My Philosophy: Many people have the wrong idea about astrology. They think a birth chart locks
them into a predestined pattern, and that astrology predicts a fated future over which they have no control. Here is the truth about astrology: Your birth chart is a wonderful tool in self development. It is your own personal map as you explore and unfold in life! It describes who you are at the most essential levels and helps guide you toward becoming the best “you” possible.

You are always at choice around how you use the gifts and handle the challenges your birth chart indicates, and in fact, understanding your birth chart helps you realize how to go with your own inner “flow” rather than push against the current! Astrology in general describes the cosmic flow and how this affects us here below. When you understand trends you can work harmoniously with these energies; but again, you are always in control of your own actions. It simply makes good sense to utilize this knowledge which is there for all.

I offer: Astrological consultation on birth charts, current planetary influences, progressed and 13th Harmonic charts along with comparison charts (relationship dynamics) and relocation charts.  In addition I offer individual Tarot interpretations, and Dream Analysis. All sessions are recorded for your reference.

I use astrology, tarot and dream analysis in my personalized counseling sessions. Your birth chart is a road map which I help you interpret for clearer direction in your life. Once you grasp this profound information, challenges begin to lift and your gifts are able to shine much more fully.  This is the basis and we go from there based on your needs.

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Here is what clients have to say about my work:

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated our work together. Very, very (g)ratifying. It confirmed what I’d suspected for a while — that I’m very much on the right path — my path — and I need to stay true to My Self and what matters/speaks to me. You addressed exactly what I was interested in, rather than imposing your framework or agenda — and you offered guidance and insights deftly and quickly, which is exactly how I like to work. You are a wonderful resource, and I look forward to returning for ongoing work. Thank you.” MS

“…your reading was the best and most thorough reading I have ever experienced!  I actually understood everything you relayed.  The Tarot was such a bonus not to mention your vivacious personality!  I look forward to my next reading!”  Shiva

“I listened to the entire session with an entirely new filter.  I reflected on the situation at the time and the person I was being and I listened intently to your advice…  I’ve done a lot of transformation since that moment …so thankful for the advice that you gave me. .. it was validating to hear it and still apply it now.”  K.K.


“I am so thankful that you came into my life this year!  Your words have provided me with much comfort and transformation!  I have been able to let go of old ways to thinking and open up to a new world!!!  You have given me such understanding of my relationships and my place in the world. ”  Cyndie Roth


“Just a big thanks for my chart. The info that you gave me has saved me so much stress that I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have it.”  B.O.



“I just want to let you know everything went great and I learned a lot more about myself. I was thinking so much about everything at the end of our discussion I did not remember to tell you how accurate everything was with my chart and how grateful I am to have had the time to work with you. I now have better guidance on everything…I will refer you to friends and family and look forward to working with you again in the future.” C.K.