Individual Sign Messages May 2016

Your handy Astro Facts: The New Moon (16° Taurus) is on 5/6 at 3:29p. The Full Moon (1° Sagittarius) is on 5/21 at 5:14p. Jupiter turns direct on 5/9 at 13° Virgo, Mercury turns direct on 5/22 at 14° Taurus, the Sun enters Gemini on 5/20 at 10:37a, and Mars retro returns to Scorpio on 5/27. All times are EDT Read May’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Cows Art by Sam Raines

Art by Sam Raines


Image Note: Here is a great painting for you Taurus Bulls by Sam Raines, an artist I follow on Twitter. Love Sam’s style and love these colorful cows too. And of course we know bulls love cows too. You can buy this painting and find more of Sam’s work at SamRaines Original Paintings.

TAURUS   April 22 – May 20 Happy Birthday Magnificent Bulls! Your personal new year begins with
Mighty Jupiter in fellow earth sign Virgo along with potent Pluto in earthy Capricorn and both reach out to the 3rd earth sign – YOU Taurus. This forms a strong and solid platform to help ground your intentions and stabilize your life path. It’s a wonderful year to tap your personal creative blend of competence, reliability and practical intelligence and maximize it for all to see. Everyone wants to buy your brand! The New Moon is in Taurus on 5/6 – an excellent time to focus on your strong intentions for the coming months ahead. Your ruler magnetic Venus helps you out too while she travels in Taurus most of May, happy to be in her own sign. When Venus graces Taurus all eyes are upon yummy you. It’s a perfect time to ask for what you need because no one can refuse you now! Later in the month on 5/24 Venus arrives at your income zone to sweeten your finances. Use this sweet power well. Partners (in love and/or business) after recent dramas are starting to get into new and better grooves which helps you feel more stable too. Don’t get too comfortable though because Mars slips back into Scorpio and your partnership zone later in the month on 5/27 (thru 8/2) so some of the drama might creep back.  All in all Taurus, May should be a lovely month for you all round!

GEMINI   May 21 – June 20 So Gems, are you holding everything together? If you are, good on you because you’ve mastered a major Gemini challenge – maintaining your focus in the midst of a whirlwind. If you are feeling pulled every which way but loose, you are not alone because half the people on the planet feel the same! Your ruler Mercury is currently moving retro in your misty, other-worldly zone so keep in mind advice from last month: “tune your radar to the space between words to pick up on what’s actually being transmitted.” Muscular Mars is also reversing now in your partnership space, and so is Lord of Karma Saturn. Don’t count on your partners in love or business to be very reliable now. They’ve got their own things going on and might view your helpful attempts to reach out as a distraction. In fact May is a perfect month to get the hell out of Dodge and escape to a lovely hide-away and leave the cares of the world behind. Things pick up later in the month when Mercury turns direct on 5/22 followed by Venus entering Gemini on 5/24 (thru 6/17) to shed her lively lights on you. Hang in there Gem!

CANCER    June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, Your ruler the Moon is in a fickle mood as the month begins, changing signs from electric Aquarius to smooth Pisces on May 1st. This means you might go through some changing moods yourself this month. Jupiter plays a part as well, turning direct on 5/9 in your mental/communication zone. Huge Jupiter has been in reverse mode here since early January so you’ll welcome this change which relieves pent up frustration and worry and returns an optimistic outlook. At the same time communicator Mercury is retrograde (thru 5/22) so it’s a bit of 2 steps forward 3 steps back. Merc retros in your networking/friendship zone the same space sweet Venus just entered, which creates mixed messages there too. Venus always has your back so you can count on your friends and networking community to be there for you, but with Merc retro remember to double-check any info they give you because it may be good intentioned, but wrong. Motivational Mars is part of this herky-jerky mix too, reversing in your work/job, daily agenda zone. Don’t be too concerned, just remember to stay on track and don’t get frustrated if things move slower than you like. Everything will fall into place just when it should.

LEO   July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, May’s gentle Taurus Sun shines in your career and worldly arena and sweet Venus just joined in as well, forecasting a nice time in your World this month! Part of this niceness could be financial because mighty Jupiter who has been backed up in your income zone since early January is set to go forward again on 5/9. This means your finances get a boost ahead too. On top of this Jupiter reaches out to potent Pluto in your work/job space and also sends favorable rays to Sun and Venus in your career zone. Nice vibes for you! At the same time be aware of herky-jerky energy in play this month too. Mercury, in your worldly arena, is retrograde until 5/22 and muscular Mars backs up too, in your fun and creativity zone which includes things like sports, pets and children too. Leos like to show off (admit it!) so with the energy around now it pays to be more careful than usual if, for example you’re showing off to your kids how well you can rock climb or some other physical feat. And when you’re walking your dog or riding your horse, don’t get pulled into misadventure!

VIRGO   August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, May’s astro vibe has a big plus for you along with some herky-jerky energy. The plus is mighty Jupiter, who as been retrograde in Virgo since early January, turns forward again on 5/9. Jupiter represents optimism and good fortune so his turn-around helps your own sense of optimistic faith in the future. Your brand will be in even more demand! At the same time ruler Mercury is retrograde (thru 5/22) with the usual communication weirdness along with potential travel mishaps. You know the rule by now: check and check and double-check everything! Luckily Mercury is in fellow earth sign Taurus during his backward travels and magnetic Venus is in Taurus too sending nice vibes your way to help even things out. Another part of the jerky energy has to do with Mars who is currently retrograde in your home and family space. Mars = energy and motivation, so some one or some situation at home could create a stumbling block. Don’t over focus on whatever it is, just be patient (don’t fret or nag!) and things will fall into place just when they should.

LIBRA   September 22 – October 23 Dear Libra, May’s energy is a bit of an in-between phase for you. Ruler Venus is in Taurus most of the month stationed in your deeper relationship, soul-mate space, a nice place for a love goddess to be! At the same time communicator Mercury is retrograde in this same space so your loved ones may be sending you mixed messages. Motivational Mars is retro too in your mental zone, which means communication can get even more garbled. It’s a good idea to be very aware of what you say, and learn to read between the lines for the true messages from others in your life. Another large bit of in-betweeness comes from Jupiter traveling off in your dream time, other side of the veil territory. When the largest planet in the solar system travels in this misty space you feel a bit off in space yourself. Jupiter moves forward on 5/9 after backing up since January, so messages from the other side start to come in clearer and your general sense of optimism in the future gets a boost. And well it should Libra, because Jupiter soon begins to let you know about a new program in the works which will download in September. And you’re going to love it!

SCORPIO   October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, May begins on a retrograde note with your co-ruler Mars turned around in your income zone, your other ruler Pluto retro in your mental zone, and Mercury reversing in your relationship space. Not to worry, this does not portend doom and gloom, but it does pay to be more aware of your communication style and remember to keep your stingy tail well sheathed! Also pay more attention to how you maintain (or not!) your energy, both physical and mental. Mars is backing up in your income zone, so don’t tap your hard earned cash for anything you don’t direly need. At the same time magnetic Venus travels in your relationship space. This love goddess only travels in your relationship territory once each year, so you might have a major crush on someone now, or them on you (appropriate or not!). With Mercury retro here too, be very aware of the potential for mixed message confusion. Luckily Venus  reaches out favorably to Pluto and also to mighty Jupiter in your networking/friends zone. So if you get foot-in-mouth disease, you’ve got support in your community to help soothe things over. Late in the month on 5/27 Mars returns to Scorpio which will be the time to re-energize all the things you initiated in the last several years. More on this in next moth’s issue.

SAGITTARIUS   November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius, Good news for you in May! Ruler Jupiter, reversing in your worldly zone since January, turns forward on 5/9. This means important things in your world which had stalled, like career and professional opportunities or the major move you hoped to make, begin to manifest again. Jupiter also sends out favorable rays to transformer Pluto in your income zone with extended beams to Venus, Sun and Mercury in your work/job space creating an even more opportune time. At the same time Mercury is retrograde (thru 5/22) so you may not see results immediately. There is more herk-jerky energy affecting everyone and especially you, since it has to do with Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. Mars retro in Sag affects you at the up-close, physical level. Mars stays reverse in Sag. until 5/27 when he returns to Scorpio until August. So this month especially pay attention to how you keep healthy and maintain your physical body. It’s always wonderful to start new exercise routines, but if you do this now remember not to overdo and strain yourself. And if you’re involved in sports or any vigorous outdoor activities be extra careful so you don’t get injured. In other words dear Saggie, slow down and pay attention to where you’re going and you’ll do just fine. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius on 5/21 which is a wonderful time to celebrate wonderful you! See Intro for details on Jupiter direct.

CAPRICORN   December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, You’re going to like the astro energy vibes in May. There is a fusion of earth sign energy which gives you a platform of strength. Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in earthy Taurus and mighty Jupiter moves forward again in earth sign Virgo, and they all play well with Pluto in Capricorn along with Cappie YOU! The Taurus energy is in your house of creativity so your creative energy shines now. This is also the zone of children so have fun with the kids in your life too! The only thing to be aware of is that Messenger Mercury is retro in this same space now so it’s not the best time to launch any new creative venture. Offsetting this is optimistic Jupiter who has been retro in your far flung ideas zone (of travel, education, media and publishing) since January. Jupiter turns direct on 5/9, so your large plans can manifest more easily, but wait until after Mercury moves forward on 5/22 to fully spread your wings. Active Mars is retro now too in your misty, other worldly zone, so your general energy patterns may feel a bit off. That new exercise routine you began so enthusiastically is fading off your radar screen and you vacillate between being spaced out and dreamy, to totally laser focused. To avoid confusion use all the earth energy this month to prop up your discipline and you’ll figure it out!

AQUARIUS  January 20 – February 19 Dear Crystal Blues, The Moon dawns in Aquarius on May Day indicating a month of changes for you. The changes could originate from your home and family zone where the Taurus Sun shines and Venus and Mercury travel now too. Venus brings sweet energy to your homestead but messenger Mercury is retrograde creating miss-communication issues at the same time. Make sure you are not the root of the confusion – keep your own channels crystal clear and static free and Venus will help you out! Mars is also backing up now, in your networking/friendship zone. You might be eager to join with friends and others in your networking circles to share ideas and have fun times, but things aren’t gelling. With Merc. retro at the same time, it’s a good idea to just let things be for a while. Here’s why: on 5/27 Mars re-enters Scorpio and your outer world zone, which re-energizes career issues triggered over the last few years. So it pays to hold focus on your own career, professional and other worldly goals (like where you want to live), so important balls don’t get dropped.

PISCES   February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, May begins with a confluence of nice Taurus energy of Venus, Sun, Mercury and asteroid Vesta converging in your mental/communication zone (which is also the extended family space of aunts, uncles, cousins siblings). This earthy Taurus group reaches out to Jupiter in earth sign Virgo with a third prong extending to Pluto in the 3rd earth sign, Capricorn. Mighty Jupiter is stationed in your higher mind – far flung travels zone, while transformer Pluto is in your networking connections/friendship space. These connections give you a platform of strength to last a long time! Jupiter turns direct on 5/9 after 4+ months of backing up, so travel plans get a forward push too. It’s a good time to travel to get together with family and friends. Be aware of Mercury retrograde though. Merc = communication and is backing up in your communication zone, so you want to make sure clear channels don’t get garbled. Mars is retro now too, reversing in your outer world zone. You were very busy earlier in March, but now the action is turned more inward and you might sense a slow down in your work/career issues. Not to worry, things will come back full steam ahead later, and this gives you time to focus on other things, like traveling and enjoying yourself!

ARIES   March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, May’s energy is all about finances for you. Magnetic Venus just entered your income zone joining the Sun and Mercury to sweeten your money pot! They are all in earthy Taurus and reach out to mighty Jupiter in Virgo in your work/job space, along with potent Pluto in Capricorn stationed in your career/outer world zone. Optimistic Jupiter has been backing up since January and turns direct on 5/9 so job opportunities which stalled return. The connections between all these planets in earthy, grounded signs form a powerful platform which if you play your cards right can last the duration! Be aware that Mercury remains retro until 5/22, so  while finances look excellent, be smart – back away from your wallet or you might buy into something bogus. Adding to this, your ruler Mars is retrograde now. Most of the month Mars remains in fellow fire sign Sagittarius generally good energy for you. However, Sagittarius rules your shared resources zone, so others you rely on may have income issues of their own and won’t be able to offer their usual support. Mars returns to Scorpio which rules your relationship space on 5/27 so your partners (both love and business) may be spinning around for a while. Best advice for you is to maintain focus on your own life plans, and follow your own path of heart. Always the best advice for you Aries!