Individual Sign Messages For July 2014

Your handy Astro Facts:The Full Moon (20° Capricorn) is on 7/12 at 7:25a. The New Moon (4° Leo) is on 7/26 at 6:42p. Mercury goes direct at 24° Gemini on 7/1 at 5:50a. Jupiter enters Leo on 7/16 at 6:30a, Saturn turns direct at 16° Scorpio on 7/20, Uranus goes retrograde at 16 °Aries on 7/21 (thru 12/21). The Sun enters Leo on 7/22 at 5:41p, and Mars enters Scorpio on 7/25. All times are EDT  Read July’s Astro overview HERE.

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

CANCER June 21 – July 20 Happy Birthday Bright Moon Beams! Your personal new year begins on a significant note this year. Mighty Jupiter, planet of opportunity and expansive energies, is in the last stage of his Cancerian journey. For a solid year Jupiter has been a powerful water turbine churning in your emotional field. The opportunity pouring was to heal at levels rarely possible before, but how you used it was up to you. Did you dive into your deepest fears with open eyes  to discover more love and nourishing healing to bring you to a higher vibration than you ever thought possible? Some may have used this vast energy to feel victimized, emotionally drained, more deeply depressed. Perhaps as you navigated these waters it was a bit of both, yet ultimately as you chose to heal you feel graced as never before. Jupiter will leave your shores on 7/16 to enter Leo and your financial territory for the first time in 12 years. The largest planet in the solar system in your income zone can put more shining gold into your wallet than you ever thought possible! How will you use these resources? Meanwhile sweet Venus enters Cancer on 7/18 with a loving embrace just for you, and soon after muscular Mars powers into fellow water sign Scorpio on 7/25. Your creative muscles get pumped and you have a lot more fun too! Large changes ahead Moon critters, get ready to enjoy!

LEO July 20 – August 22 Mighty Lions – Pull up your glorious manes because something wonderful is coming your way! The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, is set to enter your glorious sign on 7/16. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and opportunity and the last time he visited Leo was 12 long years ago. Jupiter LOVES to be in fire sign Leo so prepare to receive his bounty! As the month begins this colossal planet still swims in your spirit-world region, a bit hard to access, yet if you listen closely you’ll hear this message: “Buff your spiritual muscles as never before!”  Jupiter wants you to know a new program is getting ready to download into your personal reality. If what you have wanted to create, accomplish, manifest seems illusive, please just hold the faith! Soon YOU will be the opportunity everyone sees. This next year is your year to shine as never before Leo – so continue to play with the fairies of the universe who have such lovely plans with you as the shining star! The New Moon is in Leo on 7/26, a perfect time to affirm your intentions for this new powerful stage in your life. See Intro for more on Jupiter.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22 Dear Virgo, July begins on a nice note for you. After a mule-kicker retro phase, ruler Mercury turns direct on 7/1. Your head starts to clear and communication gets back on track. Merc turns forward in your career/outer world zone where sweet Venus also travels (thru 7/18). Blurriness on your worldly radar screen clears away, you can see more clearly which direction to go and know more distinctly who flies in your range. Blue skies ahead! Huge Jupiter continues to flow energy into your networking sphere early in the month, so continue to pump up helpful connections with friends, business associates and your community at large. On 7/16 Jupiter enters your Spirit-World region where his large energy will maximize a different sort of opportunity. (More about this in later issues, stay tuned.) Mars makes a move this month too, entering your mental realm on 7/25. Be careful with Mars’ powerful punch. You want to use his muscular energy to gain deeper levels of understanding and to communicate more potently. Otherwise Mars can spew steaming hot lava directly from your brain to your mouth. Way too hot for all concerned! Stay cool, Virgo.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23 Dear Libra, Big shifts coming for you in July. Mars has been bouncing around in Libra for SEVEN long months, but is set to finally leave on 7/25. All this time Mars has been urging (pummeling!) you to get into balance in all areas of your life. As the month begins ruler Venus helps in this process as she flies through fellow air sign Gemini reaching out a helpful hand to Mars, so those changes you’ve needed to make seem easier than you thought. Mars next stop is to your resources zone so your income flow and big purchases (real estate, autos etc.) get a boost. Even more important news is that mighty Jupiter, who has been in your outer-world/career and professional zone for a solid year, is set to leave on 7/16. Jupiter has been maximizing worldly opportunities and hopes you have taken advantage. His next stop is to your networking zone, so expect your circles of friends, business associates and other like-minded folks in your community to grow and flourish.

SCORPIO October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, July’s astro energy is super-charged for you! Biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, makes an important move and so does co-ruler Mars. This one-two punch can motivate you like never before! Majestic Jupiter enters your outer-world/ career/professional zone for the first time in 12 years. Scorpio is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac and soon it will be your time to shine! Worldly opportunities you have been envisioning and planning for a long time start to manifest as Jupiter shines his majestic Leo Light beginning on 7/16. Saturn in Scorpio for almost 2 years begins to activate this month too, turning direct on 7/20 after a 4 month retro phase. Saturn has been demanding you to redefine who you always thought you were and as he turns forward, he’ll expect to see results! Co-ruler Mars makes a move soon after on 7/25 when he enters Scorpio after a long 7+ months of hiding out in your metaphysical realm. Mars has been storing up a big charge, so be careful how you use this powerful punch! On the plus side Mars will help activate your sense of self worth and confidence and you’ll be ready to reach for the golden ring and swing into positive action. On the other end, Mars in Scorpio can create a dragon’s breath of fire roaring out which can roast you and everything in your path! Scorpio is not the most powerful sign for nothing, and now is one of those times when you want to own and use your power in all the most positive ways.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 20 Dear Galloping Centaurs, You are about to get a boost up onto the best steed you’ve ever ridden! On 7/16 Jupiter, your majestic ruler, is set the leave the watery realm of Cancer to enter fellow fire sign Leo. Jupiter loves to be in Leo where it shines brightly on your favorite territory – the fertile fields of the wide, wide world! The heavens know some of you Saggies have felt a bit wilted from all the dense humidity around lately, so be of good cheer! Jupiter will shine in Leo for a solid year burning off sticky moistness and bringing you positive energy the like of which you have not felt in 12 years. Are you planning big travels or a move to another country; thinking of going off to university or back to school no matter what your age? Are you contemplating promoting your expertise in new and exciting ways, or embarking on a career in government, law or other large social systems? Maybe it’s as simple (and profound!) as joining a new religious community and revamping your entire belief structure. Whatever is ahead on your upward path dear Sage, all you have to do is maintain your unlimited optimism and follow the stars! See Intro for more on Jupiter.

CAPRICORN December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, You’re going to like July’s astro energy! After four long months of backing up, ruler Saturn turns direct on 7/20. Saturn has been reversing in your networking, community connections and friendship sphere since March so if you sensed folks were fading off your radar screen (or perhaps it was you kicking them off!) not to worry, your network is set to re-boot soon. Along with this, mighty Jupiter who has been boiling up a head of steam in your relationship zone for a solid year is set to make a move this month too. Jupiter enters shiny Leo on 7/16 which means opportunities start to glow in your deepest relationship territory. This is the zone of intimacy, soul mate connections, sexuality (pro-creation) so a new large love could come your way (lover, life mate, baby, grandchild) – how bright and juicy is that! If you are already in a good long term relationship this means you’ll be looking at your partner with glowing eyes, thanking your lucky stars you are together. This is also the shared resources territory, so inheritances might come your way, your spouse gets a nice spike in income, the bank finally approves the mortgage you’ve been hoping to get. All in all Cappie, a nice boost to help your inner agile goat prance! The Full Moon is in Capricorn on 7/12 – perfect time for a ceremony of appreciation to fairies of the universe for all the structures they’ve been lining up for you!

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, July brings major changes your way! Huge Jupiter has been splashing around in your work space for a solid year bringing opportunities, which may not have looked as positive as they really are. On 7/16 Jupiter enters Leo and turns his large attention to your relationship sector when he has not been in 12 years. This means partners in love, business and family too start to shine in brand new ways. Their shine reflects on you too, so get ready for a nice change of pace! On 7/20 Lordly Saturn moves forward after a 4+ month back-up in your outer world territory. If career issues stalled, Saturn direct will straighten things out soon! Mars has a say in this too, when he enters Scorpio (which rules your career zone) on 7/25. Motivational Mars has been helpful to you ever since he entered fellow air sign Libra last December and when this warrior charges into Scorpio, career and other worldly issues get a powerful boost! On 7/21 ruler Uranus goes retrograde in your mental and communication zone. Since Uranus travels in volatile Aries his reverse mode might actually be helpful to calm your mind and curb your feisty tongue. Besides Jupiter/Leo plays well with Uranus then, so it’s even better. Your crystal cool self can take control.

PISCES February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, July begins with immense Jupiter splashing in the last lap of his Cancerian swim. Jupiter’s year long visit to fellow water sign Cancer has benefited your creative side to the max, but may also have sunk you deeper into emotional whirl-pools. On 7/16 Jupiter leaves these waters to enter bright Leo, which governs your work and daily agenda zone. This brings new exciting opportunities on the job which can lead to career moves down the road. Meanwhile rammy Mars has been penned up in your deepest relationships space for 7 long months. This means your partners in life from love to business, have been on the ropes for a while as you patiently (or not so much!) waited for things to shift. That shift is coming as Mars enters the powerful water sign of Scorpio on 7/25. Scorpio rules your zone of travel, eduction and all adventures which expand your horizons. Mars puts his muscles to work here which helps you explore new, wider territory. Stately Saturn has been reversing in this same terrain since March, but is set to go direct on 7/20. So when Mars rushes in Saturn will be ready and waiting. New higher vibration structures await you Pisces!

ARIES March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, Lots of astro news for you Rams this month! Mighty Jupiter who has been a house guest of yours for a solid year, is getting ready to pack his bags and enter a new territory. While he was in your home zone, Jupiter was asking (begging!) you to slow down a bit (as much as Aries can) and appreciate your roots and family. Or if you could not appreciate, then at least do a good thorough cleansing so those moldy old puddles finally clear out of your emotional basement. Jupiter’s next stop is to fellow fire sign Leo on 7/16, which rules your creativity space and is also the zone of children, pets, sports and fun times. Jupiter beams his expansive energy here for a solid year. Trust me Aries, you are going to feel so much better! Cell tower Uranus, in Aries since 2011, turns retro on 7/20 for his long backward journey (thru 12/21). Uranus/Aries is highly volatile, so this slower mode gives you time to catch your breath and contemplate your next life moves. Ruler Mars makes a significant move too. On 7/25 Mars leaves your relationship zone where he’s been rope-a-doping 7 long months until you and your partners (in all aspects of your life from love to business) are almost too exhausted to jump back into the ring. Mars enters the penetrating sign of Scorpio which rules your deepest relationship (soul contracts) and shared resources space. Mars in Scorpio is as deep as it gets, so dive in and regain your power!

TAURUS April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, May begins on a nice note for you! Ruler Venus travels in your income zone and Mental Mercury is here too, thankfully moving direct again on 7/1. They both line up with Motivational Mars in your work/job space which helps multiple streams of income flow your way. Later in the month on 7/25 Mars makes an important move into the penetrating sign of Scorpio, which rules your relationship space. Mars packs a powerful punch in Scorpio, and joins Lord of Karma Saturn who has been stationed here for almost 2 years. Saturn has been retro since March but turns direct on 7/20, as if to look you better in the eye. Don’t take any of your relationships for granted, or you’ll be in for surprises you might not be ready to handle. Expansive Jupiter is also on the move this month. Jupiter has been traveling in your mind/communication zone for a solid year in the emotional sign of Cancer helping expand awareness of how your emotions (heart energy) influence your mental attitude, even if you’d like to deny this! On 7/16 Jupiter enters fire sign Leo which rules your home and family space. Jupiter has not visited here since 2002 so you may have forgotten what it means to  have this huge house guest! Stay tuned to find out more in future issues since Jupiter just unpacks his bags in July, but plans to stay for a solid year.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, July begins with love goddess Venus dancing in your sign. Venus will be in Gemini until 7/18 so use her beauty and charm to sparkle like the Gem you are! Ruler Mercury is in Gemini too and turns forward on 7/1 so your dance moves can be smart as well as beautiful now. Looks like a nice month for you! Huge Jupiter in Cancer has been maximizing your income zone for a solid year to put more money in your wallet…or if you made overly emotional versus practical choices your income may have flowed the other way. Jupiter shifts his expansive energy to a new space on 7/16 when he enters Leo and your mental/ communication zone. So if your income did drain out a bit, not to worry, Jupiter in bright fire sign Leo will bring tons of new ideas and creative projects to mind to pump you back up again. Mars makes a move this month too. Motivational Mars has been stationed in fellow air sign Libra for 7 months lifting your creativity to new levels. On 7/25 Mars enters the forceful sign of Scorpio which rules your everyday work/job space. Mars joins Masterful Saturn stationed in this same zone for almost 2 years. Saturn took his eye off the ball over the last 4 months in his retrograde phase, but goes direct again on 7/20. This Mars/Saturn direct combo brings a powerful punch activating energy on the job which can help propel career moves. Perk up Gem, this is not your ordinary month!