Rising Sign – what it reveals in your birth chart.

The Rising Sign or Ascendant is determined from the exact moment of birth and sets your own personal zodiac wheel in position. It is associated with physical body type and general appearance and also indicates energy patters at the time of birth.  The rising sign reveals your personality, your persona, your mask. It reveals how others see you as compared to how your sense yourself, which has more to do with the Moon and Sun Signs.

The rising sign indicates ego formation and generally is the face you present to the world – the image you cast, how you ‘dawn’ upon other when you walk into a room.  Because the rising sign is associated with personality it tends to become more obvious in childhood and teen years, as compared to the Moon sign which is usually evident from infancy.

Short descriptions:

Aries Rising Direct, aggressive, goal oriented, fiery personality. Can be perceived as selfish or preoccupied with their issues only; often have an ‘in your face’ attitude. Sought out to be leaders and big idea generators.

Ex: Lena Horn, Morgan Freeman, Shakira

Taurus Rising Kind, sweet, good natured, stubborn personality. Perceived as practical ‘like a rock’, with a down to earth attitude that can be trusted. Known for their gentle nature, which becomes bull-headed and can explode unexpectedly if pushed too far. Sought out for practical solutions.

Ex: Toni Morrison, David Beckham, Miley Cyrus

Gemini Rising Social, versatile, flighty and fun personality. Excellent communicators. May be perceived as undependable, “butterfly types”. Sought out for their bright minds and ability to produce information almost magically.

Ex: Julia Child, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cannon

Cancer Rising Nurturing, caring, loving, smothering personality. Perceived as the friend whose shoulder you can cry on, the one who will always be there for you. Can be needy ‘forever children’ who refuse to grow up. Sought out for their healing energy and sympathetic nature.

Ex: Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Liv Tyler

Leo Rising Creative, bright, generous, ego-centric personality. The “golden ones”. Perceived as the best one to manage things, always chosen to ‘head-up’ things. Known for being bossy – “my way or no way” types. Sought out when something needs to be done “right”.

Ex: Meryl Streep, Malala Yousafzai, Justin Timberlake

Virgo Rising Analytical, intelligent, classy and obsessive personality. Perceived as the smartest one. Are often overly critical and perfection oriented, sometimes neurotic. Sought out for problem solving advice and intelligent insight.

Ex: Florence Nightingale, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson

Libra Rising Lovely, charming, gracious, wishy-washy personality. Perceived as talented, well balanced and socially adept. Their beauty and charm attracts; their inability to make up their minds, and/or devil’s advocate style repels. Sought out for charming presence and diplomatic ability.

Ex:  John F. Kennedy, Denzel Washington,  Katy Perry

Scorpio Rising Intense, powerful, sexy, perverse personality. Perceived as much more intense and powerful than they may sense themselves to be. This can lead to scape-goating/projecting behavior from others. Most powerful of all rising signs – an “old soul”. Also considered the sexiest. Sought out for their focused attention and ability to get to the bottom of things.

Ex: Vladimer Putin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rafael Nadal

Sagittarius Rising Playful, exuberant, full of themselves, outrageous personality. Perceived as wild-child, adventurous types, who will go anywhere, do anything at a moment’s notice. The Sage philosopher. Can have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, and may act unintentionally arrogant. Sought out to have fun with!

Ex: Bob Marley, Ellen Degeneres, Ophra

Capricorn Rising Motivated, smart, structured, cool personality. Perceived as intelligent, capable, dependable and the one to get the job done.  Often appear colder than they really are.  Sought out for their reliability and dry sense of humor.

Ex: Anthony Hopkins, Dylan McDermott, Zooey Deschanel

Aquarius Rising Unique, creative, inventive, weird personality. Perceived as rebels, fighters for causes, interesting and unusual.  Are known for stubbornly refusing to believe in any ideas but their own. Sought our for their originality and ahead-of-times concepts

Ex: H.G. Wells, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence

Pisces Rising Spiritual, artistic, sensitive, moody personality. Perceived as flexible, creative, empathetic, dreamy and spacey. Known for always forgetting something. Sought out for their ability to tap into other states of being and their effortless creativity.

Ex: John Coltrane, Deepak Chopra, Gwyneth Paltrow.

I like this “First Impressions” of the rising sign by Starheal Astrology

Rising sign snaphots from Starheal Astrology