Aspects Defined

Clearing throat, thymus,heartand solar plexus

Mandala by Monique Perrault

Aspects are the mathematics of astrology. The chart wheel is a circle of 360 degrees – hence geometry comes into play with astrology. Not only are the signs and house placements of planets in a chart significant, but also the geometrical relationship between the planets. These mathematical relationships are called ASPECTS.

Aspects have a great deal to do with the interpretation of a birth chart. For example, if your Sun squares your Moon it will have a completely different outlook than if your Sun trines your Moon.

Here are the major aspects defined:

Trine = 120 degree triangle formed between planets. Indicates ease, harmony and flow in general. In a birth chart trines reveal inherent gifts with which you are born. In any chart, trines indicate a channel of flowing energy. Things are easier with trining degrees. However, be aware a trine can ease and flow negative patterns, just as readily as wonderful qualities! Ex: you could have a gifted flair for creative speech – acting, teaching, public speaking, etc. or you could be equally creative at lying!

Square = 90 degree angle, a T-square or Box-square formed between planets. Indicates challenging patterns. In a birth chart squares reveal where you face initial difficulties which become strengths when mastered. In any chart, squares mean strength must be applied to rise above a situation. A square can be pictured as a wall – an obstacle which must be overcome, or as a box you are stuck inside, which limits you unless you resolve to get out. You may need to climb over it, push through it, dig under it, but you must do some action to resolve the challenge. Of course you can also do nothing – stare at the wall aimlessly for example – then you succumb, and weakness results.

Opposition = 180 degree opposition between planets. Oppositions indicate a mirroring affect. Completely opposite placements. In a birth chart oppositions reveal differing, but potentially complimentary viewpoints. One planet mirrors the qualities of the other. They can help each other, or hinder each other depending upon how you integrate these opposing qualities. In any chart, oppositions indicate opposing views or segments of a whole (religious versus secular; masculine versus feminine for example). Oppositions, like conjunctions, are inherently neutral. It depends upon the forces in opposition.

Conjunction = 0 degrees; planets next to each other, traveling in the same or close degree. In a birth chart conjunctions indicate intense focus and power. It is as if the planets traveling together become one force. Conjunctions in a birth chart indicate concentration on a particular theme. Great will and determination are evident in the areas they appear. In any chart, conjunctions mean obvious activity and focused concentration in the area in which the planets travel. Conjunctions are essentially neutral. They can have positive or negative effects depending upon the signs and planets involved. Conjunctions are about focus, not about “good” or “bad”.