Individual Sign Messages July 2015

Out Flew the Moon by Kay Nielsen

Out Flew the Moon
by Kay Nielsen

Your handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (10° Capricorn ) is on 7/1 at 10:20p. The New Moon (23° Cancer) is on 7/15 at 9:24p, and another Full ‘Blue’ Moon (8° Aquarius) is on 7/31 at 6:43a. The Sun enters Leo on 7/22 at 11:31p, Venus goes retrograde on 7/25 at 0° Virgo (thru 9/6) and Uranus goes retrograde on 7/26 at 20° Aries (thru 12/25). All times are EDT. Read July’s astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

CANCER   June 21 – July 20 Happy Birthday Moon Beams! Powerful financial flames light up your personal new year’s path! Lucky Jupiter and “I’ve got your back babe” Venus travel in your income space and beam up to cell tower Uranus in your career zone. This astro-ray doesn’t come around often, so it’s time to make hay while the Sun shines! Other configurations bring a strong flow of emotional force and if you use this combination wisely it can take you to the peak of success! Hint: remember to stay in balance so your emotions carry you exactly where you want to be, versus carry you over the edge. July’s astro energy is very powerful for you with motivational Mars in your sign pumping up your brand for the first time in 2 years. Mars in Cancer maximizes healing energies and puts muscle into family situations. It’s a great time to get together with family and share healing love. On 7/1 your ruler the Moon is in Full phase in the sturdy sign of Capricorn which highlights your partnership zone. Partners help share the load and your relationships reflect the truth of who you are. Messenger Mercury enters Cancer on 7/8 (thru 7/23) bringing a refreshing flow of ideas. If healing is your profession you’ll be amazed at the power flowing through your hands (and heart) and no matter what your occupation when you tap this energy your intuition will be perfectly on target, so follow it! The New Moon on 7/15 is in Cancer, a wonderful time to plant intention-seeds for the future. All in all Lunar children, this is one of the best times for you in many years. Be sure to take time to relax, breathe and take it all in – appreciate your life!

LEO   July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, July is a stellar month! On 7/1 Jupiter and Venus join together in Leo and send a bright ray to Uranus which lights an amazing blaze for you! This kind of astro energy doesn’t come around often so take advantage. Here’s how – fully embrace your own creative style, in fact relish in it! Roll around your personal turf like the lion of your sign, then get up stretch and play! People will notice and want to join in with your glorious self. If you’ve been promoting your concepts or creations this energy highlights your brand with double flashing neon. If you are on a different track and don’t need (or care) for too much attention it’s also a good month to escape to inspiring locations to relax and rejuvenate. It’s a lovely time for a family vacation where deeper emotions have time and space to be shared. In fact for you Leos who have learned to tame your ego it is absolutely one of the best times ever! If you are one of those Leos who can’t see beyond your own rays, it might still feel good to you, but others are beginning to see through to your true nature and it’s not pretty. Of course if you are that kind of Leo, you won’t be reading this…but your mates may.

VIRGO   August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, July finds ruler Mercury flying fast and free again in your career/outer world realm, a welcome relief after the weird murkiness earlier! On 7/8 Mercury enters Cancer where he joins up with Motivational Mars and the Sun in your networking connections zone. Spending time with friends and like-minded community is ideal and can also help heal any earlier relationship strains. Meanwhile loving Venus and the big cosmic good luck charm Jupiter join together on 7/1 in your solar 12th house of dreams and spiritual connections. They reach out to cell tower Uranus in your soul mate connection zone creating one of the best vibrations in years! This astro-ray optimizes your intuition and imagination to help you give and receive powerful inspiration from soul mates (in all their guises). Don’t be discouraged if all your wondrous ideas and plans don’t seem to be manifesting as quickly as you’d like. Things are in process of lining up, so be patient and please don’t go into that Virgo complaining mode. Do practice positively enjoying your life! Venus goes retrograde in Virgo on 7/25. See Intro for details.

LIBRA   September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, July is a significant month for you. The sun shines on your career space and Mars is swimming through too. They both reach out to Neptune stationed in your work/job zone all of which creates a big splash in your world. If you’ve been waiting for a jump-start in your career this creates a push, and indicates something in your world is manifesting in new ways. Relationships play a big part as your ruler Venus in Leo joins with big cosmic good luck charm Jupiter on 7/1 and beams out rays to Uranus stationed in your relationship zone. This beautiful beam originates from your networking connections, community and friendship space, and lights up relationships and partners in exciting and creative ways. You have much to share with them and they lead you to exactly the best places for you to be. Nice energy so get out and about in your community and take advantage! Venus remains in Leo until 7/18 when she enters the earth sign of Virgo which rules your solar 12th house of mystical mystery, dreamtime space. On 7/25 Venus begins her every other year retrograde phase in this same zone which is not a bad place for her to reverse in terms of any outer-world effects. In fact it is a good time to reflect upon your inner world spiritual side and review relationships in terms of their karmic significance. See Intro for details on Venus retro.

SCORPIO   October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, July begins with sweet Venus joining lucky Jupiter in your career/outer world zone flashing a powerful ray to cell tower Uranus in your daily work space. This is one of the best months ever for you to make career strides! At the same time Co-ruler Mars joins the Sun splashing through fellow water sign Cancer and they reach out to Neptune in water sign Pisces with you, Scorpio, being the 3rd water sign focus for this loving connection. This waterfall of emotional energy flows from your higher mind territory and travel zone, to your creativity (and kids) space. This month is a beautiful time to join in family gatherings and/or create wonderful family events yourself. Meanwhile keep in mind Saturn’s return to Scorpio also powers up watery emotions and can dredge up old festering issues too. And of course where do most of those oozing sores originate? From family dynamics of course! So be aware of your own or others tendencies to go off on each other and nip that drama in the bud! Your ruler Pluto is in the news this month. On 7/14 the New Horizons spacecraft is doing a Flyby

SAGITTARIUS   November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius,  On 7/1 love goddess Venus in fellow fire sign Leo joins ruler Jupiter in your expansive Wide Open Spaces zone where your higher mind runs free. This Venus-Jupiter connection sends ray-beams to broadcaster Uranus in your creativity and fun time space, so July begins with a bonfire of delight for you! Travel plans are highlighted by this pattern so if you are traveling this month expect some beautiful adventures! The other big theme for July is all the watery energy pouring from the heavens. Mars joins the Sun in emotional Cancer splashing through your deepest relationship zone and they reach out to Neptune in Pisces stationed in your home space creating a large misty waterfall. This energy might feel absolutely refreshing and beautifully yummy, or totally overwhelming and claustrophobic especially to “I must have my freedom” type of Sag. No matter what type of Sagittarius you are, you’re bound to feel the contrast between the trail blazing fiery force and the swirling watery flow this month. Best advice is to find a nice balance between the two, so you can enjoy both!

CAPRICORN   December 21 – January 19 Dear Mountain Goats, July begins with the Full Moon in your sign indicating a month for you to shine brightly too! Mars joins the Sun in your opposite sign of Cancer splashing through your relationship/partners space. Mars is here for the first time in 2 years and brings extra motivation from others in your life both at personal (like your spouse) to business partners. Mars and the Sun reach out to Neptune stationed in your mental and communication zone. This lovely current helps create a deeper channel from your heart to your head which opens your mind to more loving thoughts and expression. It also activates your ability to tune into relationship nuances to both give and receive a more positive flow. How beautiful is that! Be careful though, because Neptune’s satellite dish function can capture negative emotions too and you don’t want to take on (or feed) the doubts and fears of others. Luckily on 7/1 there is an amazingly positive aspect between the cosmic good luck charms Venus and Jupiter in Leo which reach out to Uranus in Aries. This fiery ray beam lights up enthusiasm and points toward beneficial shared experiences with family and close loved ones in your life. Overall Cappie, this is a month to do as the old song says, “Love the ones you’re with!

AQUARIUS   January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, July’s astro energy beams the brightest light ever on your relationships! On 7/1 Venus with all her sweetness joins big cosmic good luck charm Jupiter in your relationship/partners space and sends out a beautiful ray to your ruler Uranus. Your mates in life from spouse to business partners see much better who you really are and love you more for it, and you feel fortunate to be connected with them too. This type of aspect does not come around often, so be sure to recognize and take advantage of it! At the same time emotional waters are churning a river from your work/daily agenda space to your financial zone with a tributary that just re-opened onto your career/worldly terrain. Over the last few years you were meant to take a hard look at your worldly situation from your profession and career to where you abide on the planet. If structures needed to change, you were in charge of figuring out how. This month’s trends help you realize what still needs renovating or if changes have already been made you’ll see how it all fits together and make any final adjustments…and you’ll have plenty of help! Uranus goes retrograde on 7/26 and the Full Blue Moon on 7/31 is in Aquarius. A time to celebrate all your accomplishments! see Intro for details.

PISCES   February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, The cosmic waters are flowing for you in July! The month begins with a beautiful aspect from the Sun and Mars in the healing water of Cancer which flows directly to your ruler Neptune in Pisces. Your creative abilities benefit from this lovely current so make sure you make time to let your creative self come out and play! Children and family in general are also highlighted by this, so it’s a good time to play with them too! At the same time there is another beautiful cosmic vibration between Venus and Jupiter in Leo stationed in your work/daily agenda space who reach out to Uranus in your income zone. Venus and Jupiter are cosmic good luck charms and in the uber-creative sign of Leo maximize your ability, not only to produce your creative best at all levels, but to be recognized for it and make money from it too! Isn’t that nice.

ARIES   March 21 – April 21 Dear Rams, July’s astro energy continues the bright vibration for you that began last month. On 7/1 Uranus in Aries connects to big good luck charm Jupiter in Leo and sweet Venus joins in too. Your creative spark is at an all time high, and others more easily tune in to see it too. This kind of pattern does not come around often so take advantage! Along with this fiery spark flows an emotional waterfall led by your ruler Mars in Cancer alongside the Cancer Sun who sends a current to Neptune in Pisces. Mars is splashing through your home and family zone for the first time in 2 years, which can feel like a graceful dolphin swimming and leaping or like a great white shark lurking in the deep ready to bite! Mars’ connection to Neptune helps when you remember to lift your vibration to a more compassionate level. On the other end it can lead to frustration and feed your need to escape. Perhaps that’s not a bad plan. The Full Moon in Capricorn on 7/1 shines in your career and external life space, so if your energy feels pulled down don’t stick around in a whirlpool, get out and about and pull yourself out! Uranus turns retrograde in Aries. See Intro for details.

TAURUS   April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, July is a significant month for you. On 7/1 your ruler Venus in Leo makes a direct link with good luck charm Jupiter and they both reach out to broadcaster Uranus. Venus and Jupiter are stationed in your home zone and Uranus is stationed in your mystical dream-time space. This connection creates a happy creative spark around the house and when you tap into a higher more spiritual vibe things become even more loving and fun! Mars maintains his once in 2 year visit to your mental zone where he joins the Cancerian Sun in reaching out to Neptune in Pisces stationed in your networking connection sphere. This watery flow adds more loving connections between friends and others in your community. Later in the month on 7/25 your ruler Venus goes retrograde which happens only every other year. Venus turns around at 0° Virgo in your creativity space. You may feel like creative plans stall a bit and this is also the zone of children, so you might notice a shift in your kids. Luckily Virgo is an earth sign which works well with Taurus so it not likely to cause anything major. Venus retros back into Leo in August, so stay tuned for more on that then.  See Intro for Venus Retro details.

GEMINI   May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, July dawns with ruler Mercury flying free in Gemini which helps lift your spirits too. At the same time the planetary good luck charms of Jupiter and Venus have an up-close and personal meeting in your mental/communication space and they also beam out to cell tower Uranus in your networking/friendship zone. This broadband creates fortuitous connections of the stellar variety! It pays to go to any and all functions you are invited to this month. You could easily meet that perfect person or people who have just what you need to help get you to the next level. Your financial flow gets a boost too with Mars joining the Sun in your money zone. This is the big resources space too including real estate and other major assets. Rammy Mars has not been here in 2 years, so you may be feeling a push to make a larger purchase than usual. On 7/1 The Sun and Mars reach out to Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces stationed in your career and outer world arena so if your career is on track you can trust that the money will be there when you need it.