Individual Sign Messages April 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (21° Libra) is on 4/10 at 11:08p PT and on 4/11 at 2:08s ET and The New Moon (6° Taurus) is on 4/26 at 8:16a. Venus retrograde re-enters Pisces on 4/2 then turns direct at 27° Pisces on 4/15. Mercury turns retrograde on 4/9 at 7:15p at 4° Taurus (thru 5/3), Saturn turns retrograde on 4/5 at 27° Sagittarius (thru 8/25). The Sun enters Taurus on 4/19 at 5:27p, Pluto turns retrograde on 4/20 at 19° Capricorn (thru 9/28), and Mars enters Gemini on 4/21 (thru 6/4). Unless noted all times are Eastern Time. Read April’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Fiery Aries Ram by vallhadar

IMAGE NOTE: Found this great Aries Ram by vallhadar at his Deviant Art page. Love it.

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, Happy Birthday Adventurous Rams! Your personal new year begins with magnetic Venus gracing Aries. She is moving retrograde and backs into your dream-time space on 4/2, then on 4/15 Venus goes direct again and returns to Aries on 4/28 to bring sweet attention your way again through 6/6 – much longer than usual! It continues to be an excellent time for you to envision what you want. It may take a bit longer to manifest, and you must exercise patience and trust – not so easy for you impatient rams. But if you hold steady, you will be rewarded! Income is highlighted too, with ruler Mars traveling in your financial sector pumping iron with potent Pluto in your career zone. Keep focus on the the new structures you’ve been building and the money will follow. Mars leaves earth bound Taurus on 4/21 when he flies into light and airy Gemini a sign which works very well with Aries. Gemini rules your mental/ communication territory and Mars = activation and has not visited here for 2 years. Follow Mars’ lead and hold steady in early April but at the same time prepare the statement you want/need to give – whether it’s to an audience of others or for your own personal commitment. Then when Mars is in Gemini (from 4/21 thru 6/4 ) say what you need to say with strength of conviction! Be aware that energetic Mars in your mental territory can also ramp up your brain in ways that stress, so stay calm and carry on! Get plenty of rest too, especially when Mercury goes retro in this same mental zone from 4/9 thru 5/3. Mighty Jupiter continues to bring positive focus on relationships in your life from love and marriage to business partners, but in April powerful Pluto clashes with Jupiter which means partners have some ideas or plans that might pull backward, especially when Pluto goes retro on 4/20. For now it’s smarter for you to focus on yourself, keep defining your own concepts of what you want to create in life – which is what you Aries are born to do! See Intro for more info on all the retrogrades this month.

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, April begins with communicator Mercury and muscular Mars in your sign bringing you down to earth energy that suits you so well. Mars reaches out to powerful Pluto in your higher mind territory helping shore up the new and more positive belief structures you’ve been building. This is the zone of education too, so if you are a student you’ve got some help with exams. As the month begins ruler Venus remains retrograde off in your misty, dream-time zone, but quickly (on 4/2) re-enters Pisces and your networking/friendship space where she’ll be until 4/28. Look back to late January-early February when Venus was last here. Themes activated then return. If friends faded away, or your community connections drifted off you’ll gain a better understanding of the dynamics involved and when Venus moves forward again on 4/15 a sweet, nourishing vibe returns. On 4/9 Mercury turns retrograde in your sign – at 4° Taurus, then returns to Aries on 4/20 and re-enters your other world, spirit side territory (until 5/16). This adds to the concept of reviewing previous actions/involvement which impacted you earlier to gain fresh insight. The New Moon is in Taurus on 4/26, the best time in the year for you to set intentions for practical and positive improvement in your life. See Intro for more info on all the retrogrades this month.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, April dawns with the Moon in your sign signifying cycles of change for you. Creativity is involved. How do you access (or not!) playful, joyous energy to lift up your vibrations? Ruler Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on 4/9 (thru 5/3) reversing in your unconscious, inner life realm. This is the dream-time zone so Mercury retro here helps bring back earlier visions. On 4/20 Mercury re-enters Aries which rules your networking/community space where he’ll be until 5/16. Read the Taurus message above for similar advice on the dynamics up for review. Saturn, stationed in your relationship zone since 2015, turns retro this month too, on 4/5 (thru 8/25). Stern Saturn has been demanding that you create better structures in your relationships across the board from love and marriage to professional and business ones. His retro journey on the plus side gives you a breather from the hard work of figuring things out and more time to focus on yourself. Be careful though, because Saturn retro here can also pull you back into unhealthy relationship dynamics and with Mercury retro at the same time it could be easy to make wrong choices. So stay positive, raise your creative vibe and attract positive people! On 4/21 Mars enters Gemini for the first time in 2 years and travels in Gemini through 6/4 bringing more energy your way. Mars in Gemini is a great communicator and loves to have fun too, but on the downside creates scattered, mentally draining energy so remember not to overdo it – balance is the key concept! See Intro for details on Mercury and the other retrogrades.

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Lunarian, Your beautiful ruler the Moon sparkles in Gemini as April begins. Gemini rules your 12th house, the misty, dream-time zone and the Moon here plays well with huge Jupiter stationed in your home and family space. What is the image of the best life you can imagine, especially around your family life, so important to Cancer? Focus on this ideal and watch the magic it creates unfold! Several planets turn retrograde this month. On 4/5 Saturn goes retro in your work/job zone which means you need to be more vigilant to maintain the positive structures you’ve been creating around your daily work. This is the area of health too, so make sure you continue to practice positive health routines. On 4/9 communicator Mercury goes reverse in your networking/community zone and soon re-enters your career territory, so be aware of potential miscommunication with your associates and friends. Later in the month on 4/20 (thru 9/28) Pluto turns around in your relationship/partners zone. Potent Pluto reversing here means relationships you’ve counted on to support you might backslide a bit. It pays to be aware of this, but don’t be overly concerned because Pluto has been stationed here for 7 years, so you’ve weathered this pattern many times before. See Intro for more details on all the retrogrades.

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, As always when April begins your glorious ruler the Sun shines in fellow fire sign Aries bringing you uplifting energy and igniting your lust for travel adventures and journeys into new territories. At the same time motivating Mars is stationed in your career/professional zone urging you to stay focused on worldly ambitions. On 4/9 mental Mercury goes retrograde in this same career zone and your attention begins to wander fueling your desire to escape. Keep in mind Merc retro is well known for creating travel snafus and communication messes. So if you make any plans to get away, be sure you check and check and double-check every detail or you might end up in Tuscaloosa instead of Tahiti. Stately Saturn has been providing new structures in your creative pursuits, and also turns retrograde this month on 4/5. Saturn remains in fire sign Sagittarius so the energy is still very positive for you, but you may notice your creative discipline takes a dive. Not to worry it will return, but you might have to work a bit harder to stay committed, especially with Merc. retro at the same time. See Intro for more details on the retrogrades.

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, April begins with ruler Mercury in fellow earth sign Taurus adding to practical problem solving concepts that work best for you. Mars is traveling in Taurus too bringing extra muscle to your intelligent brand and since Mars in Taurus works well with powerful Pluto stationed in your work space you get strong assistance on the job. On 4/9 Mercury goes retrograde so be more aware of your tendency to get bogged down in the nuts while neglecting the bolts. On his retro journey Mercury returns to Aries on 4/20 and reactivates your deeper connections and shared resources zone. Look back to mid March when Mercury visited here before and considered what was happening then. You have a chance to review the dynamics and resolve any conflicts so you’ll be more prepared when Mercury moves forward again on 5/3. Stern Saturn has been visiting your home and family space since 2015 helping (forcing!) you to make necessary changes. Saturn turns retrograde on 4/5 (thru 8/25) so you may get a bit annoyed if those changes seem to backslide. Don’t get frustrated but rather hold faith the restructuring will produce positive change, even if you don’t see the proof yet. That’s a challenge for your “I need to see it, touch it, taste it, before I’ll believe it” Virgo self. Rise to the challenge my friend and you’ll meet and master it!

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, As April begins your ruler Venus remains retro in Aries stationed in your relationship/partners zone. But soon, on 4/2, she returns to Pisces and re-enters your work/job territory where she’ll be until 4/28. Even retro Venus sheds her grace, so if things seemed to drift away on the job you have the opportunity to revisit why, and when Venus turns direct on 4/15 better vibes return too. As Venus prepares to move forward, messenger Mercury turns backward on 4/9. Mercury reverses in your deeper relationship-shared resources zone and returns to your partnership space on 4/20 before going direct on 5/3. Mercury retro is well known for garbled communication and when he retros in your relationship territory your partners may suddenly seem to be speaking another language all together. Don’t waste too much time and energy trying to translate, instead focus on being very clear and concise yourself. Even if this means repeating the same thing over and over, maintain your message trusting it will eventually be received at the appropriate time. Pluto stationed long term in your home and family zone goes retro too, on 4/20 (thru 9/28) putting more pressure on family issues which are of course relationship issues too. The Full Moon is in Libra this month on 4/11. With all the funky relationship stuff happening, this Moon brings you powerful energy to honor yourself and all the progress you’ve made. On 4/21 Mars enters fellow air sign Gemini where he’ll be through 6/4 bringing an uplifting energy for you which helps offset the retrograde effects.

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, Relationships continue to be active for you in April. Co-ruler Mars is stationed in your relationship/partners territory and communicator Mercury just entered here too. Remember last month’s advice about being careful not to jump into a new relationship (especially romance) too quickly? If you did begin something new you need to know when Mercury turns retrograde on 4/9, a relationship or business partnership which seemed promising could unravel as communication stalls or gets garbled. Your main ruler Pluto stationed in your own communication zone helps out for a while, but Pluto turns retrograde too, on 4/20 and remains backward through 9/28. Saturn goes retrograde this month too on 4/5 and reverses in your income zone. This Saturn retro period from 4/5 thru 8/25 is not the best time to invest in large purchases or take big financial risks, but instead reminds you to hold firmly to the financial improvements you’ve already made. The bright spot in all this come from Venus who goes forward again on 4/15. Venus begins the month in your work/job space but quickly re-enters your creativity zone on 4/2 where she reminds you how much you love and need to access your creative abilities. Follow her lead and she’ll direct you back to your true self. Then by the end of the month when Venus re-enters your job space (on 4/28) you’ll be on the right course and your finances get a boost too. See Intro for more details on the retrogrades.

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Centaurs, There is a lot of retrograde energy around this month pulling your reins back. Your ruler Jupiter remains retro (until 6/9) and on 4/5 Saturn in Sagittarius begins his 4 + month reverse journey (thru 8/25) which indicate a couple of things for you. Strict Saturn has been in Sag. since 2015 bringing necessary restructuring into your life. If you have been going along with Saturn’s plan even if some of those changes were uncomfortable, Saturn retro can bring a more relaxed and easy going pace. However, if you’ve resisted changes you needed to make, Saturn retro can box you in until you are forced to change or else! Messenger Mercury turns retro too, from 4/9 through 5/3, reversing in your work zone. Mars is in this same zone work zone now which brings more motivation, but remember to be extra careful in any type of communication, especially work related. This is the zone of health too so be very informed about any medications you’re prescribed, and be sure you and your health care practitioner are speaking the same language. On 4/20 potent Pluto begins his long retro period (thru 9/28) which takes place in your income zone. Some of the necessary changes you needed to make had to do with your finances. Similar to the message of Saturn retro, Pluto’s retro message is hold steady to any positive financial structures you’ve put in place, but if you’ve avoided this, you’d better face the facts and get busy! One cheerier note this month comes from sweet Venus who turns direct on 4/15 in your home and family space. This means no matter what, you’ve got love and support from your home folk which is more precious than gold. See Introo for more details on the retrogrades.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, The big news for you in this month of retrogrades is that your ruler Saturn begins his reverse mode on 4/5. Saturn turns around in Sagittarius stationed off in your misty dream-time space. When Saturn goes retro your usual sense of discipline goes off-road, but since Saturn is in your way off the road space anyway, you probably won’t notice too much difference. In fact this Saturn retro (until 8/25) could pull you more toward your sea-goat self and be a good time to dive into more spiritual pursuits. Messenger Mercury goes retrograde on 4/9 (thru 5/3) beginning his back-up in your creativity zone, then re-enters your home and family space on 4/20. This means bright ideas you’ve been building upon take a back seat to demands around the house and/or from family members. On 4/1 Venus retro is stationed in your home zone providing her usual sweet assistance but quickly returns to your mental space on 4/2 bringing back nice ideas you were considering in the middle of March. Venus turns direct on 4/15 and re-enters your home zone on 4/28, so if Mercury retro has been up to any mischief she’ll help smooth things over. The primary retrograde affecting you is Pluto who reverses on 4/20 in Capricorn (at 19°). You’ve experienced this many years now, since Pluto entered Capricorn in Oct. of 2008, so it won’t feel new. Pluto represents total transformation so if you’ve been transforming as Pluto has been requesting, the pressure valve releases a bit. However if you’ve been ignoring Pluto’s demands, his relentless ‘metal ball’ dynamic comes into play until you must create needed changes or get rolled over! This affects all Capricorns, but is more significant for those born from Jan. 6-9. See the Intro for more details on Pluto and all the other retrogrades too.

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, You’ll be happy to know you are one of the few signs not majorly affected by all the retrogrades in April. The month begins with Venus retro and on 4/2 she re-enters your income zone, a nice place for magnetic Venus to be, retro or not! On 4/5 Saturn reverses (thru 8/25) in your networking/community/friends zone. Saturn has been here since 2015 making sure you’ve strengthened ties in friendships and in all the community circles in which you’re involved. Saturn retro simply reminds you to keep this up along with setting boundaries and even cutting cords if it’s appropriate. Next up is Mercury who turns retro on 4/9 (thru 5/3). This may be more significant because Mercury reverses in your home and family space. Muscular Mars is already here and his presence can cause agitation from too many demands on your time from your home folk. Mercury rules communication, so when he retros messages get distorted and confusion rules. Be more awake and aware than usual so you can read through the lines to understand what’s really being said. On April 15 Venus leaves her retrograde phase and goes direct in your income zone, which is happy news for you because her magnetic energy gets into gear again pulling your finances forward. Then on 4/20 Pluto backs up (thru 9/28) but since Pluto is stationed off in your non material, spirit side zone this is not a major factor for you, though you might notice it’s a bit harder to remember your dreams and access your spiritual guidance. On 4/21 Mars enters fellow air sign Gemini (thru 6/4) which perks up your creative and fun side, giving ability to jump over any retro blocks. Doesn’t that sound nice?

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, April brings many retrograde pattern changes. Here’s how they affect you. One of the major ones is Saturn who reverses on 4/5 (thru 8/25) in your career/outer world zone. Since 2015 Saturn has been helping you restructure your place in the world and if you have been working with Saturn’s plan, this retro time might indicate a slower pace which requires more patience, but nothing to be concerned about. However, if you’d been ignoring Saturn’s advice, things in your career and other worldly endeavors could backslide and even fall apart, so get busy and shore things up! Next is Mercury who turns around on 4/9 (thru 5/3) in your mental/communication space. Mercury backing up here means you need to pay even more attention to the Mercury retro rule: check, check and double check all that you say, write, text, email etc. Venus is retro as April begins but the good news for you is that she revisits Pisces on 4/2 then on 4/15 goes direct and remains in your sign until 4/28. Venus not only has your back, but she shines in your face too! On 4/20 transformer Pluto begins his long retro journey which lasts until 9/28. Pluto retros in your networking connections and friendship zone where he has been for 7 years already. This is not major for you, but could indicate adjustments need to be made in your circle of friends and other networking venues by setting better boundaries – like less time on Facebook and more real face time in the community! On 4/21 Mars enters Gemini and brings his bouncy energy into your home and family zone. So in the midst of all the retrogrades, things get busier around the homestead! See Intro for more details on the retrogrades.