Individual Sign Messages October 2015

Your handy Astro Facts:  The New Moon (19° Libra) is on 10/12 at 8:06p. The Full Moon (4° Taurus) is on 10/27 at 8:05a. Venus enters Virgo on 10/8, Mercury (0° Libra) goes direct on 10/9 at 7:587a, and the Sun enters Scorpio on 10/23 at 1:47p. Unless noted All times are EDT. (Daylight Savings times ends on 11/1 this year.)  Read October’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Venus Sends a Kiss

Venus Sends a Kiss

Image Note: I always like to use an image of Venus for the Libra issue, sometimes the planet and other times the goddess. I chose this painting of goddess Venus because with her halo of stars she is a Cosmic Venus! The painting is by  Marius Fine Art where you can find other beautiful cosmic art.

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Happy Birthday Venus Kissed Ones! Your Solar New Year begins with mixed blessings. Your beautiful ruler Venus is moving forward again (thank ye gods!) and glows powerfully in fire sign Leo lighting up your networking/friendship zone. It’s a great time to re-engage with friends and other community connections who had drifted away. Helpful people are on your side! On 10/8 Venus enters Virgo and fades into your dream-time space and won’t emerge until November. Motivational Mars and mighty Jupiter are stationed in this same zone too. On the plus side this cosmic concentration creates the perfect time to deepen your spiritual practice and tap into higher inspiration, but you may also feel a bit spacey and “other-worldly” too. Communicator Mercury is still retro in Libra until 10/9 which adds to this inward focus. Luckily transformer Pluto is stationed in your home and family zone and reaches out favorably to the dreamy cosmic trio. Translated this means: your loved ones help you walk your talk and stay focused. Saturn is now firmly stationed in your mental/communication sphere which brings a new structure of mental upliftment, and can also help you get more serious about putting your ideals into practice. As always relationships play a large role – feed and nourish the ones which help raise your vibration and for those that bring you down it’s time to let them die on the vine! All in all sweet ones, this is a wonderful month (and year) for you to focus on defining your higher values – then live them!

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, October begins with Venus continuing to spread her magnetic energy in your career/outer world zone, so things are looking up in your world! Ruler Pluto moves forward again in your mental/communication space and reaches out favorably to optimistic Jupiter in your networking/friendship zone. Co-ruler Mars now in Virgo just entered this same space to reside until mid November, then Venus comes in to join the gang on 10/8 which means it’s a great month to network, network, network! Other cosmic connections remind you to reach out in smart ways, versus blabbing about something on Facebook, etc. which gets you into trouble. In other words keep your stingy tail well sheathed! Stern Saturn is now stationed in your income zone for the duration. Saturn will help you build a better financial structure – IF you go along with his program. Meaning tame your tendency to compulsively buy things you really can do without, and keep your eye on the end game which is financial strength!

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Sages, October is a great month to focus on career, professional goals and the big outer world and your place in it. Ruler Jupiter is in your worldly zone now, muscular Mars is stationed here too and Venus joins in on 10/8 to add her magnetic energy to the mix. Meanwhile transformer Pluto is moving forward again in your income zone and forms a beautiful connection to this cosmic trio, so your world is more financially productive than ever! Keep in mind that Saturn, now stationed in Sagittarius for the next 2 solid years, reminds you to build positive structures to last, versus talking a good game but going back to Business As Usual. BAU for you often means jumping fence into a new pasture before fully developing the one where you are. It’s time to walk your best talk too – set realistic goals (versus misty visions unlikely to manifest) and move forward step by step to make them happen. Pope Francis born with Sun in Sagittarius, is a wonderful example of how to maintain and fertilize the pasture where lives. He is uplifting and on target. He doesn’t lecture down to, or beat people over the head with his message, he simply offers his vision and encourages us to make it real and walks his own talk too. You can do this too, dear Saggie, it’s time.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Dear Cappies, October looks to be a good month for you. Transformer Pluto moves forward again in Capricorn helping your own ongoing transformation move more smoothly, while huge Jupiter is stationed in fellow earth sign Virgo. Motivational Mars travels in Virgo now too, then sweet Venus joins earthy Virgo on 10/8. This cosmic connection pumps iron for you! You need a nice grounding dose since ruler Saturn is off in your misty, dream world and communicator Mercury has been retro in your outer world zone. It is rare for you well organized Cappies, but I’ll bet you’ve felt scattered lately, most likely by taking on too many projects and responsibilities at the same time. Luckily the Sun is shining in your worldly (career/profession) zone now too, uplifting your sights and Mercury turns direct again on 10/9 bringing clarity and focus back into the picture. Your organized self returns!

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, October begins with Venus still spreading her love in your relationship/partners zone. People are on your side and shining back their admiration for you. The Sun and Mercury are both in fellow air sign Libra traveling in your higher mind (travel & promotion) zone which brings more upliftment your way. Communicator Mercury has been retrograde, so you may not have felt much of this uplifting draft. Mercury goes direct on 10/9 so your messaging gets back on track. Meanwhile Saturn in Sagittarius is now fully stationed in your networking connections/friendship territory for the next 2 years. As Lord of Karma Saturn travels in fire sign Sagittarius he’ll begin to reach out to your ruler Uranus in Aries to help others in your community tune into the new creative concepts you’ve been cooking up. This takes place next year, so the message for now is to look at the structure of your networking circles, your place in the community and your friendships too. If these are good, build stronger additions! But if not, you’ll need to tear down the old ones and build better foundations.

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, This month’s astro theme is titled “All about Relationships” for you. Jupiter is stationed in Virgo (your opposite sign) for a solid year, muscular Mars is in Virgo now too, love goddess Venus also enters Virgo on 10/8, and all 3 major cosmic entities converge in your relationship/partners zone. This means October is the best time in years to show appreciation for your significant others from spouse, to family members, to business partners. Acknowledge how much they have helped you navigate through life and kept you grounded when you needed a good tether. Sun in Venus-ruled Libra helps shine more light on those close to you. Messenger Mercury is in Libra too, but is retrograde. So if you have felt it was difficult to communicate your thoughts (or were waiting for feedback from others) better lines of communication open up when Merc turns direct on 10/9. At the same time Lord of the Material Plane Saturn is fully stationed in your outer world (career and profession) zone for the next 2 years. Saturn here says take a realistic look at the structure of your worldly position. If it’s good, build an even firmer foundation, but if not you’ve got to decide what needs tearing down so better structures can be built.

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, October begins with ruler Mars getting busy in Virgo in your work zone. Mighty Jupiter is stationed here too and gracious Venus joins in on 10/8 making a triumvirate of practical power to help you on the job and to better manage your daily life too. This powerful planetary group reaches up to Pluto in your worldly position zone which means this is a wonderful month to plant seeds to grow into fertile career fruit down the road. The Sun is in Libra, your opposite sign, which shines a nice light on your relationships. Communicator Mercury is in Libra too but is moving retrograde, so the light may feel shadowed. In fact if you have any significant points you want to get across it’s a good idea to wait until after 10/9 when Merc goes direct. People will be able to hear you better then, and you’ll be able to listen better too. Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius moves powerfully for you now. Over the next 2 years this master of the material world will create positive beams of energy directed to you. It’s all about defining your own belief structures and also deciding how to better share those beliefs with others.

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, October’s astro theme has important earthy tones which favors earth sign you. The month dawns with the Moon in your sign, along with optimistic Jupiter and motivational Mars both traveling in fellow earth sign Virgo who beam out to transformer Pluto in the 3rd earth sign of Capricorn. Your ruler Venus also enters Virgo on 10/8 all of which create grand earth trines of good fortune for you! Your own practical and productive brand of creativity initiates this positive energy exchange. The Sun is in Venus ruled Libra now, shining light on your work zone. Communicator Mercury is here too, but as the month begins is moving in reverse so messages may have been garbled. Mercury turns direct on 10/9 so those on the job may see your creative talents in a new light. Lord of Karma Saturn is fully settled into Sagittarius now for the net 2 years. Sagittarius rules your deeper relationship and shared resources zone so changes your partners are going through affect you. Their new structures may not be obvious at first, so best advice for now is to stay grounded and maintain your own course.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, The October Sun shines in fellow air sign Libra which is uplifting for you, but ruler Mercury is still retrograde in Libra as October begins so you may feel some downdraft until Merc turns forward on 10/9. Stern teacher Saturn is now fully stationed in your relationship/partner zone for the next 2 years where he demands full attention! In no uncertain terms Saturn asks you to look closely at your relationships from life mates, to work mates, family members too, and restructure those which are not functioning well. At the same time Huge Jupiter and rammy Mars are traveling in your home/family space, demanding attention too! You Gems often struggle to stay centered and focused, and this kind of pattern does not help. The loving energy of Venus may come to your rescue when she too enters Virgo on 10/8. Think of it like this: a frantic mother of a large brood of kids finally gets the help she needs from a wonderful and clever nanny, like a Mary Poppins. How much easier (and more fun!) it will be to get organized and pull all the pieces together.

CANCER   June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, October dawns with your ruler the Moon in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation. “I’ve got your back,” Venus is still in your income zone too, both of which are lucky omens of a good month for you! On 10/8 Venus enters Virgo where she joins active Mars and optimistic Jupiter both stationed in your mental/communication zone. Your mind is filled with practical, productive ideas and solutions to long standing problems and others are now ready to listen. You may not sense this at first since communicator Mercury is still retrograde, but when he moves forward again on 10/9 the messaging quickly gets back on track. Lord of the material world, Saturn is a player in this process too. Saturn is now fully settled in your work/daily agenda space asking (demanding!) that you look at the structure of daily work life with an eye toward more flexibility and freedom. Saturn will be here for the next 2 years and over time sends powerful rays to your career and income zones setting the stage to accomplish those goals. For now, stay centered and keep those smart idea coming!

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Lion Hearts, Venus is still in Leo shedding  her grace on you as October begins so continue to bask in her sweet glory! On 10/8 Venus enters Virgo where she joins muscular Mars and mighty Jupiter in your income zone. This powerful triad reaches out to transformer Pluto in your work/job space, so keep your productive streak going and your finances will benefit greatly! Your ruler the Sun shines in airy Libra now which rules your mental/ communication zone, so your mind is filled with bright ideas. If those ideas seem a bit slow to manifest, that’s because communicator Mercury is retrograde in Libra too. Merc turns forward on 10/9, so your lights turn on more brightly again. Meanwhile Saturn is fully situated in Sagittarius which rules your favorite territory – your creativity zone. Saturn, Lord of the Material Realm, is here for the next 2 years bringing major new forms of creativity into your reality. After the challenges you faced over the last few years, this new era is going to feel a lot better for you kings and queens of beasts!

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, October continues a powerful trend for you! Mighty Jupiter has settled comfortably into Virgo now and will continue to expand your skills and talents over the next year. This month muscular Mars joins in Virgo too, bringing you extra energy and motivation, and on 10/8 Venus gracefully glides into Virgo where she’ll reside until 11/8. This Virgo trio brings attention your way, especially Venus. When Venus is in your sign you are magnetic and irresistible! This Virgo trio also reaches out positively to transformer Pluto in your creativity zone so people finally recognize that you have been the one with the smart ideas and intelligent solutions all along! If you don’t notice too much of this positive attention earlier in the month it’s because ruler Mercury is still retrograde in Libra, the sign which rules relationships. It pays to do a review of your partners in love and business to determine who has your back versus who is pushing you off the cliff while they smile to your face. Merc goes direct on 10/9, so even if you get pushed off, you’ve got a great hang glider and will land like a pro! In other astro news Saturn is now firmly in Sagittarius which rules your home and family space. Lord of Karma Saturn will be your house guest over the next 2 years, which helps (challenges!) you to clean out your subconscious basement and also kick out any energy suckers who bring your own vibration down.