Individual Sign Messages October 2016

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full  Moon (23° Aries ) is on 10/15 at 9:23p PDT and on 10/16 at 12:23a EDT. The New Moon (8° Scorpio) is on 10/30 at 1:38p. The Sun enters Scorpio on on 10/23 at 7:48p. There are no changes in planetary directions this month. Unless noted all times are EDT. Daylight time in the US ends on 11/6. Read October’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Gorgeous Dalia Photo by Patricia Kramer

Gorgeous Dalia
Photo by Patricia Kramer

IMAGE NOTE: This photo of one of her dalias was taken by my friend Patricia Kramer a few days after the Sun went into Libra this year. I asked her if I could use it for this issue because Libra love flowers and this one is a beauty!

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Happy Birthday Lovely Libra, your personal new year begins on a major note! Magnificent Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, travels in Libra now lending you his magnificence. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and opportunity and when he travels in your sign YOU become the opportunity everyone wants! For a similar theme, look back to the Fall of 2004 through 2005 the last time Jupiter was in Libra. Last month’s message rings even more clearly now: It’s time [for you] to be the living example of what it looks like when fair play, balanced perspective, consideration of others, along with creative, artistic expression rule. On October 1st Jupiter travels close to the Sun and Moon, all in Libra, signifying a shining month for you! Also on 10/1 ruler Venus travels in your financial zone and sends a positive beam to satellite dish Neptune in your work zone so things at your current job get better, or the new position you’ve been hoping for manifests. On 10/12 Venus reaches out to healer Chiron so this positive energy continues, and if you’ve had any health issues this angle creates the potential for healing too. Muscular Mars just entered your home and family zone on 9/27 where he’ll be your house guest until 11/9. On the plus side you’ve got extra help from others and more stamina yourself to get things accomplished around your home. At the same time testy Mars could stir up trouble, so make sure you hire a reliable contractor and be careful not to overdo things yourself. Mars here unearths old bones too, the ones rattling around in your subconscious basement forever. Messages which took root in your childhood might come back to haunt you. You are not that child who had to appease everyone any more, so scare those old ghostly belief patterns away with a more confident, brighter you!

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, October begins with velvet Venus in your sign, so your magnetic power is even stronger than usual! Take advantage by putting yourself out more – spread your splendid Eagle wings! If you’ve been waiting to ask for something like a raise or a promotion, or to ask that special someone to dinner, now is the time! On 10/18 Venus enters your financial zone (thru 11/11) so your income flow looks good too. Meanwhile co-ruler Mars travels through your mental/communication space for the first time in 2 years. This is excellent for more mental stamina and measured discourse. However, rammy Mars can also bring aggravation so be careful to keep your stingy tail tongue sheathed, or if you must take it out, make sure you use it wisely! On 10/19 for the first time in 2 years Mars connects with ruler Pluto which gives you even deeper communication ability and stronger persuasive power. Communicator Mercury enters Scorpio on 10/25 (thru 11/12) adding to these themes. The New Moon is in Scorpio on 10/30 one of the most potent days in the year to set powerful intentions, so set them!

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius, Are you feeling ruler Jupiter’s important shift yet? Jupiter is in lofty air sign Libra now and on 10/1 joins the Libra Sun and Moon congregated in your networking/friendship space which portends a lovely month for you! Community connections loom large, potential partners reach out with opportunities and friends want you to join them for fun times. So don’t be a hermit, dear Saggie, it’s a month to get out and about and mingle. Meanwhile Mars just entered your income zone (on 9/27 thru 11/9) lending his muscular might to help you build your finances. Potent Pluto has been here for 8 years already urging (demanding!) you to get your money-maker into better shape and Mars has a meeting with Pluto on 10/19 to make sure you’re on the right track. If you’ve been slack, you might get a smack down to remind you to buck up, but if you’ve been making smart decisions and better choices with your money you’ll get a helpful leg up to the next level.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Dear Mt. Goats, October’s astrology provides your sturdy hooves with plenty of strength and stamina to get to the top of your mountain! Muscular Mars is in Capricorn now (thru 11/9) bringing you extra ability to accomplish your goals. Mars meets up with potent Pluto on 10/19 to give an extra motivational push to complete his transformational process (of you!). As the month begins Giant Jupiter in Libra for the first time in 12 years meets up with the Libra Sun and Moon. This lovely gathering sheds bright light upon your career/outer world zone, lighting the way for you to find the perfect balance of work you love with plenty of time for family and other important relationships in your life. On 10/7 mental Mercury flies into Libra too bringing new ideas about how to achieve this balance. Pay attention because you might miss these messages especially if you if you get boxed up in old belief structures – think outside the lines! Velvet Venus currently travels through your networking connections and friendship space and on 10/1 reaches out her soft glove to Neptune in your communication zone indicating a wonderful month to connect with your community and enjoy deep meaningful time with friends. Doesn’t that sound nice!

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, Venus glides through your outer world terrain as October begins bringing her velvety touch to your career and other worldly goals. On 10/1 Venus reaches out to satellite dish Neptune in your income zone tuning in a nice vibe from career to your finances. An unexpected bonus perhaps? Travel is highlighted this month as giant Jupiter in Libra now for the first time since 2004, joins the Libra Sun and Moon on 10/1. This is the  territory of far flung travels and includes education, and your own larger beliefs – a favored zone for you and Mental Mercury flies here too from 10/7 – 10/24. So as you travel (even if it’s just your daily commute) let your mind roam to higher levels and the rewards will be great! There is another good reason to let your mind roam, because motivational Mars is currently stationed in your dream-time zone. He’ll be off in this misty territory until 11/9 so there is lots of action behind the scenes, easily accessible IF you tap into those higher realms. And after all, Aquarius is noted for being able to see life from the 10,000 foot perspective, so do your crystal blue thing!

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Fish Folk, On October 1st Velvet Venus extends her soft glove to your ruler Neptune, a nice touch indicating a yummy month! Venus in fellow water sign Scorpio glides through your higher mind, far flung territory region (including religion, education and law) spreading her lovely vibes, then on 10/18 she enters your career/outer world zone where she brings sweet luck! Lord Saturn is stationed here helping you restructure your worldly goals and Venus has a meeting with him later in the month (10/28-31) when your career/profession gets a lovely boost! On 10/1 giant Jupiter meets the Libra Sun and Moon in your deepest relationship space, shedding sweet light on those you love the most, and this lovely connection also creates potential for money to come your way. Mars currently marches through your networking connections and friendship territory. He lends his muscle to help you reach out to your community, both professional and your circle of friends, for mutual beneficial support. The only warning is to be aware of false friends who take up too much of your time and your generous nature without giving in return.

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, October begins with ruler Mars stationed in your career/outer world zone for the first time in 2 years. Potent Pluto has been here for almost 8 years already helping (forcing!) you to come up with new ways to transform your entire world. On 10/19 Mars joins Pluto adding extra motivation to make necessary changes. Very helpful if you have been on track with your new goals, but if you’ve been resisting these changes Mars’ rammy ways might just push you off the cliff – ready or not! Relationships are a big part of this process with giant Jupiter joining up with the Libra Sun this month in your partnership zone. Jupiter’s expansive energy here brings beauty and balance to your relationships, but if things are out of whack Jupiter’s massive force creates more imbalance, like a heavy kid on the other end of the see-saw bouncing you around like a rag doll! Luckily Velvet Venus helps you this month as she glides through your deeper relationship (soul mate) space and reaches her soft hand out to satellite dish Neptune in your spiritual connection zone. Take advantage of this lovely connection by practicing forgiveness and expressing love and affection to those near and dear more often. The Full Moon is in Aries on 10/15, take some time off to celebrate YOU, and all the accomplishments you’ve achieved.

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, Your ruler Venus garbed in velvety Scorpio glides across your relationship space this month adding magnetism and allure to your partnerships in love and business too. It’s time to love the ones you’re with and they’ll love you back even more! Venus offers her outstretched hand to satellite dish Neptune in your networking connection/friendship zone creating nice opportunities to meet, mix and mingle with helpful people in your community of professional connections and your circle of friends too. On 10/1 giant Jupiter joins the Libra Sun and Moon in your everyday work/job space shining light on new opportunities to find work that perfectly balances your need to earn a living and your desire to spend quality time in other pursuits like being with your family, or simply doing exactly what you want to do with less time constraints. Look back to 2004-05 the last time Jupiter was in this zone, to see a similar theme to now. Mars in fellow earth sign Capricorn is helpful for you this month. He exerts his muscle in your higher mind territory which is also the zone of travel, education, legal affairs  and above all, your own belief structures. Mars’ motivational energy brings stability to your thought process and helps you make decisions based on mature, reasoned analysis.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, Ruler Mercury moves direct again in October (thank ye gods!) and continues his travels in your home zone, so all those appliances that acted up recently have a chance to get repaired or replaced. On 10/9 Mercury flies into fellow air sign Libra where he joins the Libra Sun and Jupiter stationed in your creativity territory. Giant Jupiter has already begun stirring up new creative ideas and Mercury meets up with him from 10/11-13 to help spread these ideas further. Venus begins the month in your work zone adding her magnetism to things on the job and in your daily life tasks too. It will be easier to chop wood, carry water this month! On 10/1 Venus reaches out to Neptune stationed long term in your career/outer world territory adding a helpful touch to Neptune’s process of dissolving your old world, so a new one can emerge – like a butterfly from her cocoon. Pay attention to any clues you get this month that aide this important transition. Mars travels through your deeper relationship, soul mate zone all month. Mars’ energy is motivational so pay attention to advice your close significant others have to give. Mars can be rammy too so don’t let your sig. others push you beyond where you need to be either!

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, October begins with several significant astro elements for you! Mars travels through your relationship territory all month. (thru 11/9). You’ve been waiting for your partners from family to business to get more active and they will! On 10/1 mighty Jupiter joins the Sun and your ruler the Moon in Libra. This meeting shines a lovely light on your home and family zone – look back to Fall 2004-05 for a similar theme. Venus is currently in fellow water sign Scorpio looking lovely as she graces your creativity zone. On 10/1 she reaches out to satellite dish Neptune in your higher mind territory which includes travel and education too, tuning into a beautiful channel of creative inspiration. Should be a nice month for you! The only thing to be aware of is a clash between Mars in your partners zone and Jupiter in your home space (most active from 10/3-8) which could bring out competition between your family and work issues. Remember to find a good balance between them and you’ll avoid any stress.

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, Are you enjoying jolly Jupiter’s visit to your mental state? On October 1st Jupiter joins the Libra Sun and Moon shining a beautiful light inside your mind and communication space (also the zone of extended family like siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins.) This is one of those months you’ll find yourself feeling happier than usual as you go about your day. A nice gift, so enjoy it! If things have been tense around the homestead this year (especially during rammy Mars’ several months visit) Venus lends a helping hand. On 10/1 Venus resides in your home and family space and extends her velvety hand to Neptune in your deeper relationship, soul mate zone (shared resources too), soothing any pain Mars stirred up and helping you forgive (if not forget!) the ones you dearly love. This month Mars travels in your work space where his energy is much more productive and satisfying. Mars travels here for the first time in 2 years and stays through 11/9. Take advantage of this leverage from things on the job front, which extend to your career and financial zones too. Get to work, dear Leo and watch the magic unfold!

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, October begins with ruler Mercury moving forward again which helps your own forward momentum too. Mercury remains in Virgo until 10/7 when he flies into Libra which rules your income zone. On 10/1 mighty Jupiter joins the Libra Sun and Moon in this same zone shining a brilliant light on your financial picture. When Mercury joins in the ideas you’ve been deliberating become clearer, as do the partnership issues which are integrally involved. Venus travels in your mental/communication territory, dressed to kill in her dark velvet Scorpio gown. On 10/1 Venus reaches out to Neptune in your relationship/partners space helping you take off your rose glasses and see the deeper dynamics operating with your partners in life from love to business. It’s all good dear Virgo, let Venus be your guide! Venus’ consort Mars travels in fellow earth sign Capricorn in your creativity territory. He’ll be here through 11/9 so take advantage of this productive, level-headed energy and continue to solidify your next creative plan. Mars’ next station is your work/job zone – things can lift off then! Now is the time to prepare.