Individual Sign Messages August 2016

Your Handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (11° Leo) is on 8/2 at 4:44p. The Full Moon (26° Aquarius) is on 8/18 at 5:25a with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Mars enters Sagittarius on 8/2 (thru 9/27), Saturn goes direct on 8/13 at 9° Sagittarius. The Sun enters Virgo on on 8/23 at 12:39p and Mercury turns retrograde on 8/30 at 29° Virgo at 6:04a (thru 9/22). All times are EDT Read August’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Tiger by Jen McCarthy

by Jen McCarthy

IMAGE NOTE: You might be wondering why I chose this wonderful painting of a dog by Jen McCarthy and not a lion for this Leo issue. Here’s why: First you’ve got to admit this dog is certainly a lordly Leo type and even his name, Tiger, is of a big cat. Second, if you know any Leos you know they love their dogs!  Leos and dogs are always together so I thought I’d honor this tradition. Tiger’s portrait and others can be found at Jen’s website smalljimages at the  Pet Project page  which she describe as a creative and loving way to help raise funds for the SPCA. I agree with a bow to lord Tiger.

LEO   July 20 – August 22 Happy Birthday Lordly Leos, Your personal new year is bright! Magnetic Venus in Leo beams out to cell tower Uranus transmitting their creative power lines to you! Tap this electric force and you’ll be amazed at the inspiration flowing through you. Any travels you have planned will add to this inspiring flow. Finances continue to be strong for you too, as long as you stay on track and hold steady to your plans (i.e. don’t get on your Leo high horse and gallop away before the troops are ready!) Challenges from earlier this year are waning, so all in all this should be a wonderful year for you Lords of the jungle! August’s astro vibe begins on a bright note for you too, with the New Moon in Leo on 8/2 – a perfect time to forge your intentions for the next phase of your life. Also on 8/2 Mars finally leaves Scorpio, where he was adding tension on your home front, to enter fellow fire sign Sagittarius which rules your favorite place – the zone of creativity and fun! This adds further zest to those creative inspiration vibrations. Nice! This is the zone of children too, so any kids in your life will light up you up too. Frankly Leo, unless you create it yourself (by doing that Leo egotistical control freak thing) there is no major cosmic friction for you this month at all which is rare. So take advantage and get out there and enjoy life to the fullest as a good Leo should!

VIRGO   August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, August beings with ruler Mercury in your sign adding more intelligence to intelligent you. Venus enters Virgo too on 8/6 (thru 8/29) where she highlights Virgo’s elegance and refinement. Her grace enhances yours!  From 8/8 – 8/12 Mercury sends out vibes to Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn which helps you recognize your deeper capabilities. This all means you’ll feel more like yourself now, especially when Mercury joins up with mighty Jupiter at mid month (into early September). Take advantage of this meeting because it won’t happen for another 12 years. Here’s how – learn once and for all to let go of fear and judgment and begin to trust in the awesome perfection of each moment, and soon all the moments add up to a wonderful life! You’ve got help in this because testy Mars finally leaves your mental/communication zone which helps you let go of any lingering compulsions. On 8/2 Mars enters Sagittarius which rules your home and family space. Your home crew gets boisterous! Might be a good time to put them to work cleaning up the place. Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month on 8/30. See INTRO for details.

LIBRA   September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, August is a good month for you to relax and enjoy yourself. As the month begins, ruler Venus and the bright Leo Sun shine in your networking/ community space so it’s a lovely time to enjoy your circle of friends. On 8/6 Venus meanders into your mystical dreamtime zone where she joins Mercury and Jupiter. Mighty Jupiter has been here for a year now and Venus and Mercury confer with Jupiter about what he intends to download for you when he enters Libra in September which will be a very significant time for you! It’s a smart idea to tune into their conference call, but since it takes place in your other-worldly district you’ve got to disengage from your usual routines to tap into their advice. In other words if you are on a meditation retreat in a place of beauty, are floating on a raft in the lake, or gazing at the stars from a mountain top you’ll easily hear this guidance. No excuses, make time for this! At the end of the month Venus enters Libra on 8/29 (thru 9/23) so if you’ve followed her lead she’ll add extra special sparkle to beautiful you!

SCORPIO   October 24 – November 22 Dear Eagles, The big news for you in August is that your co-ruler Mars finally exits Scorpio on 8/2. Mars has been revving you up since January which might have been just the push you needed, or brought way too much attention (good bad or ugly!) your way. Mars won’t be in Scorpio again this long for decades to come, so this year’s experience has been very unique. You were meant to use it to heal at deep levels so you can leave the past behind and forge ahead into a positive (Phoenix rising!) future. Mars’ next stop is your income zone (8/2 thru 9/27) where he activates the financial restructuring Saturn has been encouraging (demanding!) you to do. Saturn turns direct on 8/13 after 5 months of reverse motion which helps your budget gets on a better track again. The bright Leo Sun and magnetic Venus begin the month in your career zone where they relate well to Uranus in your job territory adding even more good energy to your financial outlook. On 8/6 Venus joins communicator Mercury and huge Jupiter in your community connections, friendship territory. This is a perfect time to reach out to all your social networking circles where good advice is waiting for you.

SAGITTARIUS   November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius, Have you felt like your usual robust energy might have gone away forever? Earlier this year Mars was in Sag for a while beginning on 3/5 so you can look back then to sense enthusiasm for plans you wanted to begin.
But when Mars began moving backward in April-May your zeal probably drifted away too. Around the same time Saturn in Sag. went retro too cramping your style even more. Well there is big news for you in August! Mars re-enters your sign on 8/2 bringing you renewed energy and motivation and Saturn moves forward on 8/13. Mars stays in Sag. through 9/27 giving you plenty of time to get back into your Centaur’s saddle and ride into the future again, and with Saturn moving forward structures you’ve been tryping to build come into better form. Meanwhile your ruler Jupiter spends his last full month is your career/outer world district where he has brought opportunities to expand your horizons. Communicator Mercury travels here now too helping you make smart choices and when magnetic Venus joins in on 8/6 you get even more intelligent insight into the appropriate moves to make in your world. All those seeds you’ve been sowing have the potential to burst into bloom. The only caution in this nice equation is not to let rowdy Mars in Sag. carry you away into a new pasture before you have time to harvest the one where you are. Use your renewed energy wisely Sages. It’s not time to bolt, it’s time to become stronger!

CAPRICORN   December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, You’ll appreciate August’s astro vibe because your ruler Saturn turns forward on 8/13 after 5 long retro months. Saturn remains off in your misty other-world territory so the structures you’ve been hoping to build may still seem a bit obscure, but when Saturn moves ahead again you’ll still get a nice boost even if you’re not sure where it’s coming from. It will be easier to keep your spiritual muscles buffed too. Hold the plan and hold the faith! Early in the month mental Mercury joins mighty Jupiter in fellow earth sign Virgo, and on 8/6 sweet Venus enters earthy Virgo too. This gives you a leg up to the next level and if you’re a student heading off to college it helps your experience be the best possible! Jupiter spends his last month in Virgo and in September will enter Libra which rules your career, professional and outer world zone beginning a very significant time for you. Prepare by reviewing your belief structures. Weed out the beliefs which no longer work for you and feed and water the ones that do.

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, The bright Leo Sun and magnetic Venus light up your relationship territory as August begins. On 8/1 Venus beams out positive rays to your ruler Uranus in your communication zone, so those you love, send loving vibes back to you! On 8/6 Venus enters your deeper relationship and shared resources district where she joins Mercury and Jupiter. Those closest to you extend helpful hands – remember to let them know how much you appreciate them. Muscular Mars has been flexing in your career/outer world territory most of this year and finally exits on 8/2. Mars enters your networking connections zone, and since Aquarians are the original networkers you’ll appreciate Mars’ energy boost here (from 8/2 thru 9/27). It’s a good time to activate new social circles and reconnect with old friends too. The Full Moon is in Aquarius on 8/18 which has a lunar eclipse too. Full Moon in your sign is the time to celebrate you, but eclipses add a different, more mystical blend. See INTRO  for details on the eclipse.

PISCES   February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, August begins with communicator Mercury stationed in your relationship/partners space where he joins Jupiter and on 8/6 lovely Venus comes to visit here too, so your relationships get some sweet treats! Mighty Jupiter is in his last full month here, hoping his long visit has helped you recognize the partners (in love, family and business) who have your back, versus those trying to break your spine! Mercury and Venus help you define this better, so pay attention. Mars is making a move too – finally leaving heavy duty Scorpio to enter free wheeling Sagittarius. Pisces was one of the few signs who felt the benefits from Mars-Scorpio, which helped give you more focus and determination. On 8/2 when Mars enters Sagittarius, he’ll begin to activate your career/outer world zone where Saturn has been stationed for many months. Things may have felt stagnant because Saturn has been backing up since 3/25, so Mars’ muscular force will be a good boost. Then on 8/13 Saturn moves forward again bringing even more momentum to your worldly goals. One of Pisces main goals is to do work you love which provides you with a nice income flow and also allows you the freedom you need (to stay sane!). August is a great month to tend to the seeds you’ve planted which will ultimately bloom into this beautiful reality.

ARIES   March 21 – April 21 Dear Rams, You are going to like August’s astro vibe! Your ruler Mars finally leaves heavy, sloggy Scorpio and enters optimistic fire sign Sagittarius which works brilliantly with you! Mars enters Sag on 8/2 (thru 9/27) which rules your higher mind and far flung ideas (and travel) zone. This brings you sorely needed motivation and inspires you to pick yourself up and keep going, like a good Aries should! Saturn has been stationed here for many months too but has been stalled while going retrograde since 3/25, which was a further drag on your motivation. Saturn moves forward again on 8/13 which adds even more inspiration. This is also the zone of media, publishing and education, so if you have any books in the wings waiting to get out on stage, have been wanting to get your podcast going, or are a student heading out to university, this is a perfect time! The only friction to be aware of this month could come from your over-enthusiasm (aggressiveness) which puts people off, or micro-managers on the job or elsewhere in your daily life. So if you have a micro-managing supervisor who is threatened by your enthusiasm, you are forewarned!

TAURUS   April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, August begins with the bright Leo Sun and ruler Venus shining in your home and family space. A lovely time to share sweet time with your home folks. Mars who has been causing tension in your relationship/partners district for a good part of this year is finally checking out (thank ye gods!) On 8/2 Mars enters Sagittarius which rules your deeper relationship (intimacy, soul mate) and shared resources zone. Significant others in your life start to pick up the slack and you feel more supported. Mars rules aggression so if you don’t feel this support, you might feel like smacking your sig. others around, so keep your raging bull in the pen. If you have been wanting to get pregnant this is an active time for that too, and if you don’t then be very careful! On 8/6 Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo when she joins Mercury and Jupiter in your creativity, fun times and children zone. For you industrious Bulls fun often looks like working in the garden, tinkering in your workshop, playing vigorous sports, or hiking up a mountain trail. Any and all of these will feel great to do now, so go for it!

GEMINI   May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, Your ruler Mercury is in Virgo in August traveling slowly in your home and family space preparing to go retrograde at the end the month on 8/30. Mercury joins Jupiter who has been in your home zone since last August but is beginning to pack his bags to board the cosmic train in September for the next station. Sweet Venus enters Virgo on 8/6 to have a nice productive chat with Mercury and help Jupiter tidy things up before he leaves. If you have been waiting for a good time to discuss any pertinent situations with your homies, now is a good time. Mars makes a move this month too, into Sagittarius on 8/2 (thru 9/27). Sag rules your relationship/partners territory where Saturn has been moving in reverse for many months. Mars is an activator and will trigger relationship issues simmering on the back burner, and when Saturn turns direct again on 8/13 the gas gets turned up higher! Whether this activates a yummy delight or a stinky mess largely depends on your willingness to step up to the truth of your message. It’s time to walk your talk Gems! Or walk away. See INTRO for details on Mercury retro.

CANCER    June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, August dawns with the Moon in her very own sign of Cancer indicating a nice cycle for you. Early in the month both the Sun and Venus shine brightly in Leo which rules your financial district. Income shines for you too! On 8/6 Venus enters Virgo to join Mercury and Jupiter in your mental/communication zone. If you have been feeling tongue tied or frustrated because people “just don’t get it!” Venus helps you explain things more gracefully. Gentle Venus here also helps you release judgment (of self and others) by bringing intelligent insight to your mental equation. Motivational Mars finally leaves Scorpio where he encouraged you to relax and heal, but also added to escapist tendencies (I don’t ever wanna  work again!). Mars enters zippy Sagittarius on 8/2 and begins to activate things on the job and in your daily agenda. Mars here (thru 9/27) initiates a very busy season for you so get prepared! Mars joins Saturn stationed in your work place, but has been retrograde for the last 5 months adding  to the ‘work sucks’ attitude. Saturn turns direct on 8/13 paving the way for new structures you have been trying to create and Mars adds the muscle to build them. Soon you’ll start liking your work and daily life a lot more.