Individual Sign Messages February 2016

Your handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (19° Aquarius) is on 2/8 at 9:39a The Full Moon (3° Virgo) is on 2/22 at 1:20p.  The Sun enters Pisces on 2/18 at 9:34p PT and on 2/19 at 12:03a ET There are no planetary motion changes this month. All times are EST unless noted. Read February’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Ziggy Stardust

IMAGE NOTE: This iconic photo by Brian Duffy is of David Bowie for his  Aladdin Sane album.  Bowie was born with Sun in Capricorn but his public persona was pure Aquarius reflecting his Aquarius Rising. Even the makeup for this pic looks like the Aquarius symbol. I miss Bowie but his unique Aquarius style lives on.

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Happy Birthday Crystal Blue Aquarius! Your personal New Year rings in with bells you’ve heard before. 2016 repeats patterns that Saturn, planet of structure, set into motion over 3 years ago. It’s all about your worldly plans: career, professional standing, even your location – move or stay? This year Mars, planet of action, is in the same deep Scorpio waters re-triggering these themes. Mars goes retrograde this year and remains in Scorpio until 3/5 then returns on 5/29 to stay until 8/2. In other words Mars rammy Mars visits your worldly arena for a third of the year versus the usual 6 weeks. Point being Aquarius, if you’ve already made the important changes in your world that Saturn demanded, Mars provides more motivation to achieve the goals you set. If you’re still building new worldly structures Mars gives you the final boost you need to succeed, but if you’ve been la-de-da-ing, then warrior Mars gets his Viking ax out and swings it around your head to get your attention! Not to worry because you’ve got major help. Friends have wonderful advice for you and helpful people in general are on your side, even willing to boost your finances if needed. You’ve got to reach out to them to activate this aid, so don’t be the lone ranger! This will be easier to do in mid February when communicator Mercury re-enters Aquarius – your thoughts get clearer and your mind fires on all pistons again. Then on 2/16 sweet Venus enters Aquarius (thru 3/12) for her annual visit to your sign. Take full advantage of her loving intelligence to enhance your own unique vibe! The New Moon on 2/8 is in Aquarius which is another time to take advantage of by setting clear intentions for your future.

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, February’s astro theme highlights networking for you. Saturn is stationed in your worldly arena calling you flowy fish out into the world’s current (like it or not!). You know it’s time to get out there but you might be confused about the best ways to do it. On 2/1 both Venus and Mercury travel in your networking, friendship and community zone. They join transformer Pluto to help guide you in establishing a stronger base of support, which can mean a lovely circle of friends by your side as well as important professional connections (online or close to home). At the same time massive Jupiter remains in your partnership sphere  lining up significant new relationships and expanding ones you already have. Meanwhile active Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio is stationed in your ‘get the word out’ zone, motivating you to expand your horizons in powerfully creative ways. These joint resources don’t line up too often Pisces, so swim out and find new and powerful currents in the river of life!

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, February begins with career issues prominent as magnetic Venus and messenger Mercury travel in your worldly arena. Venus spreads ease and harmony while Mercury (moving direct again) brings concrete clarity to your plans. They join potent Pluto to build upon long standing transformation in your world. By mid month both planets enter your networking zone which is a good time to reach out to your community to spread your own ideas and get feedback from others. Ruler Mars remains in steamy Scorpio stationed in your deeper relationship space. Mars is here the whole month, and on the plus side heats things up romantically (yummy!) and motivates those closest to you to offer more support and assistance. On the flip side Mars/Scorpio burns up dead moldy wood that’s been stinking up the place. Mars goes retrograde this year (on 4/17) and will be in Scorpio off and until August, so it’s a good idea to get a head start on whichever of these dynamics is most helpful!

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Sweeties, February arrives with nice vibes for you! Ruler Venus is in fellow earth sign Capricorn gracing your higher mind territory. She joins transformer Pluto and communicator Mercury to help you avoid crumbling concrete and set your sights on firm ground. This is also the zone of far flung places and travel, so if you have any travel plans it’s a good month! Benevolent Jupiter is situated in your creativity (fun and kids) zone so if your plans include exciting travel adventures like visiting a great museum in a foreign city, or traveling to another state for a workshop in creative writing it’s even better! Mars remains in Scorpio steaming up your relationship/partners zone all month. Which means partners (in love, business or both) can be positively motivational or pushy and annoying. You need to get used to dealing with this because Mars turns retro in April and remains here off and on again until August. Luckily while Mars is in Scorpio he reaches out to both Neptune and Chiron in your friendship and community connection zone. So if relationships are positive, friends make things even better and if your partners are buggy you’ve got a community of support to process with. On 2/16 Venus enters your outer world zone (thru 3/12) so your career and professional goals get a nice updraft.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, February dawns with ruler Mercury moving forward again in the grounding sign of Capricorn helping you settle relationship issues which needed attention. If these issues involved children things are looking up, and in general creative projects which needed a boost, get one. Mercury enters airy Aquarius on 2/13 bringing high minded clarity your way. Soon after on 2/16 Venus arrives in Aquarius too adding more uplifting vibrations. Work is a focus for you this month with rammy Mars in your job zone demanding attention. Mars stays here much longer than usual (off and on until August) so it’s best to meet his demands unless you want to get steamrolled! Luckily Mars has favorable connections with Neptune and Chiron in your career space so if you tune in and focus on what you need to get done, positive keys turn and things should flow well. Of course “focus” is always a loaded concept for you all over the map Geminis. Mars is forcing more intense concentration now so you have help – whether you like it or not!

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Lunar beings, The Moon joins Mars in steamy Scorpio as February begins and rejoins him at the end of the month too. The Moon is your ruler and when she is in Scorpio it’s a powerful time for you, and when she joins forceful Mars in one of the signs he rules, it amps up your mojo for sure! This Moon-Mars meeting takes place in your creativity zone where Mars is stationed all month and blends well with Neptune and Chiron in your higher mind territory. This combination means your creative juices flow more strongly than ever. Mars goes retro in April and stays in Scorpio off and on again until August which means you’ll get this creative boost for months to come! Along with this, mighty Jupiter remains stationed in your mental/communication zone which bodes well for wider distribution (marketing, publishing etc.) of creative concepts you’ve been working to get seen and noticed. Also this month sweet Venus continues visiting your relationship/partners territory (thru 2/16) where she joins Pluto to help form stronger liaisons at all levels. All in all Cancer, the quirky month of February looks to be a good month for you!

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, Your ruler the Sun crackles in electric Aquarius in February which amps up your relationship/partners sector. This usually indicates a good time to focus on relationships and how others help reflect your own bright light. This Feb. may be a bit different because rammy Mars is stationed in steamy Scorpio all month (and longer too – off and on until August) in your home and family zone, meaning your home folks demand more attention than usual. Whether this is because of something happy like a new baby who needs your loving attention, or something not so good like a drama-queen homie throwing temper tantrums in your space, you’ll have to deal with it. Luckily Venus has your back. In early Feb. magnetic Venus resides in your work/job/daily agenda zone bringing you the help you need to get organized. Then on 2/16 Venus arrives in your relationship space. Soon significant others in your life uplift your mood and whisk you away to better places!

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, February finds ruler Mercury moving forward again in fellow earth sign Capricorn which helps you feel more grounded again too. Mercury travels in your creativity zone and magnetic Venus is here too. Both planets reach out to benevolent Jupiter in Virgo to help bring you solid creative concepts to build upon for the future. At mid month both Mercury on 2/13 then Venus on 2/16 enter Aquarius which rules your daily work/job zone. This brings a blast of fresh air into the work place and helps you get a better vantage point to see more clearly. At the same time rammy Mars resides in your mental/ communication space in the potent sign of Scorpio where he’ll be all month and longer (off and on until August). Mars here brings intense mental skill which is brilliant for problem solving, research and powerful communication skills. At the same times Mars brings intense over-focus so more of that Virgo hang-up of not being able to see the forest for the trees can manifest too. If you don’t want to get snarled in the weeds remember to reach out and process with others to gain a different perspective. The Full Moon is in Virgo on 2/22 – a wonderful time to celebrate the full perspective of you!

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, February begins with your ruler Venus in earthy Capricorn residing in your home and family space. Venus here helps bring order to your household in all the best ways. Messenger Mercury is here too with good ideas about how to clear out the clutter and reorganize things so they are more easily managed. After they’ve done their work here, Mercury moves into fellow air sign Aquarius on 2/13 with Venus following soon after on 2/16. This airy duo brings creative sparkle and generally uplifts your mood to a better place. At the same time your desire to be uplifted might clash with Mars stationed in your income zone in the powerful and steamy sign of Scorpio. In other words you want to spend some money on having a good time – tickets to the concert, sports event, night out on the town, etc. while someone else is saying, I don’t think so! This could also be the voice of your own common sense as you look at your bank balance. Mars remains in Scorpio all month and beyond (off and on until August) so best advice is to get focused on managing your money so it’s there when you need it. Luckily Mars makes favorable alignments to your work/job space and also to your career zone, so if you hold focus on what you need to do to make money, it will come!

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, February is a power month for you! On 2/1 there is a Moon-Mars conjunction taking place up-close and personal in your Scorpio face and the month ends with the same potent meeting of Moon-Mars in Scorpio too. Remember the last 3 years when Saturn was in this same Scorpio space demanding that you restructure who you always thought you were? Now your co-ruler Mars is here to make sure you got the message. Did you? If so Mars brings you extra strength and stamina to stay the course. If you’ve been hiding your Phoenix head in the sand, Mars will light the flame of change. Luckily you’ve got some help from Mercury, moving direct again, and Venus in earth Capricorn stationed in your mental/ communication zone which helps ground and stabilize you. This duo works harmoniously with mighty Jupiter in your networking and friendship zone to bring you a direct line of assistance from friends and others in your community when you need help processing. Your home life gets charged this month too, when first Mercury on 2/13 then Venus on 2/16 join the Aquarius Sun in your home and family space jazzing up the joint. If you have any teenagers living in your domain, let’s just say it’s likely to be a lively time! The main thing for you to remember this month Scorpio, is the message for your life: own your power!

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Centaurs, February’s astro vibe has a different  gait than usual for your half-horse self. Your ruler Jupiter is in reverse mode which can stall your worldly plans, and Mars, planet of action, is stationed in your misty, non-material realm all month. Rammy Mars in this zone activates your imagination and dream life, but your 3-D life? Not so much. Mars remains in your magical mystery sphere one all month reaching out to Neptune and Chiron in your home space. This means your homies help lift you to higher, more spiritual perspectives, or it could mean they feed your unicorn thinking to the point you’re ready to fly away on imaginary wings that can’t possibly hold you up. Other planetary movements bring focus to a long standing theme – finances. Tune in because as Feb. begins both Venus and Mercury join potent Pluto in your money zone to help ground your ideas about how to keep your income on a firm foundation. At mid month first Mercury on 2/13 then Venus on 2/16 arrive at your mental/communication space to join the crystal blue Aquarius Sun. This mental boost can help you gain more clarity, or amp up crazy ideas. Be very aware of any head strong tendencies to break into a gallop before the track is ready.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, February begins on a lovely note for you with Venus up-close and personal in your sign. This once a year treat means you wear the face of grace and beauty – no one can resist you now so strut your stuff! Mental Mercury is moving forward again in Capricorn now too, so stalled energy regains momentum. This is a great time to revive your new year’s resolutions especially around getting into better physical shape. Finances get into better shape this month too when Mercury on 2/13 followed by Venus on 2/16 enter your money zone bringing clarity about your financial picture. Keep thinking outside the box and avoid falling back into past patterns and your income will benefit. Other astro news is about Mars stationed all month in your networking connection space. This is the zone of your circle of friends along with other community associations. Mars here activates connections which motivate and inspire you, or on the downside Mars’ rammy energy means friends and your social networks drive you crazy with their distracting demands. Mars goes retro this year, and will be here off and on again until August so it’s a good idea to get a handle on this energy pattern early so the positive end is maintained.