Rising Sign – what it reveals in your birth chart.

The Rising Sign or Ascendant is determined from the exact moment of birth and sets your own personal zodiac wheel in position. It is associated with physical body type and general appearance and also indicates energy patters at the time of birth.  The rising sign reveals your personality, your persona, your mask. It reveals how others see you as compared to how your sense yourself, which has more to do with the Moon and Sun Signs.

The rising sign indicates ego formation and generally is the face you present to the world – the image you cast, how you ‘dawn’ upon other when you walk into a room.  Because the rising sign is associated with personality it tends to become more obvious in childhood and teen years, as compared to the Moon sign which is usually evident from infancy.

Short descriptions:

Aries Rising Direct, aggressive, goal oriented, fiery personality. Can be perceived as selfish or preoccupied with their issues only; often have an ‘in your face’ attitude. Sought out to be leaders and big idea generators.

Ex: Lena Horn, Morgan Freeman, Shakira

Taurus Rising Kind, sweet, good natured, stubborn personality. Perceived as practical ‘like a rock’, with a down to earth attitude that can be trusted. Known for their gentle nature, which becomes bull-headed and can explode unexpectedly if pushed too far. Sought out for practical solutions.

Ex: Toni Morrison, David Beckham, Miley Cyrus

Gemini Rising Social, versatile, flighty and fun personality. Excellent communicators. May be perceived as undependable, “butterfly types”. Sought out for their bright minds and ability to produce information almost magically.

Ex: Julia Child, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cannon

Cancer Rising Nurturing, caring, loving, smothering personality. Perceived as the friend whose shoulder you can cry on, the one who will always be there for you. Can be needy ‘forever children’ who refuse to grow up. Sought out for their healing energy and sympathetic nature.

Ex: Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Liv Tyler

Leo Rising Creative, bright, generous, ego-centric personality. The “golden ones”. Perceived as the best one to manage things, always chosen to ‘head-up’ things. Known for being bossy – “my way or no way” types. Sought out when something needs to be done “right”.

Ex: Meryl Streep, Malala Yousafzai, Justin Timberlake

Virgo Rising Analytical, intelligent, classy and obsessive personality. Perceived as the smartest one. Are often overly critical and perfection oriented, sometimes neurotic. Sought out for problem solving advice and intelligent insight.

Ex: Florence Nightingale, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson

Libra Rising Lovely, charming, gracious, wishy-washy personality. Perceived as talented, well balanced and socially adept. Their beauty and charm attracts; their inability to make up their minds, and/or devil’s advocate style repels. Sought out for charming presence and diplomatic ability.

Ex:  John F. Kennedy, Denzel Washington,  Katy Perry

Scorpio Rising Intense, powerful, sexy, perverse personality. Perceived as much more intense and powerful than they may sense themselves to be. This can lead to scape-goating/projecting behavior from others. Most powerful of all rising signs – an “old soul”. Also considered the sexiest. Sought out for their focused attention and ability to get to the bottom of things.

Ex: Vladimer Putin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rafael Nadal

Sagittarius Rising Playful, exuberant, full of themselves, outrageous personality. Perceived as wild-child, adventurous types, who will go anywhere, do anything at a moment’s notice. The Sage philosopher. Can have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, and may act unintentionally arrogant. Sought out to have fun with!

Ex: Bob Marley, Ellen Degeneres, Ophra

Capricorn Rising Motivated, smart, structured, cool personality. Perceived as intelligent, capable, dependable and the one to get the job done.  Often appear colder than they really are.  Sought out for their reliability and dry sense of humor.

Ex: Anthony Hopkins, Dylan McDermott, Zooey Deschanel

Aquarius Rising Unique, creative, inventive, weird personality. Perceived as rebels, fighters for causes, interesting and unusual.  Are known for stubbornly refusing to believe in any ideas but their own. Sought our for their originality and ahead-of-times concepts

Ex: H.G. Wells, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence

Pisces Rising Spiritual, artistic, sensitive, moody personality. Perceived as flexible, creative, empathetic, dreamy and spacey. Known for always forgetting something. Sought out for their ability to tap into other states of being and their effortless creativity.

Ex: John Coltrane, Deepak Chopra, Gwyneth Paltrow.

I like this “First Impressions” of the rising sign by Starheal Astrology

Rising sign snaphots from Starheal Astrology


Spring Equinox 2017

Spring Sylphs Dancing


Spring Equinox 2017 arrives March 20th

at 6:29a  EDT,  3:39a PDT and 10:29 UT


This year’s Spring Equinox – Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere – arrives on 3/20/17.  EarthSky has “All you need to know” about the Equinox, and  Farmer’s Almanac  offers a live telescope show  of the Equinox’s arrival.

If you live in the Northeast US and Canada it doesn’t look much like Spring now with a dense snow cover (we just got 30 + inches here in NE PA- yikes!) and other northern and mountain areas are still snow covered too. In fact the entire US is experiencing lower temperatures, with frost killing temps in GA and FL damaging fruit crops. After the mild early Springs over the last few years, changeable Mother Nature reminds us to stay on our collective toes!

Each year at this March Equinox the astrological  wheel begins afresh when the Sun leaves the last degree of the zodiac to enter the first degree – 0* Aries.   The chart for the Equinox indicates trends for this new season.

Spring Equinox 2017 Chart


The Equinox chart maintains the Aries energy which has been strong all year long.  As always at the Spring Equinox the Sun is at 0* Aries and this year is joined by Venus retrograde, Mercury and Uranus in Aries too.  Fire sign Aries is a sign of restless movement, always pushing forward like its symbol the Ram. The Sun shines well in vibrant Aries and meets with wayward Venus from 3/24-26. The Sun reminds Venus about her kick-ass Aries red boots, and encourages her to put them on and go dancing! (Be careful because this might encourage kicking someone’s ass too!)

Mercury is moving quickly ahead of the Equinox Sun so they miss communing, but since Mercury meets the Aries Sun more than any other planet he knows the Sun’s Aries  message well. “Hear ye, Hear ye!” cries Mercury, “Change is here  – make yourselves ready!” The Sun does connect with wild-eyed Uranus this Spring from 4/12-4/16. Change agent Uranus in Aries is a defining energy for the current times, and when the Sun joins him everyone feels the changing vibrations, like it or not!

Mars is the ruler of Aries and is in earth sign Taurus at the Equinox. Mars in Taurus helps ground the innovative ideas of Aries which is very helpful when those ideas are well informed, but stubborn Taurus also gives solid energy for narcissist hot-heads chomping at the bit to do their will. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un comes to mind, whose own birth chart vibrates to this Equinox chart. With the missile rattling North Korea is doing at the moment, that’s not surprising! Transformer Pluto just crossed Kim Jong-un’s Sun in January and will again this September.  Pluto takes almost 250 years to go around the zodiac wheel, so this is a rare connection. What will Pluto transform for Kim Jong-un and the country he rules with a deadly hand? Here’s a hint, Pluto is relentless and is named after the old god of Hell.

The Moon at the Equinox moment is at 27* Sagittarius exactly joined with Saturn in the same degree very close to the Galactic Center  The Moon represents the mood of the public and Saturn in Sag. indicates large, quickly moving structural change. Both at this potent GC degree add more energy to the Equinox Aries push forward motion.


Energy of the Galactic Center

Mighty Jupiter is in Libra the sign opposite Aries, which could help bring things into better balance, but Jupiter is moving backward now so doesn’t offer much help. On top of that Pluto forms a tense square to Jupiter on the Equinox.  This square repeats the long-term conflict between those who want change at any cost, versus those who resist change no matter the cost.

Mystical Neptune maintains his long term presence in Pisces in the Equinox chart and in fact just moved to 12* Pisces for the first time in our lifetime. Healer Chiron is still in Pisces too continuing the Pisces/Aries blend prevalent since the Winter Solstice. It’s fortunate the softer loving energy of watery Pisces is present now because without it the Aries war-mongers would have more sway. To put things in perspective, the last time Uranus was in Aries was during the years when Hitler became the Dictator of Germany and began the relentless push toward WWII.

So how do the Equinox energies affect you at the personal level?  With 6 planets in active fire signs you’ll feel bursts of motivating energy, and Mars in productive Taurus helps bring motivation into actual results. It’s a wonderful time to follow through on plans which were simmering on the back burner. Huge Jupiter in Libra, even moving backward, demands more beauty and grace in life and with the flowing creativity of Pisces lapping around you’ll be more able to tap intuitive, creative inspiration. Top this off with the Galactic Center influence and the skies have no limits!

Use this energy positively (versus letting simmering emotional outbursts boil over) and you will have a wonderful new season! Maya Angelou born with Sun in Aries and whose own birth chart has many similarities to this Equinox chart has wonderful advice for the energies of ‘now’. Hear her words:

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. ~ Maya Angelou

Act on her wonderful advice and you will have a beautiful new season!










Moon Signs

Moon – Your Emotional Expression

Your Sun sign is easy to know from the date you were born. For example anyone born on March 15th will always have their Sun in Pisces, But the Moon changes signs every 2 and 1/2 days, so you have to look up your Moon sign in an astrological calendar called an Ephemeris for the day and year you were born.  If you don’t know your Moon sign you can find it at MyAstrology

In astrology the Moon signifies your emotional nature – how you feel and express your feelings. The Moon indicates the emotional strengths you have to draw upon as well as your deep subconscious urges/ needs/ compulsions. The Moon indicates how you get your emotional needs met, and represents habitual behaviors – your “comfort zone”. Traditionally the Moon is associated with Mother, how you are nurtured when young, and your genetic heritage.

Your Moon sign colors and defines your emotional expression.



Aries – Need is to trust natural aggressive instinct and acknowledge desire to lead and be first. Comfort zone is to always be on the move!  Aries is the Feisty Moon.

Examples: Bill Gates, Salma Hayek, Bernie Sanders


TaurusNeed is to draw upon intuitive connection to material plane – Mother Earth, and to recognize need for peace and stability. Taurus Moon is the original “comfort zone” Moon. Happiest when they feel settled and comfortable.   Taurus is the Solid as a Rock Moon.

Examples: Mother Teresa, Hugh Grant, Nora Jones


GeminiNeed is to focus many talents/ideas/concepts and acknowledge desire to be recognized for knowledge and wit. Comfort zone is multitasking and sharing with others. Gemini is the Versatile Moon.

Examples: Barack Obama, Kristen Wiig, Jim Carrey


CancerNeed is to nurture, and to recognize own need for security and to be loved and nurtured. Comfort zone is caring for others and feeling acknowledged for it.  Cancer is the Healing Moon.

Examples: Claude Monet, Eleanor Roosevelt, Taylor Swift


LeoNeed is to fully engage their creativity and share it generously, and to acknowledge desire to be the center of attention. Comfort zone is having fun! Leo is the Dramatic Moon.

Examples: Tom Hanks, Queen Latifah, Venus Williams


VirgoNeed is to rely on innate sense of perfection and ability to integrate /assimilate, and to recognize the internal critic. Comfort zone is being prepared. Virgo is the Smart Moon.

Examples: The Dalai Lama, Stephen Hawking, J.K. Rowling


LibraNeed is to rely on natural graciousness and diplomacy and to acknowledge need for harmony and social acceptance. Comfort zone is knowing they are loved.  Libra is the Lovers Moon.

Examples: Maya Angelou, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keyes


ScorpioNeed is to trust own power and emotional depth, and to acknowledge urge to manipulate and control. Comfort zone is ability to go deeper than anyone else. Scorpio is the Intense Moon.

Examples: Nelson Mandela, Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga


SagittariusNeed is to rely on trust and optimism, and recognize desire to always be on the move in mind, spirit and body. Comfort zone is freedom to roam. Sagittarius is the Optimistic (Outrageous!) Moon.

Examples: Yoko Ono, Ophra Winfrey, Charlie Sheen


Capricorn Need is to depend on innate sense of time and structure, and to recognize need to control from fear based emotions. Comfort zone is feeling in control of emotions.  Capricorn is the Cool and Collected Moon.

Examples: George Clooney, Melania Trump, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”


AquariusNeed is to rely on own unique understanding/ vision/ insight and to acknowledge desire to ‘change the world’. Comfort zone is feeling awake and aware.  Aquarius is the Original Moon.

Examples: Pope Francis, John Lennon, Ashley Judd


PiscesNeed is to tap into compassion and spirituality, and to recognize their great sensitivity. Comfort zone is feeling sweet connection to all that is. Pisces is the Mystical Moon.

Examples: Michelangelo, Saint Thérèse, Leonard Cohen


Moon Tattoo

This person loved the Moon so much he/she? got a tattoo of it. Wonder what Moon sign this person was born under?