Autumn Equinox 2017

Autumn Lady Illustration by Eleanor Abbot


The Autumn Equinox this year,  Spring in the Southern Hemisphere,  arrives on Friday 9/22  at 4:02p EDT, 1:22p  PDT and  20:02 UT.  Earthsky has good info on the Equinox  and Farmer’s Almanac does too.

The Equinox marks the beginning of a new season and the chart for the Equinox reveals the season’s astrological trends. The Autumn Equinox is the exact moment the Sun enters  Libra each year.

In this year’s Equinox chart asteroid Vesta is close to the Sun adding her lovely flame to the Libra vibration and majestic Jupiter remains in Libra too. The Moon is in steamy Scorpio, foreshadowing Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio soon to come on 10/10. Venus, Mars and Mercury are all in Virgo, Saturn continues his journey in Sagittarius while the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto along with Chiron  remain in the signs they have been in for years: Uranus in Aries, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn.


Autumn Equinox 2017


In last’s year’s Equinox chart, which occurred a few weeks before the contentious US presidential election, the planets lined up to form major stressful aspects which played out in the tense election and aftermath.  Equinox 2017’s chart is much calmer with several nice planetary connections and few challenging ones.

The Moon, reflecting public attitude, is in intense Scorpio which indicates people are not in the mood to take any shit and if it were ill aspected could mean deep trouble brewing. However the equinox Moon basically stands alone with only a nice sextile to Venus in Virgo and no negative connection to any other planet. Venus as the ruler of Libra is significant in the Equinox chart and this gentle sextile to the Moon brings potential for pragmatic, thoughtful Virgo vibes to calm Scorpio’s stingy tail tendency. 

Mars is in Virgo too adding his energy to  more intelligent decision making. Venus = Women and Mars = Men, so this also bodes well for better rapport between the sexes. At macro levels this aids major governmental decision makers, and up close in your own family and relationship life it helps you make calmer more rational choices.

Communicator Mercury is also in Virgo, happy to be in a sign he rules, and forms a favorable trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This earth sign trine increases the potential for smart choices versus off the cuff reactions, and also helps Pluto continue his transformation in more harmonious ways.

Saturn forms a trine to Uranus as he has most of this year (looser now, but still active) and they both plug into the karmic North Node in Leo, so we have the Grand Fire Trine which has been blazing in the heavens for months. This dynamic connection continues the undeniable force for change in worldly structures and gives access to more creative solutions, and at the personal level helps you tap into your own creative drive too.

Jupiter in peace and love Libra forms an opposition  (like a see-saw) to Uranus in might makes right  Aries, indicating the back and forth swing between those who urge diplomatic solutions, versus those who press for combative action. Jupiter forms a trine to the karmic South Node in Aquarius, so there is help if those willing to think outside the box speak up. But Jupiter, mighty though he is,  struggles to match the fire power of a Uranus/Saturn trine.  So in spite of the nice dynamics in the Equinox chart militant voices are likely to be the loudest.

There is another opposition in the Equinox chart – Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces. Mars in Virgo is controlled, intelligent, focused and fact driven. If he can’t see it, touch it, taste it, Mars in Virgo won’t buy it.  Neptune in Pisces, the sign he rules, is a beautiful thing bringing greater spiritual awareness and helping spread more love and kindness. The downside to Neptune/Pisces is delusion with head in the sand denial of any facts contradicting cherished beliefs.

Picture this see-saw Mars/Neptune opposition as the scientist trying to explain how climate change creates more intense hurricanes versus someone who either thinks it’s a government conspiracy or the wrath of God, and you get the idea.  Another more positive take on this opposition is the disheartened victim of any of the current hurricanes, earthquakes or wildfires being comforted by an aid agency person who encourages them to know they have practical help available so their basic needs will be met.

There is one major challenge in the Equinox chart, coming from a square of Saturn in Sagittarius to Chiron in Pisces. Like the fire trines so active all year, this square has also been active throughout 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius wants to hurry up and change worldly structures even if it means burning them down. While wounded healer Chiron in Pisces is extremely sensitive and wants to slow things down to allow enough time for everyone to integrate changes so they won’t be confused or in pain.

This kind of mutable square challenge can be resolved by bringing greater awareness to the situation and opening up lines of communicate so solutions can be found.  One example of this square in action is white supremacists vowing to protect civil war statues versus those who see them as monuments to a racially intolerant, painful past. If people could get beyond their fear and bias to create a dialog looking at possible solutions, resolution might be found. Take the statues out of public venues and put them in museums for example. It’s obviously difficult, therein lies the challenge, and here in the Equinox chart this looks to continue. Is resolution to this and other challenges possible? Perhaps so, but first there must be willingness to admit that dialog is possible and take steps to create it.

In your personal life it’s important to be willing to create dialog with those you disagree with too. If you stubbornly refuse to leave your own corner you miss the opportunity to learn and grow. Also remember to take advantag of the all the Virgo energy this season. All the quick moving planets in Virgo connect to transformer Pluto, meaning when you take action the results will be more powerful,  So it’s a great time to ‘harvest’-  clear out and clean up the clutter in your home and personal possessions. Root out your closet and donate clothes, shoes etc. you no longer use.  Organize your garage, attic, basement wherever you store your stuff and generally create an environment that promotes calmness and clarity.  You’ll be glad you did!

Wishing you a wonderful new season!