Heavenly Messages for November 2017

Dead of the Dead – “Un Pocito de Color”
Art by Manual Sales

November 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

On this day I wish you all a happy Samhain, All Souls Day and Día de los Muertos! May your loving ancestors be alive within you to dance and rejoice!

As I write this a fierce rain and wind storm just swept through our area and several large limbs from a tree in our backyard fell with a loud shocking thump that shook the whole house. It seemed a good metaphor for this intense Scorpio time which makes power obvious, including the power of nature.

On every November 1st the Sun beams across dark Scorpio waters, the sign most closely connected to issues of power. The waters of Scorpio are not gentle like the other water signs of Cancer and Pisces, but are hot and bubbling, deeply penetrating, creative and passionate. Scorpio has 2 planetary rulers – Mars the active day-to-day indicator, and Pluto the overarching ruler as the planet of transformation. Scorpio is the only sign which has 3 symbols – the Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix – representing the metamorphosis from the depths to the heights.

Scorpio is magnetic, sensual and gives off sexual pheromones other people simply don’t have! Scorpio is highly creative, driven to succeed, and deeply complex. Scorpio is not for the faint hearted, and their deep intensity can be difficult to be around. But if you choose to have a Scorpio in your life, you can be assured life will never, ever be boring!

When born with Sun in Scorpio your soul growth pattern is learning to embrace all elements of power. You are learning how your deepest emotions motivate you and to bring them fully into consciousness to master them, versus letting yourself be controlled by dark moods, jealousy and victim mentality. You are here to claim your power and magnetism in masterfully creative ways and to share it with others, and ultimately use it with great strength and wisdom. It is said, no young soul is ever born with strong Scorpio, because you must be an old soul to manage this energy.

Joni Mitchell –
Sun in Scorpio

Here are quotes from Scorpio Sun natives to help you get a sense of this deep and complex sign.

There are unknown forces in nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, without reserve, she lends them to us; she shows us these forms, which our watching eyes do not see, which our intelligence does not understand or suspect. ~Auguste Rodin

You cannot run away from weakness; you must some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand? ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Do you see how you hurt me, baby? So I hurt you too. Then we both get so blue. I am on a lonely road and I am traveling, looking for the key to set me free. ~Joni Mitchell

My hope for you this November is to find the key to your own freedom, your own true nature, then rise transformed like a Phoenix!


Heavenly Messages for November 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts:The Full Moon (12° Taurus) is on 11/4 at 1:23a EDT, the New Moon (26° Scorpio) is on 11/18 at 6:42a. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 11/2 at 10:05p, and Neptune goes direct on 11/22 at 11° Pisces. Unless noted all times are EST – Standard time starts on 11/5 this year. Read November’s Individual sign messages HERE

November’s astro brew is a dark sip of velvety chocolate with a touch of chili and an airy froth on top. Mighty Jupiter rides near the Scorpio Sun and messenger Mercury swims in deep Scorpio waters too. The Moon is in peppery hot Aries, Uranus too, and Saturn in his last full month in spirited fire sign Sagittarius, sends a beam to Uranus’ cell tower, while Venus and Mars dance through elegant airy Libra. Venus soon dives into Scorpio waters to join the Sun and Jupiter and later in the month satellite dish Neptune wakes up from his retrograde Piscean dreams.

Scorpio is the sign most affected this month, Libra is too, and Pisces along with Cancer benefit from the extra splash moisturizing your water signs. See your  Individual sign messages for more insight.

Jupiter, in Scorpio for a solid year to come, just met up with the Scorpio Sun in late October and on 11/1 they are still close to each other continuing to beam powerful Scorpio rays. Communicator Mercury met up with Jupiter in mid October and carries the Scorpio notes from their conversation into November. The message reads: “Answers will not be found on the surface. The truth lies deep underneath and bravery is required to seek there.” On 11/1 Mercury forms a flowing trine with wounded healer Chiron in mystical Pisces which intensifies this message. At the same time Saturn in rambunctious Sagittarius forms an exact challenging square to Chiron, so the important transmission from Mercury gets blocked by distractions. People say, “Don’t be pushing me to the deep end. I’d rather watch my favorite sports teams than ponder important issues.” And with all the heaviness in the world, who can blame them!

Certainly not Venus happily dancing in her own sign of Libra as November begins. Eager to relate, Venus travels opposite wily Uranus in Aries and beckons him to hip hop over to her side for more fun. She’ll be disappointed though, since Uranus is still retrograde and not paying much attention. He’s pondering issues like war and rebellion and isn’t ready to hear Venus/Libra’s plea for peace and more time for enjoyable activities.

Katherine Heigl – Born with Venus in Scorpio

On 11/7 Venus leaves Libra’s airy dance floor to dive into Scorpio waters where she’ll be until 12/1. Venus in Scorpio is highly magnetic! Venus/Scorpio is sexy, sultry, sensuous and irresistible. She meets up with expansive Jupiter from 11/10-14 which is a great time for yummy connections. Grab your honey and jam!

Mars met up with Venus last month and is still chasing her as November begins. He’s in Libra too, but Venus is outpacing him now. Mars is the “warrior” and rules aggressive Aries, but in Libra he is the diplomat, peace maker and elegant romantic with cultured flair. On 11/1 Mars is opposite the Aries Moon revealing the contrast between those eager for a fight versus those who want to sit down and discuss how to get along better. Will those two contrasting world views ever meet in the middle? It seems unlikely at macro levels now, with the current political climate across the globe. But there are glimmers of hope. Brutal Isis fighters have finally been driven out of their stronghold in Aleppo Syria, and the major unrest in Catalonia for secession from Spain is leveling out as secessionist parties agreed to stand in new elections. Mars will be in Libra until 12/7, so let’s hope his energy motivates more cooperation.

The only major planetary movement this month comes from Neptune who after his long 5 month retrograde phase turns direct on 11/22.  Neptune is the planet of spiritual attainment as well as mental delusion. Neptune moving forward again means it’s easier to re-tune to a better frequency. Neptune direct helps you feel less spaced out and more grounded and people suddenly wake up out of their delusions. Neptune moves forward again at 11° Pisces, the sign he rules, and is a third of the way through his 14 year Piscean journey. Neptune moves very slowly and remains at 11° Pisces until January 5th next year.

Neptune functions like a satellite dish, beaming in higher vibrations and dissolving lower ones. Sun in Pisces folks born from February 27 through March 2 will notice this re-tuning most of all, as will people with Pisces rising at 10-12°. If this is you, it’s time to let parts of your life go with grace, so that more refined energy can manifest. If you flow along with this, Neptune will be your loving guide. If you resist, well let’s just say it’s not much fun to watch your life dissolve around you!

Since November is a major Scorpio month, I want to discuss more about the significance of Jupiter in Scorpio. For the first time in 12 years Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th and remains until November 8th next year. Scorpio is all about issues of power. How powerful people use, abuse and take advantage, as well as the strength of positive support which empowers others. Jupiter functions to expand and 2 main elements Scorpio rules are sex and drugs.

Consider Hollywood’s powerful mogul Harvey Weinstein who has recently been exposed for sexual harassment and the many woman who came forward to share their stories of how he abused and humiliated them. Their revelations activated the #MeToo movement across social media. Twitter reports that 1.7 million women and men too have used the hashtag in 85 countries which is bringing to light the widespread sexual harassment issue swept under the rug basically forever. An interesting thing to note about the #MeToo movement is that although it has become viral now it actually began with social activist Tarana Burke on MySpace back in 2006 – the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio!

Billy Cosby’s case began to beat the drum and the 2016 US election brought it out for a moment when Donald Trump’s 2005 Hollywood Access tape surfaced, where he said, “when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything…grab them by the pussy”. But the outrage soon died down after Trump became President. Now with #MeToo going viral more and more incidents of sexual harassment are coming out in the open with powerful men being accused from Chris Halprin of ABC and NBC News, to Nickelodeon’s Chris Savino, to celebrity chef John Besh and many others. And people in general are becoming more empowered to speak out about sexual harassment in their own workplaces.

The current outcry about opioid overuse and addiction dubbed the Opioid Crisis is also creating major headlines with deaths from overdoses rising 533% from 2002 and 2016 to the current rate of  91 deaths per day in the US. Only 16 days after Jupiter entered Scorpio, President Trump declared it a “Public Health Crisis” and hopefully more funds will soon reach the people who need help overcoming their pain and addiction.

If Jupiter in Scorpio has his way, muck like this kept hidden at the bottom of the pond will keep getting churned up and exposed to hopefully be transformed like the Phoenix symbol for Scorpio. Let it be so!

Here are some good articles about Jupiter in Scorpio from 3 other astrologers I follow and whose insight I appreciate.

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And here’s another quote from Scorpio Sun native Joni Mitchell, Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.  May you too rise like a Phoenix above any chains that bound you and be forever free.