Moon Signs

Moon – Your Emotional Expression

Your Sun sign is easy to know from the date you were born. For example anyone born on March 15th will always have their Sun in Pisces, But the Moon changes signs every 2 and 1/2 days, so you have to look up your Moon sign in an astrological calendar called an Ephemeris for the day and year you were born.  If you don’t know your Moon sign you can find it at MyAstrology

In astrology the Moon signifies your emotional nature – how you feel and express your feelings. The Moon indicates the emotional strengths you have to draw upon as well as your deep subconscious urges/ needs/ compulsions. The Moon indicates how you get your emotional needs met, and represents habitual behaviors – your “comfort zone”. Traditionally the Moon is associated with Mother, how you are nurtured when young, and your genetic heritage.

Your Moon sign colors and defines your emotional expression.



Aries – Need is to trust natural aggressive instinct and acknowledge desire to lead and be first. Comfort zone is to always be on the move!  Aries is the Feisty Moon.

Examples: Bill Gates, Salma Hayek, Bernie Sanders


TaurusNeed is to draw upon intuitive connection to material plane – Mother Earth, and to recognize need for peace and stability. Taurus Moon is the original “comfort zone” Moon. Happiest when they feel settled and comfortable.   Taurus is the Solid as a Rock Moon.

Examples: Mother Teresa, Hugh Grant, Nora Jones


GeminiNeed is to focus many talents/ideas/concepts and acknowledge desire to be recognized for knowledge and wit. Comfort zone is multitasking and sharing with others. Gemini is the Versatile Moon.

Examples: Barack Obama, Kristen Wiig, Jim Carrey


CancerNeed is to nurture, and to recognize own need for security and to be loved and nurtured. Comfort zone is caring for others and feeling acknowledged for it.  Cancer is the Healing Moon.

Examples: Claude Monet, Eleanor Roosevelt, Taylor Swift


LeoNeed is to fully engage their creativity and share it generously, and to acknowledge desire to be the center of attention. Comfort zone is having fun! Leo is the Dramatic Moon.

Examples: Tom Hanks, Queen Latifah, Venus Williams


VirgoNeed is to rely on innate sense of perfection and ability to integrate /assimilate, and to recognize the internal critic. Comfort zone is being prepared. Virgo is the Smart Moon.

Examples: The Dalai Lama, Stephen Hawking, J.K. Rowling


LibraNeed is to rely on natural graciousness and diplomacy and to acknowledge need for harmony and social acceptance. Comfort zone is knowing they are loved.  Libra is the Lovers Moon.

Examples: Maya Angelou, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keyes


ScorpioNeed is to trust own power and emotional depth, and to acknowledge urge to manipulate and control. Comfort zone is ability to go deeper than anyone else. Scorpio is the Intense Moon.

Examples: Nelson Mandela, Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga


SagittariusNeed is to rely on trust and optimism, and recognize desire to always be on the move in mind, spirit and body. Comfort zone is freedom to roam. Sagittarius is the Optimistic (Outrageous!) Moon.

Examples: Yoko Ono, Ophra Winfrey, Charlie Sheen


Capricorn Need is to depend on innate sense of time and structure, and to recognize need to control from fear based emotions. Comfort zone is feeling in control of emotions.  Capricorn is the Cool and Collected Moon.

Examples: George Clooney, Melania Trump, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”


AquariusNeed is to rely on own unique understanding/ vision/ insight and to acknowledge desire to ‘change the world’. Comfort zone is feeling awake and aware.  Aquarius is the Original Moon.

Examples: Pope Francis, John Lennon, Ashley Judd


PiscesNeed is to tap into compassion and spirituality, and to recognize their great sensitivity. Comfort zone is feeling sweet connection to all that is. Pisces is the Mystical Moon.

Examples: Michelangelo, Saint Thérèse, Leonard Cohen


Moon Tattoo

This person loved the Moon so much he/she? got a tattoo of it. Wonder what Moon sign this person was born under?