Merry Solstice Orbs!

On the Solstice I joined a great group of folks at the Circle of Intention in NJ and we all went to the High Bridge Dam to  take Inter Dimensional photos. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the Solstice and it was great fun playing with the fairies and other beautiful beings who joined in!

Wanted to share some of the photos I took with you so here they are (all taken with my coolpix nikon)

Happy Solstice to all beings in every dimension!

After I called the fairies to play!

After I called the fairies to play!



My friend Christine with LOTS of orbs

My friend with LOTS of orbs


Orbs with light pillar

Orbs with light pillar


Bright white flying orb

Bright white flying orb


Orbs in a triangle

Orbs in a triangle


Winter Solstice 2013

Light and Dark Dancing

 In the midst of our hectic lives, dealing with rapidly changing times there is comfort in the fact that the Winter Solstice arrives as it has since the dawn of time. The yin/yang cycle of the return of the light is here as the days gradually begin to lengthen. This is the day when the Sun enters Capricorn and marks the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere – the exact moment when the wheel of the seasons turns. This year the Winter Solstice (Summer in the Southern hemisphere) is on 12/21 at 12:11p Eastern Time  – 5:11p Universal Time. 

Find fun and interesting facts about the Solstice at Farmer’s Almanac  and EarthSky always has good info on the Solstices and is a great site in general.

The Solstice chart is the birth chart of this new season and indicates trends for the upcoming months. On this day the Sun always enters craggy earth sign Capricorn, which is ruled by “Lord of the Material World” Saturn.

This year’s Solstice chart is not tightly concentrated as in some years. It has a scatter-shot planetary configuration which indicates less focus but greater flexibility. A dominant feature is the long standing tense cardinal cross hanging in the heavens, but it also intimates positive energies to come.  All planets are in forward motion except for huge and mighty Jupiter who retrogrades in watery, emotional Cancer as if to say: “Private emotions create stronger tides than anyone wants to admit”.

The Sun as always is at 0* Capricorn and at the Solstice moment begins to move toward Pluto in Capricorn adding energy to a T-Square (double 90 angles) to Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This uneasy configuration re-emphasizes challenges between forces who want to maintain the status quo at any cost (ex: Assad in Syria) and the forces of change be they covert (ex: NSA leaker Snowden) or overt (ex: Ukranian protesters).

Here in the US militant Mars calmed by his travels in diplomatic Libra gave a large boost to the budget compromise just passed by Congress. It’s not perfect but at least it ends the divisive and ugly budget battles until 2015 which is a rare miracle in Washington these days –  thank you Mars! Mercury traveling in optimistic Sagittarius must have helped out too. On the Solstice Mercury flies at 25* Sagittarius tapping into the Galactic Center. This cosmic messenger helps continue a positive Saggie vibe and uplift mind and communication to the highest level possible. A nice omen for the season.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, maintains his powerful position in intense Scorpio. Like the wizard behind the curtain, Saturn/Scorpio wants to direct attention elsewhere so no one realizes the true situation. The Moon, which represents the public, is in regal Leo and forms a challenging square to Saturn. She is in no mood to be ignored and will let Saturn know it too! In fact, a Leo Moon gives a boost to those wanting to pull back the curtain to expose the puppet masters. The fact that change-agent Uranus moves forward again in testy Aries at the Solstice is another indicator of people waking up and demanding to know why so few hold the boot down on so many.

While the Moon feels cranky toward Saturn, Jupiter does not. Huge Jupiter is retorgrade in emotionally driven Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio reaches out to re-form part of the Grand Water Trine gracing the heavens off and on since the Summer. Jupiter retro in Cancer is focused more internally at the moment, minding the business of family and keeping the home warm and safe against the winter winds. At the Solstice Saturn sends a text telling Jupiter to remain optimistic, the healing flow returns with the Spring.

The 21st is also the day when Venus in Capricorn goes retrograde at 4:53p ET just a few hours after the Solstice arrives, so although she is direct at the moment of the Solstice her energy is slow. Venus is a loving help-mate in the heavens who always has your back. Venus in Capricorn is a steel magnolia – capable and imposing with the strength to withstand anything that comes her way, yet soft and feminine with an inner magnetic glow. The fact that Venus goes retrograde the day of the Solstice chills her warm nature, as if she feels winter’s icy cold more than in other years.  See my post on Venus Retrograde for more information.  Here is a good article from Celestial Light Astrology on Venus retro through each house.

Neptune and Chiron in spiritual Pisces are off in their own cosmic corner discussing how to help the world better understand the power of Love in Action. Pope Francis is an emissary for this heavenly message and it is fascinating to watch how people respond to his teachings. The masses have fallen in love with this People’s Pope who walks his talk and reaches out with hands of peace and comfort to those in need yet is not afraid to chastise selfishness and greed. While those who resist his message of sharing and caring for all God’s children throw stones of malice and circle their wagons to hide from this new glare. Here are a few highlights of what Pope Francis’ has done this year. This Pisces message is a raised whisper at the Solstice but as time moves on gets louder and louder. When the Spring Equinox arrives it will be very hard to ignore!

All in all this new season has a bit of this and a dollop of that, without much gravy to cover it all. It is up to each one to tend to your inner flame. Spend more time with yourself and your loved ones and you’ll find just the right spice to bring out your flavor of choice.

Bright Blessings to you and yours at this time of ascending light!

IMAGE NOTE: This is a photo taken during a Solar Eclipse in January 2010. It perfectly captures the play between light and dark at this Solstice time. I’ve had it saved since then and would love to attribute it, but at this point I’m not sure where I found it, nor who took this amazing picture.


Venus Retrograde July 25 through September 6, 2015

Venus photographed by Magellan spacecraft

Venus only goes retrograde around 18 – 20 months less often than all other planets except Mars which goes retrograde every 2 years. Currently Venus goes retrograde on 7/25/15 and direct again on 9/6/15. The last time Venus reversed was 12/21/13 through 1/31/14. Think back to that time period and you may sense these retro effects.

Venus has a combo-sign retrograde phase. She enters practical earth sign Virgo on 7/18 and goes retrograde on 7/25 at 0° Virgo, then re-enters Leo on 7/31 and goes direct on 9/6 at 14° Leo and stays in Leo until 10/8 when she renters Virgo. This means both Virgo and Leo get longer doses of Venus being in your sign. Virgo has Venus for a total of 6 weeks versus the usual 4 weeks, while Leo gets her for a grand total of 16 weeks – 4 times longer than usual! With all her positive qualities, even retrograde, having Venus kiss your sign this long is a good thing.

Planet Venus is named after the goddess of love and harmony. In astrology Venus also represents the attracting/ magnetic principle and indicates social values in general and rules relationships and all heart-related affairs. She also governs cultural affairs, things which add grace and beauty to life – the arts, music, dance, theater, etc. In general Venus stands for peace, love, beauty, harmony and governs issues of concern to women. Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra so these signs tend to be more affected by Venus retro.

In Taurus, Venus reflects high values, a peaceful tolerant, kind nature, and is also connected to resources like finances. In her Libra garb Venus rules all relationships, specifically love and marriage, along with fair play for all and cultural refinement.

Venus represents the most classically feminine energy in the heavens, alluring and magnetic she attracts what she needs by calling it to her and allowing it to come. In your personal birth chart Venus reveals your own day-to-day value system, and how you give and receive love. Wherever Venus resides in your chart, she tends to sweeten things and make that part of your life easier and more delightful. Retrograde planets in the birth chart generally indicate an internalization of that planet’s mode, and also timing factors in life.

People born with Venus retrograde in their birth chart can be late bloomers when it come to love and are sometimes confused about issues around sexuality and relationships in general. Parents may have held them back with rigid rules or their own self-worth issues got in the way. Perhaps they had other goals in life and simply put matters of the heart on the back-burner. Whatever the cause they usually figure it out at just the right time, and can have beautiful relationships when their Venus nature finally blooms in full.

Venus, as the ruler of earthy  Taurus is connected to Nature so when Venus retrogrades there might be less emphasis or setbacks in ecological initiatives and on the environment in general. Taurus rules the earth’s resources and is connected to banking and financial systems. (The symbol of Taurus is the Bull, so it is no accident that the bull is a Wall St. symbol too!) Generally when Venus goes retro we might expect a slow down in money markets, or some sort of fluctuation though it does not necessarily mean long term negative affects.  At the personal level, during a Venus retrograde period it makes sense to handle your own finances with prudence. You may want to redecorate your house, or spend for that lavish vacation, but think twice. Be smart enough to look at your overall budget and if necessary, be willing to hold back and wait for your financial fountain to flow again, holding faith that it will happen at the ideal time.

Venus as the ruler of airy  Libra, governs affairs of the heart. When Venus does her backward dance relationship issues come up for review. Old loves drift back into your thoughts, or even into your living arms! Relationships you felt totally secure about might start to unravel or reveal another side. Relationships where you’re sitting safely on the sidelines, suddenly pull you down into the midst of the hot and sweaty game! If you have been taking your mate for granted, things might suddenly be in your face. Venus will not be denied when she’s in this mode! If you ignore Venus’ urgings she will seductively find ways to fling issues of the heart in your face! This can and does include family relations, relationships on the job, and with friends as well. It is much more advantageous to warmly embrace Venus during this time. Honor her by paying heed to your own heart’s song, and by creating more love and beauty in your life. Love yourself and others well during her extended visit and she will reward you beautifully!