Houses of the Birth Chart



Several clients asked me recently about the meaning of the House of the birth chart.  Whole books are written about birth chart houses which have in-depth information. The one I learned from back in the day was from Isabel Hickey, which stands the test of time. Here it is: Astrology a Cosmic Science which you can find on Amazon.

This information is intended as a quick and easy reference for you.

First House – Home of the Ascendant / Rising Sign – How others perceive you: Ego, Personality, Persona, the “Mask” you wear. Governs your appearance, your body – your physical vehicle in life. The image you cast. Earliest developmental indicators.

Second House – Indicates your connection to the material plane – Material possessions, Financial flow. Money and how you earn it yourself.  Land, Property, real estate, Stewardship, Ownership – your “stuff”. Generally reveals your relationship to material matters, and how you get your own resources through your individual effort.

Third House – Mental plane functions. Communication, Memory, Brain, Learning factors. All lower, rational mind activities. How you learned about life in your early years; early education. Also Siblings and Extended family – cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Neighbors and the “folks” we see every day. Mundane world, short trips. Reveals your relationship to your own culture – your own familiar surroundings; i.e. town / city you live in, your nation / country, etc.

Fourth House – Your inner world – Subconscious emotions and subconscious generally; the “subconscious basement”. Home, security, family life, parents, early childhood emotional conditioning. The seat of your ‘heart’. Indicates your physical dwelling as well. The condition of “home base” and those who dwell there with you.

Fifth House – Creativity in all its aspects. How you connect (or not) with creative energies. Children – your own offspring and children generally. Joy, love, laughter, having fun, sports – the child within. Love affairs, dating, “hearts, candy flowers”, etc. Indicates how you relate to children, animals, pets, nature, all living things. Where wishes originate

Sixth House – Where integration of the personal takes place before relating to ‘the other’. Digestion, absorption, matters of personal health, stamina etc. Purifying, cleansing, discrimination, discipline. Daily life – the details of daily life, your routines, “chop wood, carry water”, etc. – the place where the necessary daily activities of life are performed. Work, your vocation, jobs, service to self and others.

Seventh House – Where we meet the ‘other’ for the first time. Relationships generally. Partnerships of all kinds. Committed relationships – marriage, all significant others, etc. Reveals types of mates/partners you attract, including business partners. Indicates what you project onto others; how you turn your power over to others.

Eighth House – House of transformation. Birth, death, rebirth. Sexual energies, Intimacy. Hidden, occult things, psychic energy. Specifically Partner’s and others possessions, others resources, i.e. bank loans, inheritance, your mate/partner’s  (including business partners) assets. Indicates how you get your needs met through others – your “expectations”- what you expect to get from others, how you expect others to nurture you.

Ninth House – House of higher mind, higher education, university, all further education – seminars, etc. Religion, law, social structures, government, the system. Indicates your own personal over-all belief structures, and how you learned them. How you broadcast your ideas; the media generally. Far flung thoughts and far flung physical journeys – travel to foreign lands etc. Reveals your relationship to other cultures, i.e. bigotry or tolerance.

Tenth House – The outer world. Indicates your relationship to the larger world, society, culture. Career, profession, ambitions. Your achievements. How your community views you; your position in the community – Reputation. How you relate to authority figures generally. Responsibilities. Reveals your ability to take on mature, ‘adult’ patterns (or not!).

Eleventh House – House where your goals are realized by joining in with others. Groups, organizations, clubs, the “community”, friends, networking. Communal living in all forms. Political ideals, political organizations, The Internet, social networking like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and connections to the ‘common people’. Wishes fulfilled, Love returned to us, Blessings received. Where you give back to others from your own gifts.

Twelfth House – The collective unconscious,and your own unconscious –  the void, the Great Mystery. Where you rejoin the universal ‘oneness’. Connection to all that is not material: the dreamtime, astral planes, other dimensions. Spirituality, connection to spirit. Your personal spirituality. Reveals deep karmic patterns, past life indications. The psychological “closet” – house of hidden things, secrets – that which you hide from yourself, either do not want to, or cannot relate to comfortably until you are ready.