Individual Sign Messages January 2015

Saturn looks happy in Sagittarius! painting by Paul McGehee

Saturn looks happy in Sagittarius!
painting by Paul McGehee

Your handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (14° Cancer) is on 1/4 at 11:53p. The New Moon (0° Aquarius) is on 1/20 at 8:14a. Mars enters Pisces on 1/12, Mercury goes retrograde at 17° Aquarius on 1/21 at 7:54a (thru 2/11) and the Sun enters Aquarius on 1/20 at 4:44a  All times are ET. Read January’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

CAPRICORN December 21 – January 19 Happy Birthday Mountain Goats! Your Solar new year begins with a with a large cup of Cosmic Capricorn streaming from the heavens. The Sun, Pluto, asteroid Vesta, Mercury and Venus all congregate in Capricorn bringing your Cappie self the ability to reach up to the highest heights while your sturdy hooves master the path below. Nice combination. Your ruler Saturn just began his Sagittarian journey and I’ll bet you felt the shift when Saturn left soggy Scorpio on 12/23/14 to enter bright fire sign Sagittarius. Saturn is the lord of the Material Plane so it’s no accident he rules worldly Capricorn. Saturn in exuberant fire sign Sagittarius will have major affects on the world at large, but for you Mt. Goats it means a new sense of freedom from tight structures, a feeling you contained Caps don’t often experience. I’ll be writing more about Saturn in Sag so stay tuned for more insight on this major shift. In other astro factors for January, active Mars traverses your income zone and on 1/1 is exactly opposite magnanimous Jupiter in Leo in your shared resources zone. Your partners have big plans which affect your income stream too. By 1/4 both messenger Mercury and sparkling Venus are in your financial field too, so the message looks good, especially if you keep up with out of the box ways to earn income. On 1/12 Mars enters Pisces to join Neptune and Chiron in your mental/ communication zone. Put more action into mind expanding, imaginative ways of thinking and those hooves of yours will be prancing on rainbows rings!

AQUARIUS January 20 – February 19 Dear Aquarius, 2015 begins with ruler Uranus moving forward and carrying you with him! Ideas percolating on the back burner are simmering quickly now. Your best strategy is to stay focused on the plans you want to manifest, so don’t take your eye off the burner. On 1/1 Mars in Aquarius is exactly opposite jolly Jupiter in Leo in your relationship zone – your partners in life have large plans which involve you. When crystal Blue Venus enters Aquarius on 1/3 those plans will glimmer and glow. Show off your originality and unique style and all eyes will be on diamond-like you! On 1/4 mental Mercury also enters Aquarius so communication becomes clear as crystal too. Mercury goes retrograde on 1/21 at 17° Aquarius back to 1° Aquarius before turning direct on 2/11. If messages get a bit garbled then, not too worry, this too shall pass. As always, remember your Aquarius rule: detach and rise to the 10K perspective to see the full picture. (See Intro for Mercury Retro details.) Mars leaves Aquarius on 1/12 to enter Pisces which rules your resources zone. Active Mars has not been here for 2 years. This bodes well for income activation, especially if you made the long terms structural career changes Saturn demanded over the last few years. The New Moon is in Aquarius on 1/20, a great day to set personal intentions in place and watch them grow!

PISCES February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, New Year 2015 brings brand new energy waves for you fish-folk. Saturn, Lord of the Material Plane, is now stationed in Sagittarius which rules your worldly arena – the zone of career, professional goals and generally how you relate to the outer world. Saturn has not visited this territory in 3 decades so if things feel brand new, they are! Saturn = form, function, structure which means new structures are beginning to form in your world. In his Sagittarian journey Saturn plays well with other major planets, like Jupiter in your job/work territory and Uranus in your income zone, which means finding a great new job/career,  or creating a better situation at the job you already love will be much easier to accomplish. The challenge is to find, then maintain focus upon your goals, versus doing that Pisces swimming in circles until you don’t know which way you’re going thing you do. Motivational Mars enters Pisces on 1/12 which can help activate energy streams whose currents will be easy to catch.

ARIES March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, 2105 rings in with big bells for you! The sloshy energy over the last few years is evaporating and in it’s place is a big fiery blast set to the perfect temperature for you. As the year begins cell tower Uranus moves forward in Aries and will soon reach out to optimistic Jupiter in Leo. Stately Saturn in Sagittarius is beaming your way too, all of which combine to make this one of the most creative and fulfilling times ever for you! On 1/1 there is a parade of planets in your career/outer world zone to help you set goals for the year ahead, while ruler Mars travels in your networking/ connections zone spreading your message far and wide. Venus (on 1/3) then Mercury (on 1/4) enter this same zone making January an excellent time to network at all levels. Reach out to all your social and business networks. On 1/12 Mars enters watery Pisces for the first time in 2 years. Pisces rules your non-material, dream-time space so you’ll be tempted to hide away, but it’s also important to say yes to invitations and gatherings, because you might meet a great new connection. Find a good balance between honoring your inner and outer space, and you’ll do just fine.

TAURUS April 22 – May 20 Dear Taurus, 2015 rings in with the Moon shining in your sign, indicating a year of changing cycles for you bulls. On 1/1 ruler Venus along with 4 other heavenly bodies are in fellow earth sign Capricorn helping steady your own energy and pave the way for career decisions down the road. On 1/3 Venus enters Aquarius which rules your career and worldly arena. Mars has been here 5 weeks already motivating (or agitating!) your worldly choices and when Venus comes in she’ll bring you a more detached and elevated attitude. Mental Mercury arrives here too, (entering on 1/4) so crystal clarity at the 10K level is much easier to attain. With huge Jupiter in your home/family zone, you are feeling a pull to rearrange your home life, whether that means a move to new location or to make your current home more comfy and livable. The funds to create this could come from unexpected sources, so don’t be afraid to plan big! Best advice for the new year, and for all times for you, is to maintain your Taurus cool. So what if the world gets agitated?! Call upon the hard-won inner peace you have developed over the years and you’ll be sitting pretty.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini,  New Year 2015 brings newer energy for you than other years past. As the year dawns Saturn is fully stationed in your relationship space for the first time in 3 decades. For the next  2 + years Saturn will be demanding different structures in all your relationships and partnerships across the board. Relationships will be developing in new ways, so it is time to consider major commitments and how to proceed forward (or not) with them. Ruler Mercury begins the year in down-to-earth Capricorn along with 4 other heavenly bodies all stationed in your deeper relationship and shared resources zone. This cosmic grouping helps you arrive at practical solutions cooperatively with significant others. Mercury enters fellow air sign Aquarius on 1/4, Mars begins the year in Aquarius too and Venus enters Aquarius on 1/3. They all join in to bring a high note of crystal clarity your way. On 1/12 for the first time in 2 years Mars enters Pisces which rules your outer world zone. Necessary changes start to become more obvious then. Mercury turns retrograde later in the month on 1/21 so if your clarity loses some of it’s luster, not to worry – it will return. See Intro for more details on Mercury Retro.

CANCER June 21 – July 20 Dear Lunar Lovelies, 2015 dawns with the Moon in Taurus, the sign in which your beautiful ruler is called “exalted”. In her exalted position the Moon also forms a trine to Mercury and Venus in Capricorn situated in your relationship zone creating lovely ease and flow between partners and you. A nice omen for the new year! Soon after on 1/4 for the one and only time this year, the Full Moon is in your very own sign of Cancer. Plan time to celebrate all the good you have accomplished. Jolly Jupiter is retrograde as the year begins but maintains his golden position in your income zone. At the same time cell tower Uranus moves forward again in your career zone so the outer world starts to line up better with your own goals. Continue to expect good financial news this year. Big news for 2015 is about Saturn stationed in your work/job space. Saturn here for the first time in 3 decades means it’s time to look at structures you’ve built over the years (or are just starting to build if you are a tender young crab) and determine what needs to be reinforced to make your work and daily agenda stronger – or, what needs to be torn down so a brand new structure can be built on a better platform.

LEO July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, The New Year holds great promise for you! Huge Jupiter is retrograde as the year begins, but maintains his position in golden Leo so you can expect positive energy to continue shining your way. Jupiter vibrates nicely to cell tower Uranus in your higher mind sector and also to Saturn now fully stationed in your creativity zone. Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius marks the beginning of new structures in your creative pursuits with the potential to open up brand new territory – how exciting! On 1/1 Mars travels in your relationship space exactly opposite Jupiter, so someone in your life wants your attention. You may not be able to give it to them because at the same time your work/job space is filled to the brim with 5 heavenly bodies including your ruler the Sun vibrating out to the Moon in your career arena, and they all demand your attention too. In other words your worldly agenda takes time away from loved ones. Luckily the Sun chats with Pluto about how to transform your daily work agenda to a better level, then on 1/3 sweet Venus enters your relationship space (where she loves to be!) so all will be forgiven. 

VIRGO August 23 – September 22 Dear Virgo, 2015 marks a time of change for you. Saturn is now fully stationed in your home and family space for the first time in 3 decades. Saturn here indicates structural changes from the roots up need to be made. Whether it’s a move to a new home or new area entirely, or changes in your dwelling regarding people living with you, or perhaps a family situation which evolves to another level, it’s time to prepare. Chances are you already have a good idea what this involves and in your good Virgo way have been processing what to do already. Ruler Mercury is in practical earth sign Capricorn on 1/1 along with 4 other heavenly bodies including Venus so you’ve got a lot of help. Mercury enters crystal clear air sign Aquarius on 1/3 bringing a large perspective lens around what to do at basic, every day levels. Mercury turns retrograde on 1/21 so if your focus shifts elsewhere for a while, don’t be concerned. It will come around again after Mercury turns direct on 2/11. Mercury retros in your work space, so be extra careful in communications on the job. See Intro for more details on Mercury Retro.

LIBRA September 23 – October 23 Dear Libra Lovies, New Year 2015 sets a new pace for you. The financial issues so much on your mind in recent years begin to wane and in its place a new found freedom arrives. Your mind is set to a different wavelength too. You begin to realize that’s where true freedom is – it’s about your own mental attitude over which you have total control. No outside force has ever dominated you, it was all illusion – you are free! This is the potential for 2105 Libra. Feels good, doesn’t it? As the year begins your ruler Venus along with 4 other heavenly bodies reside in your home and family space. Although you love your homies you are ready for some freedom there too! Venus enters airy, detached Aquarius on 1/3 to help out. In Aquarius Venus graces your creativity zone to bring bright new concepts and plans. The people who will be inspired by your concepts are back on track too. Motivational Mars has been in Aquarius for 5 weeks, so ideas have been sparkling along, but with all the holiday madness, not much time to actualize them. Mars enters your job sector on 1/12 to rev things up, then Venus enters later in the month on 1/27. You’ll be in the flow then with wind in your sails. This truly can be a great year for you, so sail on!

SCORPIO October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, 2015 is a more than a new year for you. It has an entirely different energy pattern which can lift your eagle wings higher than ever! Saturn has left Scorpio so the tough work of reinventing yourself eases off too. This year for the first time in 3 decades Saturn is in fiery Sagittarius in your financial zone. Saturn works well with Jupiter in your worldly sector and also with Uranus in your job space. This combination creates career opportunities with the potential for a stronger income too! On 1/1 ruler Pluto has a meeting with the Sun in your mental/communication zone. Mercury and Venus are here too, and all have practical ideas to support your next phase. Co-ruler Mars is in airy Aquarius in your home and family zone forming a see-saw opposition to huge Jupiter in your career sector. Responsibilities at both ends pull you back and forth – finding a good balance is a worthy task. On 1/12 Mars enters fellow water sign Pisces which rules your creativity sector. You’ll feel more at ease as your creative juices flow and the new year is off to a very good start!

SAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius, 2015 is a very significant year for you. Saturn, planet of form, function, structure and commitment just entered Sagittarius for the first time in 3 decades. It is time to redefine who you always thought you were and Saturn in Sagittarius helps lay a new foundation. What will you build? As the year begins ruler Jupiter shines brightly in Leo. Jupiter is retrograde now (until 4/8) but maintains his positive position in your higher mental sector. It’s a good time to get further education to propel your career goals, and you young Saggies in high school or college now, whatever you are motivated to study can lead you on a wonderful career path. For you Sages who would love to get your ideas out there more – books published, concepts promoted, teaching programs and workshops come to fruition, the time is favorable soon. You just need to cultivate more patience to allow time for things to unfold. (Saturn helps with this!) On 1/1 there are 5 heavenly bodies congregated in your income zone (as those holiday spree bills come in!) reminding you to keep your practical edge sharp too. Motivational Mars begins the year in your mental/communication zone, soon after sweet Venus arrives (on 1/3) then communicator Mercury (on 1/4) flies in too creating more updraft to help your Centaur hooves fly!

IMAGE NOTE:  This great campy Saturn postcard is by Paul McGehee. He did a series of these funky solar system  cards circa 1986 – which was the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius. I think McGehee channeled the vibe very well! Find more of his recent work at Paul McHee Art