Individual Sign Messages July 2016

Your handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (13° Cancer) is on 7/4 at 7:01a. The Full Moon (27° Capricorn) is on 7/19 at 6:56p. The Sun enters Leo on 7/22 at 5:30a. Uranus turns retrograde on 7/29 at 24° Aries (thru 12/29) All times are EDT Read July’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Magic Pearl by Vanessa Strong

Magic Pearl
by Vanessa Strong

IMAGE NOTE:  This painting Magic Pearl by Vanessa Strong perfectly expresses the essence of Cancer. The lovely blue green waters swirling and I see a Moon in here too. The name Magic Pearl Vanessa gave her painting also expresses the beauty at the core of Cancer, such a loving and gentle sign. Vanessa Mateu is a multi-talented woman who not only is an artist, but also a healer and Akashic Records Consultant. Visit her Indigo Sanctuary to discover more about Vanessa and what she offers.

CANCER     June 21 – July 20 Happy Birthday Lunar Lovelies! Your personal new year begins on a nice note with Venus gliding like a beautiful mermaid through Cancerian waters. This means you have extra access to her healing energy and others are magnetically drawn to your sweet self. Venus remains in Cancer until 7/12, so take full advantage!  Her next stop is to your income zone where your bank account gets a nice glow too. July begins on a changing Moon from grounded Taurus to giddy Gemini, and since she is your ruler you sense changing cycles this month as well. Like this: you feel the pull to play more and spend more time out in nature versus at the office, yet your responsibilities don’t take a vacation. Motivational Mars factors into these energy patterns  too. For a lot of folks Mars/Scorpio is a ball buster, but for you his Scorpio adventure blends beautifully with your Cancerian vibe as he continues his travels through your creativity (fun and kids too) zone. Of course this also creates a powerful pull to fully enjoy yourself more. It’s all a balancing act dear Crabs so find a way to walk that slippery beam well. While mental Mercury is Cancer (thru 7/13) along with Venus who both reach out to Mars, your heart and mind want to drift away, so plan fun getaways earlier in the month. At mid month work sparks up again demanding more attention and if you feel refreshed you’ll be ready to rumble. The New Moon is in Cancer on 7/4 so as you celebrate the holiday, remember to set intentions about how you’d love your life to flow.

LEO    July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, July begins on a dreamy note for you with the Sun,Venus and Mercury off in your misty, never-land zone. This means early in the month is a good time to drift away yourself. If you have a vacation planned, excellent and if not, find a way to make more downtime to tap into this beautiful energy calling you from your dreamtime. You really want to do this because by mid month energy heats up with magnetic Venus popping into Leo on 7/12 (thru 8/6) followed by communicator Mercury on 7/13 (thru 7/30) – then it’s time for you to shine! In their Leo travels both Venus and Mercury reach out favorably to cell tower Uranus in your networking/friendship zone so it’s an excellent time to showcase your own talents out in the community and attend other fun events yourself. In other words strut your stuff out there you kings and queens of beasts! At the same time rammy Mars is moving forward again and remains in steamy Scorpio all month. Since Scorpio is a sign which challenges Leo, while you shine brightly it’s also important to keep your cool in all situations.

VIRGO    August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, Ruler Mercury flows in watery Cancer as July begins where he joins the Sun and Venus in your networking connections/friendship space. During his Cancerian journey Mercury reaches out favorably to spiritual Neptune, along with healer Chiron in Pisces and also to motivational Mars in Scorpio. This means the first part of the month is one of the best times all year to connect with friends and other supportive people in your community circles. Parties and social gatherings have an extra glow and if you plan to attend or present workshops you’ll feel these wonderful vibes there too. On 7/13 Mercury enters Leo which rules your other worldly dreamtime zone where he’ll be all month. This is an excellent time to go on vacation especially with that extra special someone (best honeymoon time ever!) so make a plan! You want to do this now, because when Mercury enters Virgo on 7/30 practical details pull you back whether you want to or not.

LIBRA    September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, Ruler Venus, the Sun and Mercury all travel in your career/outer world zone as July begins which means the world calls out for you! If you just started a new job or made a career change you can count on things flowing well, and in general the flow between your work, profession and income zones is very strong now. Use this energy well and you’ll establish a powerful pattern that will help you move forward for a long time to come. As always for you Libra loves, partnerships loom large. When it comes to significant others whether it be a life partner, family member or business associate, you’ll be smart to place their concerns into the equation to avoid conflict down the road. For example you finally got that great job offer which means a move, but how does this affect others in your life? You have fabulous ideas for how to make things better on the job, but maybe your supervisor feels threatened by your enthusiasm. It’s not about letting others make decisions for you, it’s about you being considerate and asking other players their opinions so they feel included and part of the process. Do this and you’ll be sailing pretty!

SCORPIO    October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, July brings you the most flowing and powerful energy of the year so far! Co-ruler Mars moves forward again in Scorpio which helps you flush out any toxins you accumulated and brings renewed motivation too. Mars also plays well with Mercury, the Sun and Venus as they travel in fellow water sign Cancer soothing your heart and soul. They are flowing through your travel zone, so it’s a wonderful time to go to far away places for adventure. This energy is great for mental adventures too so even if you can’t get away now make time to escape into your own back yard to sit in the Sun and read a good book. Mars also re-connects with Chiron bringing extra healing energy to sooth any conflicts (especially with children) and gets your creative juices flowing better again. At mid month first Venus then Mercury enter Leo which rules your career/outer world zone. They sparks up your income potential which helps your long term financial plans. So get your wanderlust satisfied earlier in the month because you’ll be full steam ahead later.

SAGITTARIUS    November 23 – December 20 Dear Centaur, Your reins get jerked back and forth this month as your half-horse self wants to gallop off in mystical worlds, while your half-human self knows it’s time to focus and make hay while the Sun shines! Early in July there is a mighty energy flow pulling you off into dreamtime and you want your loved ones to be there with you. At mid month Venus and Mercury enter fellow-fire sign Leo which rules your travel adventure zone, so focusing on work feels like a drag. At the same time Ruler Jupiter continues his advance across your career and worldly terrain working hand in hand with Pluto in your income zone, so you know this is one of the best time ever to manifest your life goals. How to find a good balance between the two? Here’s a plan: don’t fight the flow this month – take as much time off as you can to play and have fun to renew your heart and soul. Don’t think of it as slacking, because you need to renew and refresh yourself so you’ll have all the energy you need later. And later is not as far off as you might think, so give yourself permission now to let go and play!

CAPRICORN    December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, July begins with Mercury, the Sun and Venus all gliding in watery Cancer which rules your partnership space. This means relationships are full to overflowing for you this month. Your productive Capricorn self believes work comes first, but others in your life want you to come out and play and won’t take no for an answer! Mars in steamy Scorpio moves forward again in your friendship and and social networking space pulling you toward gatherings like parties and community events and reminding you all work no play makes for a dull goat. It’s best to go with the flow dear Cappie, and besides when you get out to mix and mingle you never know who you might meet who turns out to be an excellent connection for your business goals, so it’s a smart plan anyway! The Full Moon on 7/19 is in Capricorn so throw a party to celebrate you!

AQUARIUS   January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius Rebel, Your ruler Uranus is set to make a move later in the month which means an adjustment in your wavelength too. But as July begins the waves are not in air, but in water. Muscular Mars moves forward again in Scorpio which rules your career and worldly domain, while Mercury, the Sun and Venus swim in Cancer through your daily job space, and Neptune and Chiron continue to tread water in your income zone. This energy, especially Mars redirecting career moves, brings a large flow of positive energy for you. Structural gains you made over the last few years which might have backtracked, now have an excellent chance to take shape again. The main thing for you to do is be a good Aquarius and rise to the 10K perspective to see where the flow is leading you. If you’re happy with the direction, maintain course. If not, then begin to carve out new channels to lay a new course. Uranus begins his annual retrograde on 7/29. This means your frequency can get some static. See Intro for details.

PISCES    February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, You’re going to like July’s astro energy! Pisces is one of the most effortlessly creative signs going and this month is one of the best all year to tap your inner muse. The month begins with Mercury, the Sun and Venus all in Cancer floating through your creativity pond swirling like lovely water lilies worthy of a Cezanne painting. They also send healing ripples to Mars who swims forward again in Scorpio which rules your travel and far flung idea zone, and all blend well with Pisces you!  If you have travel vacation plans, it’s a most excellent time for it, and if not, make sure to set aside time to let your creative spirit float free above the hustle and bustle of daily life. By mid month, Mercury and Venus enter fire sign Leo which rules your work/job space where they send sizzling rays to Saturn in your career zone. So rest up early and get ready to play some new jazz later in the month!

ARIES    March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, July begins with a watery splash which usually douses your fire, but since it involves your ruler Mars, you might appreciate it this time. Early in the month Mercury, Venus and the Sun are all in water sign Cancer swimming through your home and family space. Meanwhile Mars after 10 weeks of back paddling moves forward again in water sign Scorpio which rules your deeper relationship (soul mate) zone. If you have good relationships with family and close loved ones, this flow will feel healing and wonderful. Plan as much time as you can with them and you’ll be glad you did. If you are one of those independent Aries this energy might feel too clingy. Not to worry because by mid month Venus and Mercury enter fellow fire sign Leo which ignites your creative flame and you’ll feel more vibrant and alive. This is doubly true now that Mars is direct again. He’ll spend the rest of this month in Scorpio but is rapidly on his way to fire sign Sagittarius. While Mars returns to these last few degrees of Scorpio review areas in your life that need transforming. Do you have commitment fears, or perhaps you’re afraid no one will ever truly love you? And do you have hidden anger issues stemming from these (or other) deeper fears? Now is the time to face and exorcize your inner demons once and for all!

TAURUS    April 22 – May 20 Dear Beautiful Bulls, July dawns with the Moon in Taurus shining her light on green pastures for you, and the same solid platform from last month is still strong and sturdy. At the same time Mercury, the Sun and ruler Venus all swim through water sign Cancer which rules your mental zone. Communication flows well and it’s easier to maintain a positive attitude. In their watery travels Mercury, Sun and Venus ripple out to Mars in your partners sector with a third wave reaching Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This lovely pattern is filled with healing potential which is especially true now that Mars moves forward again. Relationships that soured get sweeter or if a partnership was meant to end, deeper understanding of the process is available. By mid month both Mercury and Venus enter fire sign Leo which rules your home and family zone. The flowing energy shifts to a more challenging one for you stubborn bulls. Kids home for the summer need some ego taming, other family members push your last nerve, or perhaps it’s you who needs to recognize your own need for control is part of the problem. Luckily Jupiter is still in fellow earth sign Virgo and Pluto remains in Capricorn, and they continue to provide solid practical and creative solutions to any thorny splinters.

GEMINI    May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, Some of the itchy, irritating, nervous energy you’ve felt over the last couple of months begins to wane as ruler Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in the healing waters of Cancer. Cancer rules your income zone, so your finances get flowing again too. You’d love to have more down time, but Mars just began moving forward again in your work zone so things on the job are more likely to speed up than slow down. You won’t mind so much if there is someone supporting you and tending to household things which frees you up to put full attention to your work. If you don’t have that foundation of support you might get a bit testy especially when Mercury and Venus enter fire sign Leo at mid month. Leo rules your mental and communication zone so when Mercury travels here you feel fired up and ready to go. This time around Mercury spars with Mars, so it’s back to that irritating feeling again. Prepare by making sure you have all the backup and helping hands you need so when Mercury and Venus enter Leo they are free to inspire your creativity and it will shine!