Heavenly Messages for October 2017

photo by SueLaRose


October 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

October has arrived and with it the vibrant beauty of Autumn colors. It’s my very favorite time of the year! It’s as if Mother Nature wants to show off the most brilliant clothing in her wardrobe before she takes it off to sleep in the bare bones of winter.

The astrology for October is clothed nicely in airy and earthy tones – as always Libra is highlighted and Virgo is too. There is a MAJOR shift this month as gigantic Jupiter arrives at the sign of Scorpio, big news for both Scorpio and Sagittarius, and big news for us all since Jupiter’s moves affect everyone.

Every October 1st, the Sun shines beautifully in the lovely sign of Libra, the 2nd air sign in the zodiac. Venus is Libra’s ruling planet and its symbol is the balanced scales. Libra is one of the nicest, most attractive signs going, filled with gentle grace and beauty. It is the sign of the diplomat and peace-maker with ability to see both sides of an issue to provide intelligent solutions. In these divisive times, Libra embraces the old fashioned values of politeness and respect for others. Libra rules art, culture and fashion and exhibits decorative and creative flair. Artists, musicians and other poetic souls often have strong Libra in their charts. In general Libra is the sign of relationships like love and marriage and all partnerships too. Libra is the original “Peace, Love, Beauty – War no More” sign.

When born with Sun in Libra you are here to refine the rough edges of your soul. Libras are not loners, you need to be with people to learn the value of relationships and learn to respect people for who they are without needing to change them. You are developing the ability to love better, including loving yourself without judgment. You are practicing balance between your head and your heart. Libras are the ones who help the rest of us recognize injustice and use their eloquence to stir us to love our fellow humans more.

Here are some quotes from Sun in Libra natives to give you a sense of this lovely sign.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  ~ Rumi

Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization. ~ Mathama Gandhi

Love is more than a word to me. It’s something that I see and feel in the people around me that makes me believe it and feel loved. It’s nurturing and unconditional. It is consistent and reliable. ~ Avril Lavigne

My wish for you this October and beyond, is that you feel loved and nurtured, and remove all the barriers to the unconditional love which is here for you always!


As always on October 1st I wish a heavenly happy birthday to E.V. one of the finest Libras to walk the earth.

Heavenly Messages for October 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (13° Aries) is on 10/5 at 2:40p, the New Moon (25° Libra) is on 10/19 at 3:12p. Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10/10, Mars enters Libra on 10/23 (thru 12/9), and the Sun enters Scorpio on 10/22 at 10:27p Pacific and on 10/23 at 1:27a Eastern. Unless noted all times are EDT Read October’s Individual sign messages HERE

October begins on a nice uplifting airy note with earthy tones to keep things stable, but the BIG news this month is that huge and mighty Jupiter shifts from Libra into Scorpio on 10/10. Scorpio will obviously be most affected, as will Sagittarius since he is your ruling planet, but when Jupiter makes a change we all notice!

On 10/1 the Moon is in crystal blue Aquarius harmonizing with Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter all in fellow air sign Libra. Air signs relate to communication so this bodes well for lines of communication to be open and clear. Helpful Venus and robust Mars travel together in productive earth sign Virgo helping bring practical organization into the equation, and they both work well with potent Pluto in Capricorn bringing even more ability to get things done, not just flap lips.

In the as above, so below category, the relief efforts in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria are an example. Puerto Rico, a U.S territory with a population of 3.5 million, was completely decimated by the powerful storm and Federal relief efforts were slow in coming. Now over a week after the storm aid supplies have arrived, but are sitting at the ports due to badly damaged roads and lack of drivers for the trucks. On 9/28 it was announced that Lt. Gen. Jeffery Buchannan will go to Puerto Rico to oversee the military’s relief efforts which will hopefully get things moving more quickly and efficiently. This month’s Libra’s better lines of communication will help and the Virgo ability to “roll up your sleeves and get it done” assists too. Let us hope so! Blessings of strength and courage to all those affected in Puerto Rico and the other islands in the Caribbean too.


Melissa McCarthy – born with Venus in Libra


Later in the month first Venus then Mars move into Libra adding to the overall Libra tone. On 10/14 Venus leaves earth bound Virgo to lift into airy Libra where she travels until 11/7. Venus rules Libra and adores being in her own lovely and graceful sign. Venus in Libra brings all the Libra qualities to the forefront – adds harmony to relationships, urges us to enjoy cultural events, creates more ability to find diplomatic solutions to problems, and since Venus in Libra is the Goddess of Love, expect more love and desire too! Generally Venus in Libra reminds us about the beauty all around, and to spread more loving energy to all. Venus ruled Libra is lovely for everyone, but of course Libra, you get the major benefit – this is your time to shine! See your Individual Sign Messages for more personal insight.

Mars follows Venus, entering Libra on 10/23 for the first time in 2 years. Heads up Aries, because Mars is your ruling planet – his moves affect yours, and Libra you’ll want to be aware of Mars’ effects too. See your Individual Sign Messages. Mars’ Libra  journey brings even more updraft to this month’s astro energy. Mars can be feisty, but in Libra he is the diplomat, peace maker and elegant lover with artistic flair.  Mars remains in Libra until 12/9 so you want to use his motivational energy well. Here’s how: be more diplomatic, peaceful, graceful and loving and this will be a most wonderful time!


Adam Lambert – born with Mars in Libra


The headline astro news for October is about Jupiter who on 10/10 leaves light and airy Libra to enter deep and steamy Scorpio. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system by far and makes his historic move into a new sign of the zodiac every 12 – 13 months, and only returns to a sign once every 12 years. Jupiter remains in Scorpio from 10/10/17 until 11/9/18. Because Jupiter is so huge his movements affect us all, but Sagittarius Jupiter is your ruler so his moves are always big for you, and of course this time for Scorpio too. See your Individual Sign Messages for more personal insight.

Jupiter’s astrological function is expansion. Whenever this immense planet enters a sign it expands issues related to that sign. Scorpio is the most powerful sign in the entire zodiac. The very essence of Scorpio is about issues of power. Scorpio is the only sign with three symbols: the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix representing the metamorphosis from the depths to the heights. Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio will highlight the power-hungry, as well as the victims they subject. In its lower vibration Scorpio (the Scorpion) is power over – how the power-mongers squash others beneath their boots, or power under – how “victims” turn their power over to others.

The unconscious Scorpio plays out one of these themes or the other, while the awakened Scorpio (the Eagle) harnesses energy to powerfully uplift self and others. Naturally this will affect people with Sun or Rising in Scorpio, and in fact it could be one of the most important times in your life! Where are you on the Scorpio continuum: victim, dominator, or enlightened eagle flying high and free? Or perhaps you are the Phoenix, having died to an old self, releasing patterns which no longer served you, and have risen anew.

Scorpio is a water sign, but not the babbling brook or gently lapping waves. Scorpio is fire and water mixed together – lava and hot gushing underground springs! Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, though Mars had this position for thousands of year before Pluto was discovered in 1930. Mars remains Scorpio’s co-ruler and relates to the day-to-day Scorpio agenda.

Scorpio is deeply penetrating, passionate and powerfully creative, and when operating at the Eagle level exhibits depths of creative energy rarely seen. With Jupiter in Scorpio expect more transformative creative expression in the arts and in other areas of society too, science, medicine, economics. Sex is power and Scorpio rules sexuality and issues of pro-creation too. Lower tone issues of sexuality – porn, rape, incest are forced out of the shadows, while positive strides in helping infertility and gender issues gain advances.

Scorpio is one of the the signs connected to addiction (the other is Pisces) and rules the drug industry – legal pharmaceuticals as well as illicit recreational drug usage. The pharmaceutical industry is already under scrutiny due to outrageous price gouging and the fact that more and more people are questioning the negative side effects of prescription drugs, and the related opioid epidemic. The burgeoning marijuana industry is likely to get more of a boost too.

Scorpio is also connected to prisons and punitive incarceration. Private prisons were outlawed at the beginning of the 20th century but are now springing up across the country at a rapid pace. There is controversy around corporate owned for-profit prisons which is likely to flare up more with Jupiter in Scorpio.

In the modern era the US has been considered one of the most powerful nations on Earth. There are several USA birth charts astrologers refer to (there is controversy around this too) and one of them has Scorpio rising. Personally I subscribe to the Scorpio ascendant for the USA chart, one reason being that the very symbol for the US is The Eagle which echoes the Scorpio theme. Here is this chart which has an ascendant of 8° Scorpio.



In the current transits to this Scorpio rising chart Jupiter is stationed in USA’s 12 house, the misty, hidden zone of the unconscious and unknowable. The 12th house is also the zone of highest spiritual guidance as well as past karmic patterns. Jupiter will reach 8° Scorpio and enter the first house of the USA chart in mid November 2017. The first house is the seat of the self, the ‘face’ of the chart and indicates how others view it versus how the entity (the US) senses itself. In mid November 2017 Jupiter reaches 8° Scorpio and will essentially download a major new program for the USA. I’ll be exploring more about what this means for the US and Jupiter in Scorpio generally in later issues, so stay tuned!

To end October’s issue here is another quote by Libra Sun native, the poet Rumi – it’s one of my favorites from this great poet: We came whirling out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. The stars made a circle, and in the middle, we dance. In this lovely Libra month, let’s argue less and dance more!

IMAGE NOTE: This lovely image, which looks so much like a watercolor painting, is a photograph by Sue Larose taken on her iPhone.  I love all of Sue’s work, but chose this photo Gooseberries because it is so Libra-like, elegant, well positioned and sublimely beautiful.  It’s amazing to me that Sue took it on an iPhone!  Sue is a professional photographer, doing project work for artists (She shoots artist’s work for website and print). In her free time she can be found exploring Ghost Towns and Salvage yards in Montana and making fun images (and teaching) with her iPhone.  Find more of her work at Sue LaRose Photography