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and my wonderful website designer (and my sister too) Heni Sandoval –  My passion is painting with acrylics on watercolor paper. I use the process of layering the paint and scratching back to reveal unique colors and textures in my paintings. I hope you enjoy the colorful imagery in my work.   CirclesRoundSun-Etsy   Heni’s Happy Paintings



Ainslie FaustAstroAinslie Astrology Readings for the Soul also @AinslieFaust I bring a unique, artistic perspective, to my worksops and readings.

DawnThe Horoscope Junkie also at FB Twitter and YouTube  If you’re looking for your Free Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope, Monthly or Yearly Horoscope, you are in the right place! We are the webs best horoscope directory.

Diana Garland  Astrological consultant who sees her craft as a medium through which to channel guidance from spirit and her own knowledge of the psychology of human nature.

Donna McGarry  Zodiacts – Books about characters in the cosmos.  also at  @ariesadventure My intention in writing these books is to introduce folks to the concepts of astrology in a fun and whimsical manner

Mahala Gayle Mahalas Astrology – Mundane Astrology – World Events   Mahala writes Planet Alert a monthly astrology newsletter which combines an always interesting and inspiring spiritual perspective with current events.

Jenn Mulligan artisticastrology  Combining Art and Astrology is the  motivational force at Artistic Astrology

The Oxford Astrologer – Interesting and Intelligent astrology insights from Christina Roddenberry. In her words a place for thinking and dreaming, and diving into the delicious possibilities that emerge when astrological symbolism meets real life.”



Find Your Fate A wonderful resource site with  astrological information on planetary movements, eclipses, retrograde periods,  ephemeris, Moon phases, meteor showers, numerology, Indian and Chinese astrology,  and more. has a good ephemeris where you can plug in your birth month and year and find out where all the planets were on your birth date.



Elaine Berk MEd. CHt, CPLT –  Past Life Regression Therapy PA  Past Life Regression Therapy,  Energy Psychology,  Crystal Light Therapy from John of God

Sarah K. Borda– LMT, NCTMB, Myofascial Relsease Therpist  – and Specializing in chronic pain release, myofascial release and therapeutic massage. Also Trauma Release, Women’s Healthcare, Pediatric myofascial release

Dr. Cynthia Hawver  Dr Cynthia –  Licensed Psychologist/Doctor of Psychology – Hypnosis Past Life Regression.  As a licensed psychologist Cynthia provides you with an ethical and high quality clinical hypnosis session.

Beth Guida Rainbow of Promise – Numerology, Rainbow Healing Modalities, & Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning Sessions.

Patricia Kramer – Intuitive Emotional Healer –  and Facebook  Patricia clears out emotional debris so that change can finally take place.  You don’t have to “re-live” it or analyze it, just clear it out – it’s a wonderful process.

Kiki Peppard,RMT, COTA/L – Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist

Deborah Pietruszka OTR/L, HTCP, C.Ht. Serendipity Meadows – Bio-Energy Treatments, Medical Intuition, Healing Touch for animals, Hypnotherapy and NLP

Janet StraightArrow  Healing Body Mind Soul, Shaman, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive Training and Healing   973-647-2500


Stephanie Swafford, BCPP, BFRP —  Rapid BodyMind Clarity   Healing Arts Practitioner / Creator of Body Alchemy. Facilitating energy balance-  a conversation between her expertise and your Bodymind, structured to fit your needs and healing patterns. Working quickly in the present moment by drawing on and then refining all the resources someone already has, Stephanie reminds people how to truly listen, how to trust their innate abilities, and how to remember what they already know, so that they can navigate any aspect of their lives with a stronger sense of grace and ease.

Vyolet  DogStarUnlimited Intuitive, Past Life Regression, Chakra Balancing, Animal Communicator, Reiki Practitioner

Rev. Christina Lynn Whited C.N.C., W.W.C   –  Channel and healer. Christina is a subtle energy healer with an international following who  teaches others how to access the Divinity Within.  Christina works on many levels of being, bringing peace and healing to souls lost between worlds, as well as to those in need of physical healing in this life.


Sybilla Lenz – Positive Living by Design



Janet Dunn-Davenport –  Tao of Delicious Health Janet coaches women who are bound by fear and ready to do the work so they may show up fully in the world.


Ruth Ratliff  Jemini Music –  Remove the obstacles that prevent you from singing the way you want to sing! Ruth’s method helps develop your singing voice to it’s potential and improve your confidence through singing with sensitive, empowering coaching.

Here is a wonderful video  Heart Voices with Ruth and Sarah Borda of bodyHeart Therapy (see her info above in Healers) discussing the connection between the voice and myofascial release. So interesting – watch it!


Dr. Lauren Cielo   Golden Rose Psychic Services 

Dr. Lauren offers Psychic and Clairvoyant Training  as well as downloadable, Online Psychic Development classes


Heni’sHappyPaintings –  Art for Kids and Kids at Heart

*Ruby Reds – Inner Gypsy Wanderings    Nature – Beauty and Terror  *  7 Year Old Witch   3 Blogs by Delphyne

Stories from Heaven Hill  – Kathryn LeSoine – most excellent Leo “Now go forth and be a good Leo without apology:         


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