Spring Equinox 2014

Ace of Rainbows

Ace of Rainbows

The Spring Equinox is on March 20, 2014 at 12:47p EDT and 4:57p UT. The Spring Equinox (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) is the reset button for the Zodiac wheel. It is the moment when the Sun enters Aries the first sign of the zodiac, a fierce fire sign ruled by the planet of war Mars. The symbol for Aries is the Ram with sturdy, tough horns ready to butt through any barrier in its way.  Aries is raw, passionate and runs on instinct. A fitting sign for the energies of Spring as new seeds aggressively push their way through the soil to greet the waiting Sun.

The Farmer’s Almanac always has fun and interesting information on the Equinox and other seasonal markers and so does EarthSky

As I prepared to write this article I pulled a card from one of my favorite Tarot decks – the Osho Zen deck and got the Ace of Rainbows “Maturity” pictured above.  Aces are  numerologically connected to the number 1 so it was perfect to pick for this first moment of the new zodiac year.  The commentary accompanying the card reflects lovely  synchronicity as well. It says, “This figure stands alone, silent and yet alert. The inner being is filled with flowers that carry the quality of springtime and regenerate wherever he goes. This inner flowering and the wholeness he feels affords the possibility of unlimited movement…his joy and maturity cannot be diminished by externals.

The chart for the Equinox is the birth chart for this new season, and the Ace of Rainbows sheds light on the Equinox chart too.  As always the Sun is at 0 degrees Aries and this year Mars the ruler of Aries is in the opposite sign of Libra (at 25*) and is currently retrograde too. To have the ruler of the chart moving in reverse makes a telling statement. Venus rules Libra and is the planet of love, peace and harmony – the counterpart to Mars. Libra tames and refines the the testy nature of Aries but also adds confusion. Aries is the pioneer, never doubting, forging ahead to the new frontier. With Mars retro in vacillating Libra, instead of forward motion the inclination is to hesitate. Which direction to go, will the correct choice be made?

Adding to this indecisive quality in the Equinox chart is communicator Mercury conjunct nebulous Neptune and not far away from centaur Chiron all in watery Pisces where creativity and right brain activity is accentuated, but concepts have to ping up from the bottom before they can be translated into clear, linear communication the left brain can understand.  The Equinox Moon in mutual water sign Scorpio brings intensity to deep emotional journeys which means the public mood is more interested in what they feel versus annoying facts.  Structural Saturn is also in deep Scorpio waters and moves retrograde which adds to an atmosphere of strong emotional tides washing over secure foundations.

Huge, expansive Jupiter moves direct again in the most emotional water sign of all – Cancer. This adds even further waves of emotion crashing on the shores of the Equinox chart.  Jupiter reaches out closely to both the Moon and Chiron and calls out to Mercury, Neptune and Saturn as well. This formation recreates the Grand Water Trine featured strongly since Summer Solstice of 2013.  This cosmic water fall has the capacity to heal at levels never reached before,  or it can help throw the biggest pity party and longest victim parade possible.

Venus travels in airy, aloof Aquarius above it all except when she isn’t.  She forms a tense square to the Scorpio Moon so in the midst of messy temperamental drama her usually sweet and social nature goes out the cosmic door exclaiming that everyone is nuts and she wants no part of it! Or worse strategically contemplates how to take advantage of the situation for her own advantage. Not extremely helpful. Meanwhile penetrating Pluto and wild eyed Uranus continue their respective journeys in Capricorn and Aries and along with Jupiter form the cardinal cross hanging in the heavens for so long. This cross begs for decisive action, but the mushy Equinox energies are not likely to provide it unless (and it’s a big unless!) the higher elements of consciousness, spiritual connection, with love and respect for all can transcend.  (I can hear cynical Venus in Aquarius, saying fat chance of that!)

To sum it all up, at collective levels there is a lot of mushy energy around which leads to confusion and lack of linear clarity – the Malaysian disappearing jet for example.  The mystery of what happened to flight 370 deepens and deepens. Are they on the Lost island? Maybe, who knows. This fuzzy energy can easily be taken advantage of by those who are clear in their needs and demands.  Does Vladimir Putin ring a bell here? Putin came up in the Autumn Equinox 2013 article too, in connection with behind the scenes influence on Syria. It remains to be seen what will happen with the situation in the Ukraine but Putin has certainly grabbed the upper hand while the US and NATO spin about on the waves.  Another bell ringer for this energy is Syrian President Assad who has not wavered in the ruthless death and destruction of his own citizens going on for 3 years while the rest of the world rings its hands helpless to stop the brutality.  When Mars retrogrades in Libra, diplomacy back steps too.

At up close and personal levels, lets go back to the Ace of Rainbows for insight. As the old phrase goes, “The situation is desperate as usual”.  Throughout history when have there not been wars and rumors of war? When have peace and prosperity covered the globe? When have enlightened people governed for the good of all? I am an eternal optimist, and my fervent belief is we will reach these higher levels, and the only way to get there is not from the top down, but from the bottom up. That means it’s up to you!

So in the midst of mushy, emotional dramas being played out in the world, in your community, in your work place and in relationships with family and those closest to you – you can be the Ace of Rainbows. You can reflect your own inner flowering, wholeness, joy and maturity which cannot be diminished by externals. Use the raw courage, fierce intuition and faith in self that Aries brings. Stand strong with the powerful emotions of Scorpio, add the fulsome healing love of Cancer and the blessed spiritual understanding of Pisces. Remember to maintain Libra balance and soar up to the 10,000 foot perspective of Aquarius and nothing external can diminish your strength and you will be a rainbow blessing all you meet.  Here are some beautiful rainbows to inspire you!