Individual Sign Messages June 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (19° Sagittarius) is on 6/9 at 9:10a and The New Moon (3° Cancer ) is on 6/23 at 10:31p. Mars enters Cancer on 6/4, Jupiter turns direct at 13° Libra on 6/9, Neptune turns retrograde at 14° Pisces on 6/16, and the Sun enters Cancer at the Solstice on 6/20 at 9:24p PDT and on 6/21 at 12:24a EDT. All times are EDT. Read June’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Gemini Butterflies

IMAGE NOTE: If you’ve been following Heavenly Messages you may know that if I were in charge of Astrology I’d change a couple of symbols. One of them is Gemini which I would call “The Butterfly” because of its lighthearted nature and the way Gemini at their best spreads joy and cheer. Just like these beautiful butterflies which with a nod to the traditional symbol look like Twins.   Photograph by Armen Absioghomyan

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Happy Birthday Shining Gem! Your personal new year’s theme is about relationships, relationships, relationships! This is the last year Lord of Karma Saturn travels in your relationship/partners zone (7th house) asking (demanding!) that you do these things: 1) Set better boundaries with any relationships that are out of balance whether it be love, family or business partners. 2) Finally get the guts to make long term commitment/s or 3) find the courage to end (for good!) dysfunctional, soul sucking relationships. You’ve got plenty of help for this now with structure buster Uranus lining up with ‘I’ve got your back’ Venus who reach out to Saturn as June begins. They’ll help you find the best ways to do what you need to do. Muscular Mars helps too especially while he continues to travel in Gemini until 6/4 – so get busy! Mars next visit is to your income/resources zone (2nd house) where for the first time in 2 years he helps you focus on money matters, like how to make more of it. Smart choices you make in the next few weeks lead to stronger financial stability in the future. Ruler Mercury is off in the mist in early June, so if you feel a bit ungrounded not to worry, because on 6/6 Merc flies into his very own sign of Gemini uplifting your general mood and bringing you more clarity. On 6/9 gigantic Jupiter in fellow air sign Libra turns direct after 5 months of backward motion. He swirls around in your creativity zone (5th house), so your creative juices get juicier than ever as inspiration returns. Children come into play too, so if you have your own or work with kids, things are sparkly! All in all dear Gem this is a very good time to be you!

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, June’s astro energy is powerful for you! Your lovely ruler the Moon is in productive Virgo on 6/1 sharpening your mental abilities and later in the month on 6/23 the New Moon is in your very own sign, which makes this an excellent month to line up your priorities and take steps to achieve them. Venus continues her visit to your career/ outer world zone (10th house) and in early June helps soothe any chaos Uranus caused lately and brings nice vibes to Saturn in your work zone (6th house) to help create positive changes on the job and in your daily life routines in general too. Jupiter turns direct on 6/9 after 5 months of backing up in your family/home space. Things around the homestead and the people who live there with you get back into balance again. On 6/4 energetic Mars splashes into Cancer for the first time in 2 years. The waves he creates can be refreshing or mini tsunamis – your choice. It all depends upon how you use your emotional energy. If you do that Cancerian thing where you take everything personally and react emotionally to every little thing, well expect crashing waves. However, if you dip into your vast reservoir of creative inspiration and healing powers those waves will be so inviting you’ll ride them like a surfing pro!

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Lordly Lions, As June begins your ruler the Sun in sparkling Gemini shines in your networking/friendship zone where he reaches out to Jupiter in your mental/ communication zone (3rd house) helping your own personal communication style shine too! It also means your circle of friends and community contacts are excited about the creative projects you’ve been up to. Are you feeling the North Node compass point in your direction yet? Early in the month the golden Leo N. Node gets activated by sweet Venus in Aries who meets with cell tower Uranus and both line up with Saturn in your creativity space (5th house) sending out even more exciting ripples. Active Mars begins June in your networking space but on 6/4 splashes into your misty, mysterious 12th house. Mars hasn’t been here for 2 years and when he travels in this non-material, spirit realm your usual energy patterns shift a bit. You may feel a bit spacey and ungrounded, so if you can it’s a good idea to take time off from your usual routines – go on vacation or at least make sure you have plenty of down time to drift off into dream-time. If you tap into the creative waters Mars stirs up here, you’ll be able to download new, inspiring concepts which you’ll have plenty of energy to carry out when Mars enters Leo on 7/20.

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, The Moon is in your sign on 6/1 indicating a month of changing cycles for you. One cycle that could shift is around your finances. Ruler Mercury flies into Gemini on 6/6 when he enters your 10th house of career and professional goals. A few days later on 6/9 mighty Jupiter who has been stalled in your income zone since February turns direct again and begins to pump up and potentially plump up your financial prospects. Follow Mercury’s lead and be more flexible around new possibilities opening up in your world. As has been the case for many years partners play a big role. Their choices affect yours and when Neptune turns retrograde in your relationship zone on 6/16 you may get fuzzy mixed messages from significant others in your life including business partners. If this makes you feel fuzzy yourself, this month is a good time to reach out to your networking circles for advice especially when Mars enters this zone (11th house) on 6/4 for the first time in 2 years. Virgo needs to process out loud more than any other sign, so grab a friend and a cuppa of whatever and pour your heart out, and reach out to a professional healer/adviser too. You’ll be glad you did.

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Dear Lovely Libra, June’s astro energy brings good news your way! Mighty Jupiter who has been backing up in your sign since February turns forward again on 6/9 which means stalled opportunities get moving again and you begin to feel back on track too! Early in the month ruler Venus continues her sweet visit to your relationship zone while the Sun shines in fellow air sign Gemini and Mars does too, uplifting your overall outlook on life. On 6/4 Mars enters your 10th house where he activates your career and worldly endeavors for the first time in 2 years. Keep your eye on the ball, dear Libra because choices you make now can lead to large financial gains in the future. Mental Mercury flies through Gemini from 6/6 to 6/21 helping you keep the big picture in focus, then when he joins Mars in your career space ideas will gel about good choices to make. Partners continue to play a big part in this process and on 6/6 when Venus enters your 8th house of deeper relationships and shared resources she’ll reveal who is on your side – and you have many, so be of good cheer!

SCORPIO  October24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, June begins with sweet Venus chatting with cell tower Uranus in your work space (6th house) and both send positive rays to Saturn in your income zone. People on the job with you (like your boss or manager) recognize your contribution which leads to more income potential down the road. Venus enters Taurus and your relationship zone on 6/6 (thru 7/4) bringing even sweeter energy your way from significant others in your life including business partners. Co-ruler Mars makes a move this month on 6/4 when he splashes into fellow water sign Cancer for the first time in 2 years, which plays well with you! Mars travels through your higher mind space (9th house) an uplifting territory which includes travel, education, and legal affairs too. Mars is climbing up the mountain of success and when he arrives in Leo on 7/20 he’ll be at the peak! This makes June a great month to ponder what your true beliefs really are and remove any blocks so you’ll be ready to grab the golden wand when it’s presented to you!

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Centaurs, Good news for you this month! After being stalled since February your ruler mighty Jupiter turns direct on 6/9, which means any hold-ups affecting you start to let loose. Yipee! Jupiter has been stationed in your 11th house of networking connections, community associations and friends since last September and when he moves forward the community starts to recognize your unique talents. Meanwhile the Sun shines in your relationship zone (7th house) and beginning on 6/6 communicator Mercury flies here too (thru 6/21) and both send out nice rays to Jupiter. Communication with significant partners (in love and/or business) gets better and better. Also on 6/6 sweet Venus enters your 6th house of work/job where she brings a nice tonic to your daily agenda. This is the zone of health patterns too, so you’ll appreciate Venus’ helping hand with any health issues you may have. The day Jupiter moves forward on 6/9 is also the day of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. A perfect day to reflect on all the accomplishments you’ve made and celebrate with pride the person you have become! See INTRO for more on Jupiter direct.

CAPRICORN  December21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, June’s astro vibe has exciting news for you. Mighty Jupiter, planet of optimism, has been stalled in your career and worldly zone (10th house) since February, but turns direct this month on 6/9. This means any professional goals which seemed like they backed up too, begin to move forward and worldly opportunities come to the forefront again. At the beginning of the month Mars still activates your work zone and the Gemini Sun shines here too adding to a sense of renewed activity on the job. Communicator Mercury joins in too when he flies into your work zone (from 6/6 thru 6/20) and meets the Sun as they reach out to Jupiter adding to this positive momentum. On 6/4 Mars enters your opposite sign of Cancer and your relationship space for the first time in 2 years. Muscular Mars brings motivation but can also bring frustration. On the plus side Mars here helps your partners in life (in love and/or business) get more active in terms of their own potential, which helps you. And if you’re in a new relationship or want to be, Mars speeds things up (he or she finally jumps into your waiting arms!). On the other end, Mars in emotional Cancer can mean relationships become more demanding, and/or that you get more frustrated with significant others in your life. Don’t overreact because sweet Venus enters fellow earth sign Taurus (from 6/6 thru 7/4) to calm things down and bring a boost to your own creativity and adds to your love of nature in this beautiful change of seasons time. (How is your garden growing?)

AQUARIUS  January20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, There is plenty of the airy energy you like wafting around in June. The month begins with the Gemini Sun shining in your creativity and fun times zone (5th house). Mars is still here and messenger Mercury flies in too from 6/6 thru 6/20 all adding a nice luster to fun plans for the Summer. Meanwhile on 6/9 Jupiter in fellow air sign Libra turns direct again after 5 months of backward motion in your 9th house of higher mind, travel and legal affairs too. You’ll sense your own beliefs taking on better form. Aquarius is always meant to look ahead and now is a great time to formulate what you want for the next chapter in your life. Helping with this is Venus’ meeting with ruler Uranus the first week of June in your mental zone (3rd house). Venus helps smooth over any communication chaos Uranus caused and when she enters gentle Taurus on 6/6 helps calm things down even further. Mars enters Cancerian waters and your 6th house of your daily job on 6/4. Mars activates this workspace zone (which includes health patterns too) until 7/20 and sends positive vibes to Neptune in your income zone. Choices coming up now can have long term consequences, so pay attention and make wise decisions!

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, June begins with Venus chatting up cell tower Uranus in your income zone. They are discussing how best to keep positive financial momentum going and send nice vibes to Lord Saturn in your career space (10th house) to help you become more confident about choices you’re making. Things remain active on the home front too while muscular Mars and the Gemini Sun shine in your home and family space (4th house), which becomes more stimulating when communicator Mercury flies in from 6/6 through 6/20. Whoever is livening things up, be they guests, kids home from school or your own quest for interesting entertainment, it should be a merry time! On 6/4 Mars enters fellow water sign Cancer for the first time in 2 years and brings his frothy energy to your creativity and fun times zone (5th house). This creative boost comes just in time, because on 6/16 your ruler Neptune begins his 5 month retrograde journey (until 11/22) turning around at 14° Pisces. Neptune retro is not as potent as other retrograde planets, but since he is your ruler you might feel a need to turn more inward yourself. Mars in Cancer works helpfully with Neptune, so you sense turning inward to find motivation can be a good thing. It gives you time to regroup and get back into your own personal creative routines. Venus enters your mental/communication zone on 6/6 which centers your mind and helps even more with establishing calmer daily patterns. See INTRO for more details on Neptune retro.

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, June begins with Venus still in your sign (thru 6/6) so enjoy her vibrant attention! She meets up with cell tower Uranus the first week of the month to chat about new and exciting plans coming your way. Her next stop is to your income zone (2nd house) where she sweetens your financial picture. Jupiter in your opposite sign of Libra has been reversed since February in your relationship space but turns direct again on 6/9. Partners and other significant others in your life gain momentum too which helps you see more clearly which direction to take. Meanwhile your ruler Mars splashes into water sign Cancer on 6/4 and enters your 4th house of home and family for the first time in 2 years. Active Mars in your home space can be positively motivating on the upside, with family members giving you plenty of emotional encouragement. On the other end Mars here can be very frustrating for you eager Rams. Someone you love may be holding you back or throwing cold water on your plans. Mars visits your home space until 7/20 so if your home folk are on the cold water end don’t stay around and argue – simply plan to spend less time around the homestead. If they are on the warm encouraging side, be sure to bask in the love!

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Bulls, June brings some nice energy your way! On 6/6 ruler Venus enters her very own sign of Taurus which means she starts to shed her grace on you! Venus stays in Taurus through 7/4 so take full advantage of all the sweet attention she brings your way! Early in the month motivational Mars remains in your financial zone (2nd house) and the Gemini Sun shines here too. Be flexible in thinking about how to attract income and it will pay off. Helping this attitude is mighty Jupiter who after 5 months of backward motion, moves forward again on 6/9 in your work space. Jupiter creates opportunity, so stalled opportunities on the job front gain momentum again. On 6/4 Mars enters water sign Cancer for the first time in 2 years. Cancer rules your 3rd house of mental attitude and communication and active Mars here brings a big splash of energy. Cancer is a sign that works well with Taurus so this splash should feel motivating and refreshing, but keep in mind muscular Mars here can also activate overly emotional responses which end up draining your mental stamina rather than strengthening it. Since Venus has your back, things are likely to be positive. Best advice is to step back and look at the whole picture before reacting. Stay calm and carry on!