Individual Sign Messages October 2017

Your Handy Astro Facts: The Full Moon (13° Aries) is on 10/5 at 2:40p, the New Moon (25° Libra) is on 10/19 at 3:12p. Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10/10, Mars enters Libra on 10/23 (thru 12/9), and the Sun enters Scorpio on 10/22 at 10:27p Pacific and on 10/23 at 1:27a Eastern. Unless noted all times are EDT Read October’s Astro overview HERE

NOTE: To get the most out of your Heavenly Messages read the message for your Rising sign (ascendant) along with your Sun sign.

Venus Remixed by Natisha Sands @pureblindingcolor

IMAGE NOTE: I’ve used this stunning  Venus Remixed image by Natisha Sands  before, and since Venus enters her own lovely sign of Libra this month I remembered how alluring this beautiful Venus is and wanted to see her again. Hope you do too.

LIBRA  September 22 – October 23 Happy Birthday Libra Loves! Your personal new year wraps up long term trends with the promise of new currents to carry you wherever you want to go. As the currents shift you are leaving a time of discovering the true ‘you’. You gained more poise, balance and ability to relate to people better, along with a deeper understanding of what love is. You are still in the process of learning to speak your truth fearlessly while maintaining tact and sensitivity. Financial flow is the new stream coming your way as mighty Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10/10 which rules your income zone (2nd house). As always partners in your life have a major impact, which brings up speaking your truth again. When you communicate clearly and stand your ground, income flows better. If you let others take the lead who might not have your best interests in mind, log jams create blocks. October’s trends find communicator Mercury in Libra, a good time to practice speaking truth diplomatically, while ruler Venus in clever Virgo travels next to her consort Mars also in Virgo. This intelligent pair are hiding off in your misty 12th house as the month begins, so if you feel unsure of the smartest moves to make, not to worry. Venus enters Libra on 10/14 bringing extra charm to beautiful you and helps you intuitively know how to act to get what you need. Active Mars follows, entering Libra for the first time in 2 years on 10/23. Mars in Libra energizes relationship patterns and travels in Libra through 12/9, so you’ll have plenty of time to better understand how relationship dynamics play out in your life. The New Moon is in Libra is on 10/19 a lovely time to look ahead and create a beautiful design for the next phase of your life.

SCORPIO  October 24 – November 22 Dear Scorpio, BIG news for you in October! Mighty Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10/10 for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter represents good luck and opportunity and will be in Scorpio for the next 13 months. Jupiter also indicates expansion, so what expands now are opportunities for you! Of course you must be ready to receive and act upon the opportunities, so the question for now is, are you? If you have been following Saturn’s advice over the last 2 + years to restructure your income and get on stronger ground financially you’re ready. The advice for you is to get clear in your intentions, hold that focus, and when the opportune moment(s) arrive you’ll be ready to take full advantage. If you are still working on  finding financial footing, Jupiter will help, because no matter what, when Jupiter is in your sign YOU are the opportunity everyone wants! In other astro news, both Venus and co-ruler Mars travel in Virgo and work well with ruler Pluto this month. This means friends and others in your community have good, productive advice now so reach out and get some of that! See Intro for more on Jupiter.

SAGITTARIUS  November 23 – December 20 Dear Sagittarius, October marks a major shift for you. Ruler Jupiter arrives in Scorpio on 10/10 and enters your mystical, spirit-side 12th house, the zone where the unconscious, dream-time rules. The last time Jupiter visited here was 12 years ago from the fall of 2005 through 2006. Look back then for similar themes. This is the sabbatical zone, and Jupiter here calls you to step back from your ordinary life to gain new more evolved perspective. Soon it will be time to buff your spiritual muscles as you prepare for the next phase of your life. In early October both Venus and Mars travel in your worldly zone helping you with smart career advice and generally bringing you better understanding of your place in the world. Saturn maintains his position in Sagittarius which can help you better define your overall goals. If you’ve been resisting Saturn’s restructuring advice, well let’s just say you’d better start now on the changes you need to make!  See Intro for more on Jupiter.

CAPRICORN  December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, Astro themes move along nicely for you this month! Both Venus and Mars are in fellow earth sign Virgo as October begins reaching out helpful hands to Pluto in Capricorn guiding you to better destinations, while Mercury and the Sun join hefty Jupiter to help lift your career goals higher. Jupiter is set to leave your outer world zone on 10/10 so hold focus on the balance you’ve gained between your worldly endeavors and home and family life. Jupiter’s next stop for the first time in 12 years, is to Scorpio which rules your networking connections and friendship zone (11th house). Scorpio is a water sign which harmonizes well with earthy you, so you’ll appreciate this shift. Jupiter= good luck and opportunity and will be here for the next 13 months. When the largest planet in the solar system travels in your friends and community zone, you could meet someone very significant who plays a pivotal role in your life. This also helps you realize how important your circle of friends is and the good advice they have to share.

AQUARIUS  January20 – February 19 Dear Crystal Clear Ones, The Moon is in Aquarius on 10/1 bringing you a renewed cycle, and communicator Mercury joins the Sun in fellow air sign Libra to help bring more clarity and ability to rise to the 10K perspective where you love to be. Helpful Venus enters Libra on 10/14 bringing an ever nicer updraft, followed by Mars on 10/23. This is a nice uplift but the major news for October is that on 10/10 for this first time in 12 years Jupiter enters Scorpio which rules your career, profession and worldly arena (10th house). When huge Jupiter moves into such an important place you feel the vibes! Jupiter helps create opportunity and brings expansive energy wherever he visits, so it’s time to take stock of your place in the world. Is it time for a career change, or maybe it’s time to step up to a more important position in the career you have. Perhaps you are ready to move to a new location – what or where is calling  for you? Jupiter remains in Scorpio until November 2018 so you have plenty of time to figure it all out.

PISCES  February 20 – March 20 Dear Pisces, As October begins both Venus and Mars travel in your relationship zone indicating an active month for relationships across the board from love mates and family to business partners. They have practical solutions for you and you have compassionate advice for them. There is a lot of Libra in the air this month with Mercury and the Sun highlighting your 8th house of deeper relationships which is also the transition zone – birth, death – so cycles of change become evident. Enormous Jupiter has been stationed in this same house for over a year but is set to leave on 10/10 indicating an even larger change. Jupiter enters fellow water sign Scorpio which rules your 9th house of expanded mental territory, including education, media and travel. This is also the home of your belief structures including religion and other systems of society that teach us what we are supposed to believe. Jupiter will be here over the next 13 months, so it’s time to revisit your deepest beliefs.

ARIES  March 21 – April 21 Dear Aries, October’s astro theme focuses on work and relationships for you. The month begins with both Venus and ruler Mars stationed in your work space reminding you to be smart about choices you make on the job. Mental Mercury joins the Libra Sun in your relationship/partners zone, the same place massive Jupiter has been for the last year +. On 10/1 Jupiter forms a see-saw opposition to Uranus in Aries encouraging you to step out of your own orbit and pay attention to what your partners have to say. Venus enters Libra on 10/14 followed by Mars on 10/23 adding more activity to your relationship sector. Meanwhile Jupiter is set to leave here and enter Scorpio on 10/10 which rules your 8th house of deepest relationship, soul mate territory. This is the zone of intimacy, so things start to sizzle when this mighty planet arrives. The 8th house is also the shared income zone which means good potential for your partners to do well and step up to the plate to provide more for you. Jupiter has not visited this deep territory in 12 years. Look back to Fall 2005 through 2006 for a similar theme.

TAURUS  April 22 – May 20 Dear Hardy Bulls, October begins with both ruler Venus and Mars in fellow earth sign Virgo offering up clever and creative ideas. Communicator Mercury flies near the Libra Sun in your work/job zone (6th house) where Venus arrives on 10/14 to bring sweeter vibes on the job, and later in the month Mars enters Libra too, for the first time in 2 years, to activate the creative plans you’ve formulated. More importantly massive Jupiter, who has been in this same work zone for over a year, is set to move out on 10/10. Jupiter was helping you realize how to create the ideal balance between your job and the rest of your life. He leaves with a goodbye tip of his huge hat and enters Scorpio and your important 7th house of relationships. Jupiter will be stationed in this partnership zone for the next 13 months which brings major emphasis to relationships across the board from love and marriage, to family and business partners too. Look back to the Fall of 2005 through 2006, the last time Jupiter was here, to see themes which might replay at different levels now.

GEMINI  May 21 – June 20 Dear Gemini, October brings a lot of the airy astro energy you like, with ruler Mercury joining the Sun in air sign Libra to brighten up your creativity and fun times space (includes children too). Venus and Mars begin the month in Virgo in your home and family zone making things both sweet and active around your dwelling, then this duo moves into Libra too. Venus arrives on 10/14 followed by Mars on 10/23. Massive Jupiter has been in Libra for the last 13 months so your next creative plan has been brewing for a while. Venus and Mars’ visit here helps clarify and point the way. On 10/10 Jupiter enters Scorpio for the first time in 12 years activating your work/job and daily agenda territory (health patterns too). It’s time to step up to a more powerful place at work and/or time to consider major changes in your daily life routine.

CANCER  June 21 – July 20 Dear Cancer, Your ruler the Moon shines in airy Aquarius on 10/1 and she works favorably with the Sun and messenger Mercury in Libra bringing helpful clarity. At the same time both Venus and Mars travel together in Virgo in your mental and communication zone so you are more able to access intelligent ideas and clever insights. On 10/14 Venus enters Libra which rules your 4th house of home and family, followed by Mars on 10/23. Jupiter has been in this same zone for over a year helping you realize how important family is to your life. Jupiter won’t be your house guest for much longer, he’s packing his bags to leave on 10/10. His next visit is to fellow water sign Scorpio which rules your creativity and good times territory (5th house) so this should be a nice change for you. The 5th house is the zone of children, so if you have your own or work with kids you’ll see big shifts in them too. The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was from Fall 2005 through 2006. Look back then to see similar themes.

LEO  July 20 – August 22 Dear Leo, October finds your ruler the Sun shining in lovely Libra who is joined by messenger Mercury highlighting your mental and communication space (3rd house). Good messages are in the air, and it might have something to do with financial resources coming your way since both helpful Venus and active Mars are stationed in your income zone as the month begins. Expect even nicer messages when Venus enters Libra on 10/14 followed by Mars on 10/23. Huge and mighty Jupiter has been in Libra for over a year, but is set to move to a new station on 10/10 when he enters Scorpio. Scorpio rules your important home and family space and Jupiter has not been your house guest since the Fall of 2005. Jupiter brings luck and opportunity so expect good changes around the homestead and for those there with you. Keep in mind though, that Jupiter equals expansion and can expand crap as well as beauty. Make sure there is plenty of love and beauty in your household so Jupiter expands that!

VIRGO  August 23 – September 21 Dear Virgo, Venus graces your sign this month, so soak up her loving attention! Mars travels in Virgo now too, so there is plenty of action focused on you. Great time to get things done you’ve been putting off. Ruler Mercury is in Libra where he joins the Sun in your income zone. They highlight the theme Jupiter has been making for over a year, which is how partners help or hinder your financial state. Jupiter leaves this territory on 10/10 to enter Scorpio which rules your 3rd house of mental activity and communication. Scorpio is a deep water sign which is one of the reasons Virgo is noted for depth of intelligence. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and will visit here for 13 months to help expand your brain power and communication skills to an even deeper level. You want to make sure what Jupiter expands is positively powerful versus powerfully judgmental, a Virgo mental quality you don’t want to emphasize! Mercury enters Scorpio on 10/17 (thru 11/5) so you’ll have extra help to recognize your mental traits, to strengthen or tame them.