Ceres to fire up your financial flames. Also on 2/1 magnetic Venus lingers in Pisces with a sweet kiss as she whispers that she’ll return to you in April. Then on 2/3 she pops into Aries adding vibrant tones to your financial picture. Both Mars and Venus start to reach out to Lord Saturn stationed in your career, outer world zone, so as you continue to build positive worldly structures, they make sure your income builds too. Mighty Jupiter maintains his position in your deeper relationship and shared resources zone which means your partners (in love and business) continue to do well too. Jupiter turns retrograde on 2/6 (thru 6/9) so don’t be concerned if things seem to slow down a bit for them, things will pick up again at the perfect moment. On 2/26 the New Moon is in Pisces, always a good time to set intentions for the next phase of your life. This year there is also a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon (at 22° Pisces) so make your intentions more mystical and profound than usual. See Intro for more info on the eclipse.

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, February is your month! The month dawns on a yummy Aries Moon traveling with motivational Mars – so happy to be in his very own sign of Aries! Then on 2/3 sweet Venus pops into Aries and begins to magnetize good vibes beaming directly to you! Venus is slowing down in prep for her retrograde phase in March, but since Venus is not your ruler this is good news because it means she’ll visit your domain many weeks longer than usual. She leaves for a while in April, then returns the whole month of May and into June too. So for a much longer time you’ll be the bowl of ripe red cherries everyone adores! Yum. Mighty Jupiter maintains his position in your relationship space and he begins his annual retrograde journey on 2/6 (thru 6/9). Don’t be concerned if important relationships in your life seem to turn around too. You Aries are born to follow your own path of heart, no matter what other people want you to do. In fact with so much Aries energy now, it’s much more important to focus on what YOU need to accomplish in spite of other people’s fluctuating influences. If you give into any irrational demands it will be you spinning in the wrong direction. Point being, let your significant others twirl around for a while, they’ll settle down eventually, and by courageously following your own stars, you provide an example to others.

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, February begins on a rush of Aries energy with the Moon, Mars, Uranus and asteroid Ceres all in this vital fire sign. For most folks this Aries charge pushes energy outward, but because Aries rules your misty, other-worldly territory (12th house) for you Bulls the action is inward and elusive. This doesn’t mean things aren’t happening, it’s that they’re happening behind the scenes to manifest later. A major part of this action includes your ruler Venus who enters Aries and your dreamtime space on 2/3. Venus is slowing down now, getting ready for her every other year retrograde journey beginning in March so she’ll be here for much longer than the usual few weeks. The 12th house is “Spirit Side”, connected to your own personal spiritual guidance and past (life) karma. With all the vibrant energy taking place here, the message for you is to “Activate your spiritual muscles!”. It’s time for you to learn to relax and trust that plans and goals will manifest at the perfect moment – it’s not up to you to push the river. Lord Saturn in your deeper relationship and shared resources zone, reminds you that your partners in love and business have built sturdy structures which help support you, and Jupiter in your work/job zone continues to bring opportunity your way. Jupiter turns retro this month on 2/6 (thru 6/9) which is another reason to hold the faith and trust that those opportunities will appear exactly when they should.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, Networking is King for you this month! As the month begins the Moon, Mars, Uranus and asteroid Ceres are all together in spicy fire sign Aries collected in your networking connections, community and friendship zone. On 2/3 magnetic Venus joins the group to add a sweeter zest to this spicy concoction. It’s time reach out to your community of like minded friends and associates and together you’ll light up your world! The crystal blue Aquarius Sun shines in your “get the word out” zone and ruler Mercury flies in from 2/7 through 2/26. Messenger Mercury in fellow air sign Aquarius plays very well with you Gems, which means it’s one of the best times all year to promote yourself. Huge Jupiter in the 3rd air sign of Libra stationed in your creativity zone makes this month even more significant for you. Jupiter = opportunity, so you have a wonderful opportunity to use your creative genius to help articulate your goals. Jupiter turns retro on 2/6 so if things start to stall and your creative luster seems to fade a bit – not to worry! Reach out to your networking circles for help and guidance, they are waiting for you to ask.

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, Your world is filled with creative fire in February! The Moon, your ruler, is in zesty fire sign Aries on 2/1 along with Mars, Uranus and large asteroid Ceres all lighting up your career and outer world zone. Then on 2/3 Venus joins the group to bring more magnetism to your professional and worldly ambitions. Lord Saturn maintains his sturdy position in your work/job space backing up all this Aries energy, so it’s time to rock and roll lunar gals and guys! There are a couple of things which could diminish these flames. One is Jupiter who turns retrograde in your home and family space on 2/6. Generally magnanimous Jupiter in your home zone can bring more peace and happiness, but this also requires you to be more loving and accepting of those in the home with you. So if your homies start to get on your nerves, don’t hang around to bitch and moan, get away! Go light up your outer world with your own wonderful brand of healing energy. The 2nd blip is a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 2/10. Leo rules your income zone, so you may feel like all the career fires you’ve lit still have not put any cash into your bank account. Not to worry dear Cancer, Lunar eclipses can open up new space you might not have realized was there before. So hang tight, keep up the good work and it will pay off just when you need it! See Intro for more info on the eclipse.

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Lordly Lions, February’s astro energy brings you extra added roar along with openings into mystical realms. The month begins on a fiery Aries note which plays well with fire sign you. The Moon, Mars, Uranus and asteroid Ceres are all in Aries on 2/1 with Venus joining in on 2/3. They are congregated in your higher mind territory, the place of travel adventures and the arena where you promote your lofty concepts. With your ruler the Sun in Aquarius traveling in your relationship/partners zone and communicator Mercury arriving at Aquarius on 2/7, early in the month is a wonderful time to get the word out about your accomplishments and raise your Leo flag high! The Full Moon on 2/10 is in Leo, which ordinarily means it’s time for you you bask in glory, however this time the Moon is eclipsed which brings a different vibration. A Lunar eclipse in your sign indicates it’s time to go inward and reflect upon your essential values and personal emotional tone. Take time to evaluate how you treat others. Are you the Leo of “My way or the highway!” arrogant, with a too big to fail ego, or are you the talented, creative shining star whose appreciation of what others bring to the table makes you adored and admired? Answer this question honestly Leo, and you will be on your way to a better life. See Intro for more info on the eclipse.

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, February’s astro vibe brings attention to your work, income and career issues and also lights a fire in your deepest relationship territory. Early in the month your zone of deep partnership connections (soul mate contracts, sexuality, intimacy and shared resources) is lit in a fiery blaze! On 2/1 the Moon, Mars, Uranus and asteroid Ceres are all in this zone (the 8th house) and Venus pops in on 2/3. This could be wonderfully juicy with fireworks of love and intimacy, if so enjoy! But early in the month ruler Mercury in Capricorn challenges Aries, so it could also indicate friction with partners. Best idea is to focus on your own goals and back away from angry birds who want to peck at you. On 2/7 when Mercury flies into Aquarius it will be easier to detach from the pecking order and refocus on work and career matters which need your attention. Mighty Jupiter in Libra turns retrograde on 2/6 in your income zone. Jupiter = optimism, so you may feel less optimistic about financial opportunities. Don’t make any rash moves like sell your portfolio though, because while Mercury is in Aquarius (from 2/7 thru 2/26) he vibrates nicely with Jupiter which adds momentum to your career and outer world goals. So things make step a bit backward, but not to worry – they’ll turn around at the perfect moment and your coffers will be filled with cash.

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, Your sign rules relationships and your relationship zone is lit up like a bonfire in February! On 2/1 the Moon, Mars, Uranus and asteroid Ceres are all in Aries which rules your partners and relationship space, then ruler Venus pops in on 2/3 to add beauty to the blaze. Venus is moving slowly now preparing for her retro phase (beginning 3/4) which means she remains in your relationship territory for much longer than the normal few weeks, and Mars visits here through 3/9. This means significant others in your life offer you more love and extra motivation – so please pay attention! At the same time huge Jupiter turns retro in Libra this month on 2/6 (thru 6/9). For some other signs this means opportunities seem to fade and their sense of faith gets tested. But for you this means Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, continues to shine in your sign and you continue to be the opportunity everyone wants. So dear Libra, continue to trust in your own magnetic self – the light you shine on the world is there for all to see. Soon enough others will add their lights to yours. See Intro for more info on Jupiter Retro.

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, In February it’s all about your job and the work you do every day. Your co-ruler Mars just entered Aries on 1/28 activating your work/job/daily agenda (along with health patterns) zone for the first time in 2 years. On 2/1 the Moon, Uranus and large asteroid Ceres are in Aries too, and on 2/3 they are joined by Venus. This fiery group help flame your career goals and also reach out to Saturn in your income zone helping you build a more lasting income base. Magnetic Venus visits your work space much longer than usual because she goes retrograde in March. I’ll write more about what this means next month, but what you should know is that Venus always has your back, so even retro her energy is helpful. Your health get a longer helping hand too. The February Sun shines in your home and family territory and messenger Mercury flies in on 2/7. It’s a good time to maintain open and honest dialog with your home-folk and if they don’t agree, best advice is to rise above and let go of any petty disputes. In other words, choose your battles wisely, or you’ll waste a lot of energy needlessly.

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Centaurs, There are nice cosmic advantages for you in February, along with a potential road block. The plus side is the congregation of Aries energy. On 2/1 the Moon, Mars, Uranus and large asteroid Ceres light up the sky in fellow fire sign Aries and on 2/3 they are joined by spicy Venus. This zesty gathering occurs in your creativity and good times zone and plays well with Saturn in Sagittarius to bring you a foundation of joy. This is the zone of children too, so the kids in your life are an inspiration to you. Nice. What may feel less nice is that your ruler Jupiter turns retrograde on 2/6 beginning his long backward dance (thru 6/9). Some years this can be a tricky time for you, but luckily this time around Jupiter remains in Libra which works well with you. The thing to keep in mind is that Jupiter retros in your networking connection and friendship zone (11th house). As long as you rein in your “hoof in mouth” tendency, you’ll be fine, but with all the current Aries ‘in your face’ vibe, this might not be so easy for you to do. If you don’t hold your tongue and manage to offend friends who go missing in action, not to worry. They’ll come back around when things simmer down. The 11th house is also associated with the many social networking platforms in today’s world, so good advice is to step away from Facebook, Twitter, etc. for the duration! Or at the very least put up creative and beautiful posts rather than provocative angry ones – unless you want to light a fire you can’t put out. See Intro for more info on Jupiter Retro.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, Change is in the air for you in February.  Active Mars is more active than usual because he just entered his own sign of Aries (on 1/28) and also just jumped into your home and family zone for the first time in 2 years. On 2/1 Mars is joined by the fiery Aries Moon along with Uranus and asteroid Ceres all light up your base camp to the max. This maximized Aries energy plays well with ruler Saturn, still twirling his rings behind the scenes, not ready to come out on center stage yet. Perhaps this means your home folks have plans they haven’t told you about yet, or maybe it’s about you needing to get your own house (including your subconscious basement) cleaned and refreshed so you’ll be better prepared for larger changes to come. On 2/3 yummy Venus makes a grand entrance into Aries so whatever is happening on the home front feels better than you thought. Meanwhile mighty Jupiter stationed in your career space is set to go retrograde on 2/6 (thru 6/9). Even retro, Jupiter in your worldly arena continues to provide opportunity for advancement, so don’t lose faith. Things may move more slowly than you’d like, but that may be exactly what is called for now. Continue to cultivate patience and trust, and your goals will manifest at the perfect moment.